I need to know is it wise to proceed further with the case.

  • I file a complaint against the health authorities for the negligent healthcare regarding the tragedy. I have a lawyer who acts on my behalf. The first and second round of the case turned out negative and there will be a third round. If nothing is agreed by the third round, the case will end up in court. What I really need to know if I should continue to fight for the case. This is because it is financially draining and it will ruin me economically if I lose the case. Besides that it can destroy my health as I am trying to pick up pieces of my life together. Have I got any other options to get the case through? Please show me the way. I have doubts about this lawyer in view of the result. This lawyer firm was recommended to me by the mother of the owner. I have doubts about her. Is she a genuine person or a person with motive? Let me know, please. Thank you.

  • Hi Glede,

    I hope you find your true answers to this case. I am not predicting or am capable of anything like that and doubt anyone else could. However, I know that certain lawyers will give you a consultation for free or for a certain sum to give you the opinion of likeliness of your case winning in the court, and if that is the case then they are motivated to help you and collect a certain sum based on the case winning in the courts. I hope it is an option for you to explore.

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