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    I need support in getting grounded / clear about a long distance relationship I'd been involved in for the past 9 mths. I am not sure if my gut feelings which come and go are because there is deceit (infidelity), trickery, a love-triangle or if I am projecting wounds from my past onto this current relationship. We had a blow up a couple of weeks ago wherein i lashed out causing him to withdrawal and things have declined since. Please help me get clarity so that I can settle my mind and decide the direction I need to take to protect my best interest from here. Trying to learn to trust my gut more. Them Jun 10 1965; Me Nov 8 1963.

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  • You will never be happy with this man unless you can be honest without fear. You hold in little irritations and unload when your discomfort and fears are too much. If this man loves you he is in it hundred percent and must love you good or bad. We all have our quirks or bad judgement moments.....a committed relationships moves on past these. You are not being true to yourself in fear of rejection. .Scorpios have good intuition in not ignore your gut feelings. Geminis are spirited and love change and hate feeling tied down. They avoid confrontation and will distance themselves. They live in the moment and can be committed but also are capable of enjoying others in a flighty way.....usually they return to the one they truly love. Scorpios can be possessive and want loyalty and a feeling of security when they are looking for commitment. I feel you want more than he can give. Scorpios need honesty. They also can't stand being stifled. They lose their self respect. I know you do not want to do this but the best remedy to clarity is detachment. Let go for at least a month. Be busy with other things......cut him loose like a bad habit. If it's real let him decide during your contact. You have to be willing to risk he does not care enough or you will be a slave to pleasing him and not feeling free to speak up. BLESSINGS!

  • Hello BLMoon,

    Thank you so very much for your insight and recommendations; you are so very right about Scorpio; funny thing is he too has a Scorpio moon; we definitely have had many pass lives together and it is very strongly felt. I am taking your advise on going "Ghost" for a period of 30 days to gain the clarity I need. Part of me feels that our split is greatly due to the interference of a 3rd party and I can not; will not contend / compete with such.

    Thank you again my love! Blessings of Light, Love and Divine Health to you!


  • If he has a Scorpio moon it means you two have a psychic tie. When together you at times read each others minds. It's a strong pull! And harder to break away from if that's what you decide. Use the moon to your's full right now so anything you really want to say without fear of his reaction send him psychicaly.....envision a chord from your head to his head to express all that bothers you. And you can also connect the cord heart to heart but really right now your head needs to be heard! He avoids answering questions he doesn't like.BLESSINGS!

  • Wow! That's powerful information / insight BLMoon! So coincidental that you would suggest; I've laid in my bed many nights and did just this; speaking to him mentally in somewhat of a meditative mental space. I am happy to hear you suggest this; I am having a very difficult time moving from him; it's almost obsessive; we met in a whirlwind and it was so powerful for us both mentally/ emotionally / spiritually and physically!!

    HIs Venus sits on my NNode & his Asc sit on my SNode; while my Venus, Mars & Asc sit on his SNode. My moon is Sextile his Sun & Mercury; his Moon also conjuncts my Mercury. We often finish each other's thoughts and when he struggles to find a word to express a thought or finish a sentence; I psychically know the word and speak it for him. His Sun, Mercury, Jupiter & his NNode fall in my 7th house of partnership!! Our Composite chart Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus & Pluto all fall in the 8th house; so it is strongly Plutonic; I know we have come back together to heal each other; it is a very heavy and intense energy we share, but my being Plutonic myself as Scorpio makes it somewhat easier to bare than perhaps someone who was not already ruled by Pluto.

    You are so correct he does avoid answering questions he doesnt like! I will do what you have suggested with the crown chakra cord every night before i go to sleep over the course of the 30 day "silence" and pray that Spirit's greatest and highest good evolves for us both, individually as well as collectively!

    Light & Love beautiful!!


  • WoW...what a challenging chart! I call those relationship spiritual boot camp! Been there. There is empowerment and strength on the other side. It doesn't come easy.....but nothing valuable ever does!

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