Please help me I badly needed a reading

  • I am Aquarius born Feb. 16, 1975 and his Saggitarius born December13,1983. What is our future

  • The longevity of a friendship or love affair here is enhanced by your shared philosophical outlook. You both understand the transitory nature of things and can be determined to get the best out of your relationship, even if it is only temporary. You both are very different people - you more objective and rational, he more passionate and spontaneous. Yet you will rarely choose to separate or break up unless every avenue of compromise and reconciliation has been explored, over a period of years. The disadvantage of all this is that you can both tend to suffer silently, harboring the secret hope that things will work out and that your troubles, like everything else, will pass. I feel this is a 'quality, not a quantity' relationship so just relax and enjoy it, for however long it lasts. I feel if you start being controlling or anxious about the relationship, it will collapse - trying to force it to last will not work.

  • Thank you so much The Captain that is so true...I tried to understand him for so many years and yes I am always silently screaming in pain. I cant help it so many times stumble and fall but still stand still. I actually left nothing and so empty and he wouldn't care and keep doing his own thing.He betrayed me and cheated on me. Emotionally and Financially absent when I got pregnant and in so many years he just recently came here to pay respect to the grave of his son. He still living with his woman though I was told that he is not happy with her and I can easily tell cos the woman had so many things that were complete different. I look after him and I am very domesticated. But the woman he lives now was divorce same age and always out for fun and having depression no good relationship to her family and thats what he likes me the most. But I honestly cant bring back the trust and that is now I am dealing off. I always said to him the first thing to do is to move out of her place since he always complaining to the woman and I am not agree of living a double life but he keep whinging its hard to find a place and hopefully this coming Monday he will be approved. This year I supposed to move to America and suddenly flight here and stopping me cause he knew if I will move out he will be cut in my life and stay for good and make my own life out there. I already lost so many opportunity in life for four years and two months I am trying to survive and now losing and messing up my financially stability but when I look back I said to myself I had have been to a lot and very positive it will work out and need to trust him.

  • No, you are two very different people - it will not work out and there is nothing you can do to force it to work. For your emotional health, you need to face reality here.

  • I got and I thank u The Captain I was recently wide awake and emotionally affected I been doing this for so many years depressed not doing anything having ups and down and forgot myself and what I truly wanted in life. Its just hard but I truly shouldn't prolong this misery. His just a man didn't know what he really wanted in his life and even his own son suffered for his own selfish reason. He get mad at me when ever I mention about my son but his insane to asked me before to get rid my son even deny him and when he passed away he will tell me he work hard for him and lots of money for him and cant even touch it cos he feels its only for him . The bastard cant even help me and put me in the deep shit now. I know I shouldn't get mad but to embrace all the pain and learnt from it. The captain do u think its possible to asked him to send my stuff overseas cos it didnt cost him much i sometimes wanted to asked her woman but I was told that the woman get mad at him if his touching my stuff but recently I saw in a fb that they using my stuff and I am kinda mad at it.

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