I need your Help The Captain

  • I was in this forum long ago I am dealing with so many problem right now. I've lost my all even my family my mum passed away 2013 and my son died after 6mos. I've been waiting for long for my son I gave birth when 38yo. and till now my relationship to the father of my son was uncertain. We live each other in different country. All the promises faded away lots of fight and miscommunication.Held on him for so many years. Unfortunately it was only last year he confessed that he live with another woman. I was replace and the reason he said to me that he cant tell me the truth cos I was desperate in my life but I find it so unfair on my part but I still give him a chance. I gave birth without him next to me till our son passed away no financial and emotional support. He keep distance in me. After 4yrs he paid respect to the grave of my son and I was told the I was the only one and nothing change. We tried to work things out but I was uncertain cos its been one year till now he cant find a place for him. His work is kinda busy and I tried to understand but its only 3 mos since we catch up I fell like he still not able or willing to commit though I kew theres a lot of things to settle financial is the biggest issues.But I felt so bad cos I wanted him to move out and not living a double standard life. I was told that the woman that he live with was a mistake and he falls the axe of his face. A lot of miscommunication mistake that till now I felt not secure

  • Answered elsewhere.

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