• I am trying hard to get rid of this overthinking and confusions, but unable to do that.. trying to focus on the important things but confused about them that should I really do for that or think of something else.. Lost.. No purpose in life.. Not able to create one..

    Not able to understand what should I go for. Many ups and downs in career, feel like changing the field and pursue something else..

    Can anyone guide me? Wanted to pursue PhD, but now lost the focus and feel that I should think of something else.

    Will appreciate the positive replies.. 🙂


  • If you give me your date of birth (day, month, year) I can see deeper into your life.

  • 2nd September 1992

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  • PC210, you have spiritual faculties that allow you to look into the hearts and minds of others. Not only are you highly empathic, but your intuitive and even psychic abilities are very well developed. You are destined not only to be in touch with unseen realms but to express your visionary views. However, the fact that your intuition is so highly developed could also easily cause you to withdraw from the world into a sort of religious or protective retreat. But it is your task to participate fully in the world through the complete and positive articulation of your gifts. You are called to be a prophet of sorts, although the most successful prophets are perhaps those who do not make elaborate calculations or inspired guesses but rather create the future through their own actions, thus ensuring the success of their prophecies. You may be found working in the arts, as you must learn to manifest the unseen as the seen, to tap into spiritual realms, draw from them, and create an end product for others to share. You must learn how to take the abstract and make it concrete. This in itself will be a great achievement, as well as one of the tasks involved in pursuing a spiritual path. Embarking on this journey requires being ready to cross boundaries of space and time. Should you accept the task of being a prophet of your time, you must hone your intuition to razor sharpness and summon the kind of courage needed to speak to the public at large. Although this can be done with words, you may also find a form of physical expression for yourself and become a spiritual medium or channel for the benefit of society as a whole. Although many wonderfully romantic and imaginative energies swirl around you, you must dive fearlessly into the more dark and perilous areas of your own psyche, as well as those of the collective. To accomplish such a highly personal journey and to plug into alternate forms of energy, you will need to spend a great deal of time alone. Letting in the light of spirit through meditation and prayer and maintaining a positive attitude, while at the same time developing the strength and willpower to contact the shadow side when you choose to do so is critical to your survival, since care must always be taken whenever other energy forms are released.

    You also can have a pronounced tendency to magnify some of your weaknesses, as isolation and selfishness can develop into antisocial, frustrated traits, severely impeding your evolution. You may become stuck in darker states such as depression, self-pity, or fatalism. In order to avoid getting bogged down this way, you must develop the ability to walk the fine line of your psychic and psychological energies, learning to selectively pick and choose. One peril is believing that you may have no freedom of will in the face of larger forces, thus declining to choose to be the master of your destiny and leaving yourself open to fate. Gambling addiction may also be a risk for you. Any program that reinforces positive thinking will be of benefit to you. As much as you may like to withdraw totally from the outside world, usually you will emerge from your periods of going inward to share what you have experienced with the world at large. As you are naturally shy, this may prove difficult at first. Fearful of others’ disapproval while yearning for their appreciation, you are apt to sidestep the issue of how to relate more effectively. Rather than articulating directly what you know, you may create metaphors to express yourself; poetry, language, dance, even rhetoric might be used to share but not to reveal your innermost self. Therefore, your audience must pay extremely close attention to you, since they may thereby catch a glimpse of a whole other reality. However, the more direct and well articulated the message you have to share, the further you will progress, so you should be given every encouragement to open yourself more fully to others.

    Because you really prefer to be on your own a great deal, it is the irony of your fate to attract many friends and admirers. In this way, life is quietly ensuring that you will express yourself. (If you are alone, are you truly expressing oneself, or are you missing out on the alchemical reaction that occurs between performer and audience?) You need to have someone to express yourself to in order to transform. In addition, your personality is of such a seductive and affectionate nature that you will almost never be at a loss for lovers or other admirers. Constantly surrounded by adoring fans who subconsciously are seeking to touch that which you connect with on a regular basis, you may find it difficult to have as much 'alone' time as you need. Thus, early in life, you will need to develop the will-power to isolate yourself periodically, while later, when you are a little more mature, you will need to force yourself to go out into the glare of the public spotlight. In your social, professional, or family group, you are likely to establish high standards and, over the years, guide the development of the group to which you belong in matters of taste and advanced thought. However, other people often do not see you very clearly, largely because of the charismatic aura that surrounds you. You do tend to attract the wrong sort of people and must particularly beware of flatterers, sycophants and even worshippers. Surrounding yourself with admirers is a bit like putting yourself in a hall of mirrors - your self¬-image may come to resemble what others reflect back to you. This can have disastrous consequences and take you completely out of touch with your real inner self.

    While the professional arena is an important one in which you can express yourself to the world at large, it will be to your more intimate friends that you will be most likely to reveal who and what you truly are. Due to the emotional, psychological, and emotional depth of your spirit, others may not understand you easily, though. Thus, a few close, discerning, and empathetic friends with whom you can be yourself will be crucial to your development. In love, your sexual experiences may prove to be so deeply transformative, both for yourself and for your partners, that problems with sex and love dependencies may develop. Many partners will be available to you, but fidelity is not necessarily your forte. Moreover, you do tend to disappear on your loved ones frequently - to go either within, to your inner life, or outside to your adoring public. Perhaps you would do well to forego marriage, except that you love the magic of love and, with each new partner, are convinced that this is “the one.” Because of the importance of your prophetic drives and your fate to be a spokesperson or icon for those in your group or profession, you may find it necessary to make a strict separation between your private and personal life. In fact, keeping your turbulent feelings under control can be a full-time job in itself. Ultimately, your core life lesson is to take the unseen forces of spirit and give them creative form or manifestation. Your greatest challenge is:

    putting yourself first - just like everyone else, you have a right to be noticed for your accomplishments. It is important for you not to undervalue yourself and to realize that equal relationships with others can be indispensable to achieving your high ideals of fairness, honesty, inclusion, and respect. Your life goal is to fully and in detail express your experience of spirit/the Divine, using your innate gifts of prophecy, charisma, and affection to achieve personal success and happiness.

    Careerwise, you should inject some inspiration into your working life. The sooner you realize that you don’t live to work but work to live, the more fulfilling your life will be, and the greater your chances of discovering your outstanding potential for exerting a beneficial and inspirational influence on others. You are a great team player and will enjoy work that has plenty of variety so any occupation that allows you to explore many facets of experience, such as acting, music, politics, leading trainings, court reporting or sales work that involves travel and working with a variety of different people will suit you very well. With so many talents, you really can do anything that appeals to you. You may also be drawn to a career in the media, sport, social work, or public relations, or toward banking, the stock market or accountancy. Your analytical skills suggest work in education, writing or science, and your egalitarian spirit a career in health care.

    Essentially, what you really want is to feel connected with others while confidently being yourself. You want the total agreement of everyone around you - for everyone to understand your point of view, to accept and support you, and to recognise your positive motivations. To achieve this, you try to manipulate people into thinking your way. Using your talent for understanding others, you think you can say exactly the right words to make others change their minds and agree with you. But it doesn't work; in order to reach your goals, you need to refocus your attention on your own truth. When you speak the words you intuitively feel, situations in which you find yourself come into harmony. When you live and speak from your higher self, companions who are not suitable withdraw and new people appear who are compatible. As you act in accordance with your higher truth, others who are similarly attuned understand you and prove the most trustworthy of friends, as you share the same spiritual values.

    Your Achilles' Heel is a need for mental security. ("If I can figure out what other people are thinking and then say the right thing so they'll agree with my ideas, I will always feel secure.") This can lead you into the trap of a never-ending search for information, ("If I can just get enough facts, I'll be able to find the 'truth' and then I will know what to do.") But you can never read people's minds enough to assure yourself that you will say the right thing. You need to let go of control and heed your own intuition. Trusting and acting from your OWN truth brings out your integrity, which will draw the right people to you and help you to gain the security and peace of mind you seek. You must go beyond logic to your intuition and demonstrate what your higher truth is telling you. Having faith in your spiritual guidance will lead you to gain a correct perception of what is going on around you.

    I hope this helps! Good luck.

  • I never knew about my intuitiveness. Lol...

    And I am graduated in the field of chemistry..

    Many things are precise though..

    Why am I emotionally dead inside?

    Since the day he broke up for his reasons, I lost my empathetic nature. Don't feel for anyone..

    Thank you..

    I will try to work on it..

  • One more question...

    Can Date of Births of the two tell, that is there any chance of reunion?

  • Yet you numbed yourself so as not to feel any pain - this will pass once you heal over time.

    And I can compare your compatibility and likelihood of reunion if you give me his date, yes.

  • His-2nd july 1993

  • I do feel this relationship can be repaired if certain conditions are met. But it is only by learning where the two of you truly stand with each other that you will be set upon the road to success. Neither of you individually is likely to be able to guide the relationship to firm ground; you will have to investigate your ideas, feelings, beliefs and tastes in an organized way to learn what you share. This search is unlikely to be intellectual or even conscious; it will arise naturally through your shared experiences. Piece by piece, things will fall into place, and the relationship’s heart centre will unfold. Once a true communion is established, the two of you will taste success in many areas of your lives. Until then, you may drift uncertainly.

    A love affair here will tend to be unstable but romantic. There is often a face-off here between your partner’s emotionality and your structure and logic. You PC can make demands that your partner finds hard to meet; you may also refuse to recognize the importance of feelings to him, and will be resented for it. The time needed to find common ground may be lacking here: a long-term commitment is unlikely unless the two of you are in a situation that forces you into regular contact, allowing the relationship to unfold. The need for a solid underpinning here will be evident - procrastination and doubt can complicate even the simplest of decisions. The directions taken are not always the best, and it can be months or years before mistakes are detected and corrected. Dramatic changes will be seen, however, if a solid foundation can be established. A rise in both your self-confidence levels will be especially noticeable since, individually and in relationships with others, you both can tend to lack either decisiveness or judgment. As long as the relationship is not dominated by mutual dependencies, it can tolerate your differences. So I do feel there is a chance of reunion here (though only through seeing each other more), but you will both have to want it and seek it. But you must want each other out of love and not need.

  • I can totally relate him being emotional me being logical all the time..

    But his fear of commitment is something which doesn't make me feel confident about our relationship and future...

    But what you concluded from this relationship, is quite accurate...

    Thanks TheCaptain... If there is chance then I would like to take that...

    I hope we are able to work on this together.. we worked on thids individually but not as a team.. now is the time may be...

  • TheCaptain...

    An insight please.. yesrerday he called me after a month and asked me to stay friends with him.. I told him I need some time to get over the past...

    Does he love me? And trying to fix in his own way?

    What's best to do?


  • Well, that's just it - he isn't sure whether he loves you or not, so he wants to keep you around until he makes up his mind, one way or the other. If you are fine with that uncertainty, then go with it. But a long time may pass before he makes a true decision. This man doesn't know himself or his own mind all that well.

  • I don't understand what happened all of a sudden.. everything was going really well.. and he always seemed to be very sure of our future.. but after knowing that his sister is getting divorced he just got scared of marriages.. and then after a month when I almost accepted the fact that he won't come back. Thrn he comes back and ask me to be friends with him atleast..

    Its strange ..

    I always comforted him by telling him that I won't leave you and he too always wanted to be around me.. left me for such reason.. he couldn't even show his trust on our relationship... I wish I could make him understand but scared of the fact that this won't last...

  • He is a child looking for someone to mother him, but not marry.

  • I don't know but since the day he has called...I m having a different feeling that why I didn't talk to him.. I ignored his calls after talking to him for few seconds..

    And next day I texted him that I need sometime.. I will get back to you when I l b over u..

    I regret that.. I should have talked and discussed it with him..

    I was scared if talking to him would have hurted me more.. so I ignored but now I m feeling more hurt..

    I wish I could know whats his intention...

    Bcz deep down my gut feeling is saying that he wanted me in his life but I left.. and now he doesn't want to look back..

    I may b wrong .

    Don't know.. its painful now.. again...

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