8 a.m. name call

  • Hi I was wondering if any one else has had the following happen. For the past 4 weeks every day at or near 8 a.m. people have been calling my name. It may not seem like much but @ 8 a.m. that is the middle of my sleep period. At first I thought my Mother had called and was needing me to help her with something.( I am living with my Mother and helping her with medical needs and other things.) I have asked for help in understanding this but have had no dreams that I remember to give any insight to this. There was one time that two people called my name which sounded like an echo chamber. Any hints thoughts or help of any kind would be welcome. Thank you. Cleric

  • A saturday evening before I went to sleep, I said to God: If you want me to go to church tomorrow, then wake me up in the right time. The next morning I was waken up by a child who was saying my name into my ear. I could feel the breath againgst my ear. I could feel the precence of a child in my room. I opened my eyes, looked around to respond to the person. I was alone. I immediately knew it was God who answered my prayer, so I went to church that sunday.

    Perhaps you have made a prayer to God about something. Perhaps you have asked for some kind of proof or attention. Perhaps you have said some words that might have attracted this to you? Think about it.

  • I would try to wake up earlier from now on if I were you. It could be your psyche trying to tell you that someday something important will happen at 8 AM. It might be related to your mother's condition, or just you or someone close that you know or will know.

    I once had a phone call, someone is looking for a person with initial H. I've never heard his name before and it is a foreign name, not very common where I live. I wrote it down in my diary because the call was polite but the caller didn't seem to hear my answer and I heard some kind of echo in the background. It felt strange I thought I should write it down in case. 3 - 4 years later I was in the middle of a legal case and the lawyer's name was just the name I heard on that phone call. I go to him if I need any legal help and he never charges me much. I never been involved in legal case before so I never needed a lawyer nor do I know anyone in this profession. H is the first lawyer I have ever dealt with in my entire life and none of us or our friends ever know him or use his service.

    If it's your sleep period then waking up earlier regularly might prepare you to whatever will happen. If you are awake and still hears the name call, then it's possible someone is sending you the vibe. Someone that misses you, needs your help but doesn't say it, needs your attention, worries or something of that nature.

    Dreams can be premonitive but they are not the only way your psyche communicates. Some people, like I am, go with either dreams or visions or something like the phone call. Others go with channelling or spirit guides for example. In your case, it communicates with sound/ voice that only you can hear.

    try to remember the people you deal with the last 4 weeks. when you hear the name call again, focus on it in a way that you can remember the voice that calls you. then try to match the voice with real people's voices. it will take some time because if it echoes you may not get clear one. good luck.

  • Thank you for your thoughts. I never thought of the things you did so I will try to retrace my thoughts and actions and see if I had sent out a request. Thank you again.

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