What The Tarot cards mean to Me (One card reading)

  • The Hermit Card

    Well as this card means being alone and doing some soul searching then I know I can do that. I feel today that I only have mum and dad and I do need some friends. I do need to keep my mind on looking for work as then things can change for the better. I must try to use the light in the card to help me see the way forward from here. When I find work then I will need to start to go out to the pubs or do something like that to get a better life. If I go to the pub then I may make new friends and may find someone to marry me. I know that one of my college teachers said that a lady did like me for a boyfriend so I may go and find her and see what happens. So I feel today that the hermit is saying go where by heart is and keep looking for that job and then try to find new friends.

  • Monday 1st Sep 2008

    Well I have the tower today and I don’t know why this card has been picked today. But I know I’m not going to have to take any notice of it as it’s not going to be me that should have it. But the Tower card is trying to say that there are going to be things moving very quick today. There may be an accident of some type and we should try to stop the accident if we can. It also could be that I need to broke free, but then the question I need to ask is what am I broking free from.

  • Monday 1st Sep 2008 at 16:22

    I went out to a area called Tilehurst in Reading which is in Berkshire. Now on my way home I went down a road as my sat nav said to do so and I see a tree had falled down in the road. If it was not for my advanced driving then I may of hit the tree. So I feel this card can also warn us of some type of danger in the day. So be warned if this card should come up and be careful. David.

  • The fool Card 0

    Well it looks as if I'm on a new journery as I now can go anywhere I want and that road would first be finding a job. See I was made Redunant so a job would be nice so when I get back off my holiday I could go and work and enjoy doing it. Anyway yes I have a new start with this card and I may be able to look forward to nice things. I'm working on my maths and english which will be on 15 Sep, on holiday on 20 Sep to the 27 Sep and then back to finding work or being able to start work. So lets see what happens as I don't know yet but the phone could ring anytime. David.

  • Death

    Well I really don’t understand why I get the fool card for a new start and taking a leap forward and today Death. First I must say to anyone new that death can mean the death of someone else in your family, but it is more to do with an ending of something with in your life. The only thing is there is no ending to me yet. With no job I must keep trying to find it so I can then end just sitting at home doing very little. I have to restart going to college from the 15 Sep for another year. Plus I could say it means the start of new things and where are they. So if there was a death of something old in my life I like to find out where. Anyhow I only do one card so can’t get a good reading yet.

  • Well I first turn over the death card again and I have not used it as I just passed it by to.

    Thursday 4th September 2008 at 17:58

    The Heirophant

    Well this is a good card for me today as I have been down to see my learn direct centre and I have only a little bit more to do now before I take the test. I’m on a math’s course as I’m trying to get a better job now or later.

    But this card can mean that you may be going to see someone like the police, into court to see the judge, see the local priest in church or to see your boss at work.

    This is a good card as it helps us to find information, learn it, talk to others about things that are going wrong or get help with something.

  • Friday 5th September 2008 at 12:36

    The Moon

    With the moon being unhappy and one dog not making any sound at all then what can I make of it? Well first it shows that there may be some delays to you or they are happing right now or that they are coming soon. Are emotion’s may be going up or down with maybe something that is happy to you or something that is not so happy. So your friend may be leaving at work or your son is going to get married and you are happy for them. But it can be that you are deceiving yourself about something and you need to move on and see the full picture.

  • Saturday 6 Septmber 2008 at 11:50

    The Emperor

    Well as this card has a stabilising man on it then I am in the right place for now. Its saying to me that I sould try to make some plans for myself in order for me to be more happy. There may be someone or something that may be coming into my life and that I will need to be ready and waiting for it.

    So what have a got know that I like to change then. Well I need some new friends and they are hard to find. But then I can see if I can get the lady in Tescos Reading to talk to me. But I don't know her name or what she looks like but I do know she came from college so I give it a go by buying things there. But the top one on my list is to carry on getting a job. So with a guess its maybe saying I may get a phone call for a interview for a bus cleaner. Well we will see what happens. David.

  • Sunday 7th September 2008 at 11:47

    Well today I have the star card meaning that there is a better life or things to come to me. But I must also be on the look out that I don’t get to greedy is my life. I feel that if I could change my life then I do so for the better and I would like to find the friends I need. But I will need to carry one finding work so maybe the star is saying you will soon find work, friends and someone to love me. I can then share time as that what the lady in the middle near the water is saying. She is watering the grass to make it live. In life we live with any mums and dads or with a man or woman we love. So this is the sharing on the card. The star is trying to say come this way to get a better life. But we are the star and it would be up to us to still go out and get things we like. But better things are on the way in for me.

  • Monday 8 September 2008 at 15:27

    The High Priestess which is a very good card at she can share her secrets with us. But in the case of life there is something we must look for or maybe someone is looking for us. There is some information out there that I must find or I will get to know. This makes me think of my maths as I not doing too good on Raides, Dimter and subcure. If you can't understand that then think of a circle with a line down the middle and a line half way down. Now I should be able to work out the area of the circle and I can't so this may be the information I should find out about. Others things it may also be trying to tell me are some information may come to me about work. Well its hard to tell as it only one card. But come back soon and see what I put down. Thanks

  • Tuesday 9 September 2008.

    The Chariot, There will be some type of travel or movement in your life or where something is going wrong in your life you will see a clearer picture to come. If things are going wrong then this card is say that good things are on there way. As I’m looking for a job it could mean that some type of job is on the way so I can move forward. It may mean that someone could be moving house or moving jobs to a do a better job. If this was for a business then the business may be moving up or moving on. Someone that has many friends in there life and one or two are moving onto or into another job, area or house. This card also means that someone could be moving into learning something new or moving into a new friendship or relationship.

    So to me it may be saying I will find work to do and earn money to spend on things I like to get and use. I can then buy books, CDs and see if I can find this lady I was told about at the Reading Police college open day by an old teacher at College. I like to try to find her just to know or see how and if it could work from friends to lovers. Well as they say watch this space. To go on and on and on????????

  • Wednesday 10 September 2008 at 15:39

    Wheel of fortune

    Well with the wheel of fortune in today’s card reading I may be having some good luck coming to me soon. Maybe it’s a sign of getting a new job, but first where is the interview? It may mean I’m going to meet up with an old friend, I should be so lucky. Maybe it means that I can now look at things and see where I can move to in life, work or in my learning of English or math’s. I can have the whole world in my hands here and it may be saying to think of what I would like to make happen with in my life.

    Well if I could pick a new life for myself I would and here is what I would like.

    I would like a new job that I can do and make it work out, plus I really would enjoy it if I could find some new friends and find a lady to marry me and live with me for the rest of my life. Well I will be lucky if it does comes but I don’t know what is going to happen as one card is not going to tell me that much.

  • Thursday 11 September 2008 at 16:54

    Well the world card is with me today and it means my luck may be on the turn round soon. Maybe I could get a new job soon and start to make money and get a better life. But what would I ask for if the world was put into my hands. Well I would have to say I would like a job, friends and a lady friend. But if you are in work then it may mean that you are going to work up in the ladder. If someone is looking into business then now is the time to do it and look into finding the money. It also tells me that where you have lost in the past you may now start to win. So if you have no friends then you may find them, if you like a job then you could win. If you like putting money on to the lottery or the horses put some on and see if it wins. You have the time now to make things work again so get out there and see what you can make work in your life.

  • Friday 12 September 2008 at 18:55

    Today I have the strength card 08 and this is telling me that I have the strength coming back or some type of new strength coming my way. This strength card could be saying to me that I will have a new job some where. Well I do have an interview on the 19 at a hospital to become a supervisor so it may be that it is trying to say about. It may mean that I now have the strength to help others and it may mean that once I have my WRVS training then I will find strength to help people. If its inside strength then It may be that I am becoming better in myself.

  • Saturday 13th September 2008 at 18:40

    The Magician today is saying you have the power to do new things or learn new skills in work or in school or college. But there may be a surprise for you that you have not had yet so be ready for it. As the magician has the skills to show you where to go then you can use them to help you. So the skill could be helping someone sell things or buy things, to give things like water to people that need it. But it may be that he can help to make things better in life.

    Today I did get a letter for a job interview in Reading for a Bus cleaner. So that may be the surprise for me and a good thing coming my way, or it may be I will lead people in a hospital.

  • As I will be on holiday from the 20 September to the 27 Septemer 2008 I will put two cards on day on to make up my week away and thanks for reading my cards and what they mean to me.

    Sunday 14 September 2008 at 17:41

    The Sun Card 19

    The sun has his or her hat on and so it should as you can be happy to be alive. But it may show other things that you can be happy about like your brother or sister is having a baby. You get good news about a new job you like to do and it makes you all happy. Maybe you have been in school and can now goto college to pass other exams. There may have been good news about someone in the family that is coming to see you. There may be another business that you are going to join and it’s happy to say yes to you. But you are the only person to know what is making or what would make you happy.

  • Sunday 14 September 2008 at 17:54


    Monday 15 September 2008

    The Devil Card 15

    The devil cards tells me this would be a good time to forgive someone if you feel that he or she has been good and you like them back. It may be that you have married someone and you are not giving them a change to say what was good or bad. So why not break the chains that are holding you back and see what happens. You may see some good things like the friend that comes back into your life or if you were married they forgive you. Sometimes this card does say get away from someone if they are hurting you or that they don’t care for you. You can do better they letting someone hurt you by letting yourself walk out of his or her life and then find someone new to love you. This way you break free from the bad things in life.

  • You are very good at the tarot David, I wondered if you could see anything for me, I am wondering if a man I have met is thinking of me and if anything will develop? Sorry to ask but I hope you don't mind you are very good at interpretting cards and I am only learning and can't read mine too well. Would be grateful thanks

  • Well I will have a go but if I get it wrong then please forgive me.

    But first I must got my card on which is

    Monday 15th September 2008


    Tuesday 16 September 2008

    The Empress 3

    There may be delays somewhere in your life that may be slowing you down like you are finding it hard to change job or to get a job. But it could be that the delay is in you traveling to and from work, holiday or a day out. This could mean that soon there may be someone day coming into your life like a brother, sister or a new baby in the world. If you are having delays they will not be for long.

  • Monday 15th September 2008


    Wednesday 17 September 2008

    Judgement card 20

    We now have the time to judge what has happen in our lives or to judge what has been going on at work, college, or school. We can start to think of the good things or the bad things within life, work, college or school. Maybe it’s the judgement of being single and you find someone to go out with. Maybe you are trying to make friends or find someone to love you for what you are. The Judgement card is here to judge something that has happen or maybe coming to you in your life don’t let it go as you need to think with care.

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