Help me interpret soulmate spread please

  • hello all!

    I am new here :). .. Can anyone pls interpret this reading for me pls? I am new to tarot, and i havent figured out how to read my cards confidently.

    1. the situation: Seven of cups

    2. how best to attract a soulmate: King of wands reversed

    3. what i really desire: Queen of swords

    4. the block and the solution: The hanged man

    5. famiy and friend connection with soulmate: Two of cups

    6. how will you meet: The sun

    7. how you will recognise your sm: The chariot reversed

    8. where is your sm: Four of swords reversed

    9. when will you meet: Queen of wands reversed

    10. deestiny of relationship: Ten of wands reversed

    11. Death

    Many thanks. x

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