Can anyone give an insight to whats up with me?

  • I m depressed since last two weeks (the moment he broke up).. and would really appreciate if someone can see whether there are chances of him coming back sometime later? Whats going on in his mind now? The things which has influenced him, how long will it take for him to come back to normal.. PLEASEEEEEEE...

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  • I'm sorry, I know it's not what you want to hear, but you need to start the process of letting go. I do not see him returning.

  • Has he lost feelings for me? Or the reason he gave me that he is scared of marriages... is it true? Or he has someone else? What is the reason can you please check.. I m really worried bc he never shares anything with anyone.

  • Thank you so much for your time..

    I really am unable to understand.. Everything was going perfect.. why all of a sudden it changed? In 2 days? What actually happened? Can you please help me with this matter...

    I would really appreciate if you can make time and try to help me in knowing the real reason.

  • I understand what you are going through - I've been there. But, as much as you think having an answer will help, it will not. Searching for an answer is just a way to keep holding on instead of letting go. Sometimes relationships just run their course. That's what I am getting about him. Maybe someone else came along, or maybe he just wanted to start seeing others instead of being tied down. The deeper issue here is you learning from this that your sense of self should be stronger than how you feel about yourself as part of a relationship.

  • I know you r right.. but I m worried bc the day he broke up he seemed to be really confused about everything going on in his life.. and I could see the fear in his eyes, he was depressed.. I m worried bc I know he is making a wrong decision which he always does.. when it comes to relationship... if you can reach to him and know whether is he feeling good or is he still depressed.. I just want to know how is he doing?

    I know I have to move on.. but bc of the friendship and relationship we shared I can't. I wish to know whether he is happy. He isn't going to share it with anyone..

    Also few months ago I had a word with few psychics about us. They all said he truly loves you and you two are soulmates..

    I wish I could know something about what's going on in his head..

  • The is going to sound brutal but I really am trying to help you...

    First, and I say this with a degree and training in psychology, a person who is depressed does not have fear in their eyes. Depression appears as a lack of what we call "affect" which is why you would not see fear - or anything else for that matter - in his eyes. So which is it? He looked scared or he looked depressed? Originally, you stated that he told you he was afraid of marriage, not that he was depressed. His telling you that he is afraid of marriage was most likely a gentle way of telling you he did not see himself making that type of commitment with you.

    Second, you started out asking if he would come back to you and not about his mental state. This means you were concerned about your own feelings. The shift to being concerned about his "depression" and "fear" leans toward a sign of co-dependency. Oftentimes in a co-dependent relationship, we shift our focus to what is "wrong" with the other so that we can work on "fixing" them so that they will be able to commit to a relationship with us. You can't fix him and he cannot replace any lack of wholeness you feel within yourself.

    I think you need to be honest. First with yourself. If you want to then honestly state what is actually going on I will try to help you.

  • I know him since past 5 years..2.5 yrs of relationship.. I doubt that he would just forget evrything so easily.. he does this .. he told me this that he is afraid of marriages is bcz his sister is getting divorced.. 2 months ago everything was perfct.. just two days bfr he told me this.. he was really happy about us.. our relationship.. but at the same time he used to talk about divorces and not getting married.. for a month it was like this that one moment he says that he doesn't want to get married and the other he says that he sees a future with me..

    About our marriage kids..

    And may b that's why I asked you if you can see whats up with him.. his emotions.. he tries to get over the things but deep down it makes him even weaker for that.. the time he broke up he said that I m never gonna get married bcz of his fears of divorces..

    And he won't share anything with anyone..

    I love him alot.. previously 5 months ago we had an argument then I went to many psychics and they all said that he loves me alott and we are soulmates.. so I wish to know whats wrong now?

    And him going away is just something I m not able to deal with.. bcz he always loved me..

    So I felt if a tarot reading can help me with the things.. his feelings for me..

    Thanks.. and sorry if that hurted you or created any confusion..

  • Your focus is entirely on him. That doesn't leave any room for YOU. It can be a burden on a person to have another person smother them with love. It's a toxic love. Your life has no meaning without him. How did you get there? You made it too easy for him to not know if he needs you or what you bring to his life. A man loses respect for a woman who doesn't have a life without him. He takes you for granted. You are doing all the work in this relationship. It's not just you, many long term relationships struggle with getting too comfy and many men do forget the need to nurture and appreciator a relationship....specially when the woman is keeping all her attention on how he's doing....measuring his moods....and trying to interpret his every move. The more you push the further he will wander.......he knows you are there. Instead of checking here.....bite the bullit like that bad habit it has become and work your way back to being a whole person again so he can remember what attracted him in the first place...put some distance between you so he can see you from afar at the top of a mountain and let him climb his way back. If he chooses! And if he does not someone else will! Be that prize. It is going to hurt awhile...feel c r a p p y....but not any worse than what you feel now.. When he dangles the maybe I'm committed....maybe I'm not you need to say with much devotion to YOURSELF. "Look, I don't know what your problem is but I'm not waiting for you to decide to commit. You know how I feel but I have too much respect for myself to settle for this half S sheet. I'm going to live my best life and if you decide to decide you may get lucky and I may be still available. Then you do the hard thing and get so busy you build small loving efforts for love yourself and put all that energy you are draining on a brick wall of resistance and accomplish rewarding things for yourself that will attract others to you. Depression and feeling rejected only attracts others who would take advantage of you. You can't change others...only YOURSELF. And his excuse about divorces scaring him? REALLY!!! Next time you hear that one....stop him immediately and tell him not to insult your intelligence.The bottom line is somewhere you lost yourself. It happens to all of us. Even in the best of marriages partners need to be reminded the jewel they must nurture. Go live your life and stop pushing. blessings!

  • Hi PC210,

    this is a pretty hard time since you love him and he just broke up with you. It is normal to feel and hope to change things and hope that he may come back or when. Just hang in there, feel what you think, do what you can do to help you deal with your feeling of loss and sadness. You will know if he comes back or not but you are hurting now so take care of you. In time, you will come to terms w this and your feelings and it will get better. I am sure he loved you too but for his reasons he decided to separate. This was important to you and your heart may take a while to be whole again. Be good to you. Hugs.

  • By the way, I am not a tarot reader and was wondering Maybe you do some free online readings like they have on this site or some other places too.

  • @znl

    no, I am not a tarot card reader, but a believer of psychic and tarot card readings.

    And I just wanted to know if there is any chance of him coming back, bcz when he gets upset or is hurt, he disappears. But may be this time, things are different.

    🙂 Bcz of this, I am losing many things in life, lost focus from my career.

    Hope that I will be able to move on.

    🙂 🙂

  • all the best to you PC210, time is the best healer...

  • Thanks.. Yeahh I agree.. But sometimes it hurts when someone who gave you so much importance and was confident to spend a life with u, leaves you for his fears..

    But yeahh I have to deal with it anyway now... We all deal with such things in a lifetime.. and it helps u to grow stronger..

    Thanks alott 🙂 🙂

  • Hi PC210, I meant that I was not a tarot reader and was not implying that you are either. Seeing how much you are looking for tarot readings,I was suggesting that you can use free online tarot programs for yourself. So, the online program will provide the definitions or the meanings of the cards and you get to ask your questions. I meant if you do not get your readings on here.

  • @znl

    Ohh ok ok.. but I m not emotionally and mentally stable right now.. will it b good to try one? That would ne inappropriate I guess...

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