Relationship Reading Request—feeling blocked on my own

  • Hi! I’ve only been doing tarot for about a year but I’ve always felt very connected and sure of my readings, even if I don’t fully understand them my connection to my deck and guides is always very strong. It was strongest when I was in a toxic relationship and now that I’m in a a healthy (or seemingly healthy) one i’m struggling with reading the relationship now and need some guidance.

    A little background, we’ve been dating for about 5.5 months now and we’re seemingly serious yet haven’t had a “serious” talk. He’s a Taurus / ESTJ and I’m a Pisces (Scorpio Moon + INFJ). There are SO many positive aspects and I’ve always drawn mostly positive cards with him but I just feel off. I’m especially struggling because his ex is still a big part of his life (they share a dog) yet he’s lied about her being over and says they don’t have any connection but they’re still friends…to me if you don’t have a connection (mental or physical) why do you talk everyday and go to dinner. Although we’ve discussed this I go crazy about it. Not to mention that I know he has his dating accounts still and I sometimes check to see when he was last on and I had a weird feeling this weekend and I looked and he updated it with new pictures. They were pictures (professional taken by someone else) that I know they are new because he’s wearing a new shirt I got with him. It’s so weird because he never disappears for too long at a time and if he isn’t with me he’s talking to me. Of course I need to talk to him but need some help in how to approach part of me wonders if it’s worth it if he can’t commit to me. Then there’s that I can’t tell him I know these things and would rather have a general reading with about his feelings for me, where this is going, how to approach all of it. As I mention before, anytime I try to do it myself I’m just not feeling connected to my cards or anything. (P.S. everything else with us is great, he treats me right does the right things there’s just that and I don’t know if I’m overthinking or letting my ego get in the way or if my intuition is right that something is off). I’m just lost and would really appreciate some help!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and provide a reading for me ❤

  • My cards are showing that you are too much in your head and letting your negative thoughts run away with you, however they are also showing that 3 people in this relationship is problematic and a conversation should occur about this. Sometimes, when reading for ourselves and we feel "blocked" it is because we are fighting the message (unconsciously, of course).

    It is normal for couples with a dog to "share custody" initially after a break-up, but it's not normal for it to last for an extended period. It's just a way to hold on if one or both is not ready to let go of the relationship. Plus, there is not a need to talk daily and have dinner together to share custody of a dog. So that's a huge red flag. One or both is not letting go!!! Your intuition is correct about this situation.

    Soooo, you need to have a non-confrontational conversation with him about it. Tell him how it makes you feel that he spends so much time with his ex and that if the two of you are exclusive, then it is not normal behavior and does not work for you. He needs to make a choice. If he truly wants to be with you, then he will cut ties with the ex. You can get another dog and tell him he can have full custody if the two of you split up so he won't have to go through losing his dog again.

    As Princess Diana said about her marriage to Charles, "well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to do a reading on me! I really appreciate it.

    You definitely did affirm a lot of what my intuition has been telling me (including my negative thoughts getting the best of me, i think if i want this relationship to work I need to get it under control) Although him and I have talked about her before, and he assures me that they "don't talk every day etc." but I feel differently. You're right and seeing that there is a third person involved in the cards just proves she is more relevant in his life than he is letting on. I agree they're not letting go, and your points are great. I need to put my foot down even more and let him know it's not working.

    I definitely need to have another conversation and when it comes to her and the other things I get worried about (like the dating websites). You're right if he wants to be with me he'll cut the ties and commit and if he doesn't then I will need to accept it.

    Thank you again for doing this! ❤

  • You are very welcome. Good luck!

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