We three Kings...

  • Hi all,

    I've literally just joined this forum as had something weird happen and wanted to check it out. I hope that's ok!

    By way of a quick intro, I've been dabbling with tarot readings (mostly for myself) for many years on and off and had several done by others, of varying accuracy. I find them really useful for self-discovery/awareness.

    So earlier this evening I had an impulse to get out my deck and pull out three cards for past, present and future. (Haven't done a reading in several months.) I pulled out King of Pentacles for past, King of Cups for present and King of Diamonds for future. That was it - just the Kings. I did shuffled and chose from the entire pack, so seems a strange coincidence. The thing is, I sort of get what each of them represents (having looked them up) but they don't really 'ring true' for me, and it seems significant that they are all together. Am I reading too much into this?

    I'll be grateful for your words of wisdom!



  • Ask Watergirl - she is our resident tarot expert!

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