Interpretation of a tarot reading?

  • If there is anyone that can help me with this and put it into layman terms I would really appreciate it. Thanks

    The question was what does the future hold for me and ?????

    The cards:

    Recent Past: Ace of Wands

    Love Situation: Seven of Swords

    Love and Me: The Devil

    Long Term Potential: Queen of Coins

    Advice: Nine of Swords

    Signficant Other: Ace of Cups

    Love Challenges: The hermit

    Foundation: 6 of Swords

    Blocks and Inhibitions: Page of Swords

    Near Future: Queen of Wands

    Higher Power: Eight of Cups

    Recent Past: Ace of Wands

  • I once did the peace and harmony celtic cross on and got the devil card in the self position. Here is the interpretation:

    Tarot images © US Games Systems Self: The Devil

    Main (positional) meaning | General | Position

    Put convention aside and be empowered by revealing your passionate nature in a compassionate and useful way.

    The card in the Self position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself right now, including how at peace you are with and within yourself.

    The Devil card symbolizes letting those parts of yourself that have been repressed or shamed out of the closet. It represents hidden parts of us, what Jung referred to as "shadow." In general, we fear its emergence, but this card is reminding you to face your shadow stuff. Whenever we reveal hidden inner dynamics, we fear we will be seen as ugly, demanding or excessive, even monstrous. We are conditioned to mistrust passionate desires and basic instincts, because we are afraid that we might go too far, slipping into hedonism or addiction. In truth, it is this type of fear and repression that energizes the dark aspect of these very natural forces.

    To become a charismatic individual who can make a difference in the world, however, we need to outgrow fearful inhibitions placed upon our personalities and self- expression. Passion is needed to promote even peaceful causes. In every generation there have been those who push these limits. They may have been overlooked or demonized in their time, but later generations understood the honesty, courage and healing power of their daring. Stand up for what you believe.

  • Thanks, dear lady. I am at a cross roads I guess. I am a strong person, but at times I get very weak, I guess that Scorpio in me wants things now, and it just does not seem to come when we want them. I was doing very well in my decision to stop a wonderful friendship with an individual, then last night was an anniversary for his business, and I sent him a congratulations. It sparked a slight conversation, and I am just really wondering how things are going for him. He looks really good but I see the sadness in his eyes, and it really hurts. I cannot save him from his own insecurities or his choices, but I also know deep in my heart if we start communicating again it could be very detrimental to the both of us. I did the Love Celtic Cross Reading, and I guess I am not inclined to truly understand what the cards said. That is why I asked in layman terms. I am learning patience is a virtue, but at times I miss him so much that it gets the best of me.

    I know life is not always easy, and we make choices that either help or hinder our growth. I guess the inner turmoil is what this card is talking about. So, I will work on me....I guess I was looking for some perspective on the future, and want to know the outcome so that I can be at peace with it, does that make sense. Right now for me my education and other circumstances are weighing heavy and I know that this is my focus, but at times the pulling in my heart and the strong connection with him, gets the best of me.

  • Ok.

    I will try.

    Recent Past: Ace of Wands. Means that a new project (relationship opportunity) has come up in the recent past

    Love Situation: Seven of Swords. You are in a situation where it is you who must take contact if you want the relationship to develop romantically

    Love and Me: The Devil. As the has explained above.

    Long Term Potential: Queen of Coins. A positive card. You might become a woman who has been blessed with having it all.

    Advice: Nine of Swords. Dont despair. Remember that everything comes from within. So build your self up if you think your situation does not look good. Think in positive terms, because there is really no need to despair.

    Signficant Other: Ace of Cups. A person filled with love. The cup overflows with love.

    My question: What is the significant other? Is that who the other person is in relation to you? In that case you really are in a good situation with him.

    I just look up the cards on the internet. I go to to check up the cards. But those are all in norwegian.

    Love Challenges: The hermit. Your challenge is to come out from your solitude, or from your idea that you must be alone

    Foundation: 6 of Swords. You are on an inner voyage. You are going through a voyage in your self, dreams and contemplations about your life.

    Blocks and Inhibitions: Page of Swords. Dont act too hasty

    Near Future: Queen of Wands. You will become a person who gains much respect due to your accomplishments.

    Higher Power: Eight of Cups. Your highest self is ready to make a break with the past, to leave the past behind.

    I am just translating the cards due to what this internet site is saying about the cards in general.

    Looks good to me. But dont know how to excact interpret each card, since I am not an expert on tarot.

    Hanged Woman

  • Still looking through my archive. I found the Hermit in the challenges position in a celtic cross that I took once. The same as you got on this one. So here is the interpretation:

    Tarot images © US Games Systems Challenges/ Opportunities: The Hermit

    Main (positional) meaning | General | Position

    Abandon distractions and external pursuits in favor of an inner work.

    The card that lands in the Challenges/Opportunities position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.

    When the Hermit is in this position, go inward and indulge the contemplative monk or nun within you, the mystic that wants to be left alone with her meditations. This is your challenge. If you can pull yourself away from all superficial distractions and relationship concerns, you may receive some important guidance or insight. This card is suggesting that the hermit part of you is ready to be engaged.

    Such a deeply gratifying experience involves sacrifice. The usual entertainments and comforts must be let go of for the period of time while you are tapping into Spirit. Relationships don't have to suffer, however, if you simply make known your need for some private time to recharge your batteries.

    Okay. See why I hesitated coming with my own suggestions? This one is totally different from what I said it meant, or could have meant.

  • But the hermit card could perhaps mean what I suggested first, since this question is a question about relationship and not about the search for peace. Just a footnote.

  • I found the six of swords in the foundation position in a peace and harmony celtic cross that I took once: Here is the interpretation to that (although still might be different cause the love and peace interpretations are different):

    Tarot images © US Games Systems Foundation: Six of Swords

    Main (positional) meaning | General | Position

    Although they were learned under difficult circumstances, the skills and outlook gained in the past are now proving tremendously helpful.

    The card in the Foundation position points to influences from your personal history, your roots and background that have an effect on your capacity for inner and outer peace.

    The Six of Swords in this position indicates an earlier life circumstance that gave you a head start on certain practical and necessary survival skills that are proving to be quite valuable. At the time it may have felt oppressive, exacting or overwhelming to be faced with this body of information, technical skill or special ability.

    To be held to high and exacting standards may have felt harsh at the time, but the experience has contributed tremendously to your useful abilities and self-discipline in the face of challenges. Be grateful for the education you received (unwittingly or not) before you were old enough to consent to it or mature enough to appreciate it. Use your hard-won knowledge, and rejoice in having it.

    So this might mean that you have experienced difficulties in past relationships.

  • Thanks sweetie,

    This has helped tremendously!! but in answer to your question, yes it is in relationship to this other person. I feel tickled. The funny thing is, is everything that you said these cards represent I am or have went through. Scary!!!! But I feel much better about this. To be honest with you, (wink) I do deserve to have it all!!!!

    You have been a true blessing hanged woman....your user name does not seem to fit you.

  • You are welcome. I finally found the queen of wands in a kind of the same position as in your reading:

    Tarot images © US Games Systems

    Developments: Queen of Wands

    Main (positional) meaning | General | Position

    Inspiration and passion stimulate the potential for leadership.

    The card in the Developments position shows which way family life is turning. By making skillful choices, you can improve on or neutralize these tendencies.

    The Queen of Wands in this position points to a situation where you can add the energy necessary to rouse the troops. Your excitement is contagious, and could spell the difference between a lackluster performance and real achievement, so share your motivational psychology with those around you. You have the power to awaken so much motivation that your cohorts can accomplish great tasks. This is a natural progression to leadership, unforced and benign, so don't hold back!

    Because you would never ask another to do what you are not willing to do yourself, others may be ready to take direction from you. If this fact catches you by surprise, you are not putting two and two together. There are always people around you who wait for your signal. Since you want to help, go ahead and nudge these people, as well as yourself, from awareness into action. Bring your impassioned leadership to the forefront and get the project rolling.

    Well. This was in a family celtic cross. So the words would come out different if it had been a love celtic cross. I guess this says to you that you might come into a a situation where you have the opportunity to steer the relationship into a higher level. Whereas you are the one who should take leadership in the situation.

  • I am still smiling...LOL. The connection we have is phenomenal and I must trust that. I get quirky at times because the situation, but in time, everything will work out just how it is suppose to be. Just hearing from him last night, really made me a little sad, cause he looked so damn good. LOL but I know I do too. He asked me if I was still in the same area, and I told him yes but not for long, and he asked me to send my new address just in case he don't see me before I leave this place I am at now.

    But I do go back to the US in 6 months, and I know that will be the hardest time for me, for I love this place, but when the Border Agency says it is time for me to go, I must listen, don't want to risk the chance of never being able to come back..(smile)

    You have been my angel today, thank you.

  • You are welcome.

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