Electrical disturbances

  • I don't know if this belongs in this forum, but I seem to have an issue with electricity and gadgets/equipment going haywire. I've had this since I was young whereby I tend to feel static electricity faster/earlier or get a slight shock which may not bother others using the same appliances/equipment - although the instances are very rare. I think my mum is similarly sensitive.

    My IT stuff and phones tend to develop problems quite often though. Could just be unlucky. This week, my stuff is going bonkers - cell phone, laptop and just now, I got a slight shock from the wire while ironing the clothes.

    Is it all a coincidence or does it mean anything?

  • Do you and your mum shuffle when you walk, wear socks while walking on carpet, etc.? There are certain things that will increase static electricity in a person and the humidity (or lack thereof )I believe in the atmosphere is also a factor. The electronics going haywire - happens a lot when Mercury is in retrograde. We are currently in a Mercury Rx period which began last Monday and will continue until January 8th. Mercury is retrograde roughly 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time. There is a 3 week "shadow" period on either side so in total it is a 9 week transit each time. In 2016 we had FOUR Mercury retrograde periods instead of three.

  • Oh mercury retrograde! I never thought of that 🙂

    No carpets, nor walking with socks on them. We both have dry skin, in an otherwise humid country. She said she got an indirect hit of lightning as a kid, and that a tubular bulb once 'exploded'/split in half when she held it, even though it hadn't been connected to anything else.

    I've had issues with mobile phones in particular for years. Can't be sure if it all happened during Mercury RX. I've changed phones and SIM cards, and I will still get weird stuff like my phone sending old (like months old) texts to people (after I send new ones), or sending duplicates of new messages. When I receive texts, the sender name is almost always wrong. It just picks a random name in the directory. A bit like 'ghost in the machine 😛

    Merry Christmas Watergirl!

  • That's so funny - I kept getting something about the humidity but then it was followed with a message about dryness. It was contradictory to me which is why I stated it the way I did. I believe this is how static charge or electricity is produced - google it if you want details!

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  • The default gateway ip address is a single gateway for every access of settings.

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