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  • Can you tell me why my step daughter doesn't want anything to do with her father's family anymore, she refuses to let us see the kids anymore. I really don't know what we have done for her to act this way. Her birthday is 8-10-80, We have tried to reach out to her over Christmas, but no reply. Should we just stop trying?

    Also, could you give my husband and I some insight for 2017 in all areas. His birthday is 8-25-62 and mine is 10-19-61. Thank you and Happy new year to you!

  • Your daughter is a very proud person who strives for independence and self-empowerment. She hates to appear weak to other people. To appear strong, she tries to hide her struggles. The less willing she is to share her problems with her family, however, the more these problems are likely to overwhelm her, with a negative impact on her life and health. It is therefore important for her to cope with stress by talking more about her problems and frustrations. But she has problems opening up emotionally to others and she needs to understand that other people will still care about her even when she is feeling low. However, it seems as if that is too much for her to achieve at the moment due to her pride and fear of rejection. If you reach out to her, do not in any way suggest she might need help, but instead just say you would like to see her and the children. Anything smacking of condescension or offers of help will be rejected and she may withdraw from you even more. Hopefully 2017 will bring a change of attitude since she will be starting a whole new chapter of her life and should feel more energized and powerful. Mind you, it will also mean she will be feeling even more independent and wanting to go it alone. As long as you don't imply she needs you or that she is weak or incapable, or ask too many personal questions, you might be able to get through to her, though. Unfortunately, I feel she may be placing more and more importance on being on her own, but this can be a good thing in that it can help her find out more about herself and what she really wants out of life. Up until now, she spent very little time on self-discovery, and her lack of self-awareness can make her place unrealistic expectations on herself. But I don't feel she will really start needing other people again until her early forties.

    Libra2222, 2017 for you should be a more fun, creative and sociable time. 2016 was all about relationships, and may have entailed some makeups, problems, breakups or whole new relationships, personally and/or professionally. You must take centre stage this year (something that should come naturally when you have grown into your full confidence). Enrol in a public speaking class or make-over your image. Live your life expansively. Take risks you’d usually never dream of taking. This is your year to be out there, enhancing all aspects of your sense of creative self-expression. This can also be a year where you’ll be challenged to work on expressing your emotions clearly and effectively, so you’ll be offered plenty of opportunities to practice this feat during the year. You’ll feel creative, outspoken, and full of energy. You also might wrestle with some unexpected emotional highs and lows, so take it as it comes and know you can’t go wrong when you tap into your authentic feelings. 2017 for you will hold some special fervour all its own. Ponder how you can use your creativity and communication skills to benefit your finances and personal power. Last year, you were learning big lessons about relationships and you likely met or said goodbye to several people last year. Romance may bloom for you in 2017. You are inclined to live life to its fullest now, even if you have to pay the consequences later on. You are likely to be more outgoing and the bridle of responsibility will seem to be loosened a bit. The influence in this current year is definitely one of sociability and the arts. It can be a lucky year if your efforts and financial resources are not scattered, if you don't rely on other people's views over your own, and if your energies are focused on priority goals. During this year, you must watch that you bring projects to completion before beginning something new. This is a great year for you to take a vacation or break, particularly one with an artistic focus, such as photography, painting, writing, or even visiting art galleries or attending plays. Popularity within large and small groups is highlighted, as is work in the public arena (good for aspiring politicians!). It is also a year in which you may wish to try a new hairstyle or buy some new clothes, since love and affection are highlighted. Self-expression is the keynote in both the written and spoken word for you in 2017. This can be a good year for selling products, (including your writing), or services. In general, this should be a magical fun year for relationships and it will be a very lucrative year financially as long as your creativity is well directed. Lighten up and don't take things too seriously now. Enjoy yourself and have fun this year because, in 2018, you will have to knuckle down and put in a lot of effort, and your thoughts and energy will need to be directed to career opportunities, practical matters, business, hard work, savings and security then.

    This year is a time for expansion, for you to be able to feel like you are really moving ahead, particularly with the new projects, relationships or situations that you began during the last two years. It may even feel like a lucky time, with life flowing in the right direction, and this is because this year you are learning to relax and allow life to move on, rather than directing it. There may be a great sense of freedom as the cobwebs disappear from areas of your life that have previously felt stuck and many doors open easily. Your lightness in spirit may mean that you disregard situations that you think you no longer need. This may also be because you crave new experiences and a variety of directions. However, this may only be for a fleeting moment as you are liable to realise that all situations contribute to your journey. You may turn to your instincts to guide you, but at times your emotions may get in the way so that you can’t always recognise the best actions to take. In 2017, you may take time out to literally travel the world, or at least to expand on your current circle of friends. You’re seeking a broader communication with life. Perhaps you throw parties galore as it’s time to pay greater attention to your social life. You may even be attracted to amateur dramatics, where you can utilise your entertainment skills and express yourself through play-acting. Indeed, your diary may be brimming with events to attend. You may also dissipate your energy or develop exhaustion; having too much fun can take its toll. This may be an abundant year for finances, love and productivity as you are in a highly active mode and are putting in the right effort. However, you may spend money like water or find that romantic situations slip through your fingers if you don’t pay them enough attention. You are genuinely in a happy-go-lucky mood which certainly helps attract positive situations to you. Your communication skills can be improved on this year, both in your personal and professional life. You can also take time out to communicate with your soul through meditation, talking to spiritually minded people or by taking personal development courses. This is a great time to let go of any situations which are causing conflict, and also to work on resolving inner conflicts that may be holding you back from feeling joy and immersing yourself fully in life. A sense of humour will help at this time, along with regular exercise, which often serves to raise your energy levels. Of course, surrounding yourself with loving friends can uplift you too. By the time you reach 2018, you may well find that you are feeling more confident, relaxed and happier with yourself and the world. Key words for you this year are: activity, expansion, travel, creativity, and self-expression.

    Your husband: 2017 for you is all about delving inward. While you may see yourself functioning fairly “normally,” this is a year where you’ll be heavily involved in deep inner work. It’s a spiritual year - meaning you’ll have many opportunities to assess your sense of spirituality, however you define it. This is a year where your faith and trust will be tested. You’ll feel as though you want to retreat from the static of the outside world. You’ll feel more quiet and introspective than usual, so don’t let that surprise you. This is a year of introspection and reflection, a time to analyze your thoughts and actions, and pursue studies of an intellectual or metaphysical nature that interest you. During this year, you will want to explore life's deeper truths, either looking into philosophical matters or studying natural sciences. You will find yourself better able to solve problems, and come to a greater awareness of your full potential. Let things come to you in 2017, as this is a year when big thoughts and ideas can materialize. It is a good year to carry out plans that don't require involvement from others, and a year to guard your personal "alone" time, so as to avoid feeling irritable. A time to get "centered", you may find that at times during this year you feel lonely and left out. The main lesson is to learn to be alone without being lonely, to enjoy your own company. By the end of this year, you will likely be in a position to handle life with greater insight and efficiency. Your mission in 2017 is to explore the true nature of your personal power, your relationship with money, and your true desires about manifesting in the material world. Do the groundwork that you can put into action next year in 2018, which will be terrific for getting ahead in work, career or study and all money and material matters.

    2017 for you is a time when much healing can take place, because you are more deeply connected to your inner spirituality, and to your truth. As you are pulling together the experiences of the last several years so that they can reach their full potential, much introspection may be needed. Healing yourself can take a lot of energy and you may find you need to take resting periods away from others to process the inner changes that are now taking place. However, you may also be dreamy, and in order to keep your feet firmly on the ground, it can help if you do not cut yourself off completely from your work, family and friends. You may also feel left out of others’ lives at times, which can create emotional fragility because you want to feel as though you belong. Issues around trust and betrayal may arise this year and be a part of your development, and health issues may need addressing. Events that take place may guide you to religion or to spirituality, or make you realise that you can’t take life for granted. This year may bring on an identity crisis as you are confronting yourself deeply, as if you are taking an honest look at yourself naked in the mirror. You are uncovering new aspects of yourself, and it may take a while before they sit comfortably with you, so you need to be patient. Old anxieties may arise and feel exaggerated if you focus on them too much, rather than getting on and enjoying your life and having some innocent fun. You can find that the last few years’ efforts pay off handsomely during 2017, not only in terms of your growth but materially too. For example, you may gain a qualification which enables you to earn more money, receive a pay rise or promotion, or buy a new house or car. Your relationships may blossom too: perhaps you reunite with someone or decide to connect more deeply with your partner. If you’ve previously been working on your fitness levels, they may be in tiptop, peak condition. This year can offer you a real feast on many levels as you are aligning with nature. In 2017, you may find that you act as a catalyst for changes in others’ lives, perhaps unintentionally, or you may be brilliant at motivating people to improve their lives. You may also find that this cycle is a great catalyst for your spiritual development, which may have a profound influence upon your future. Key words for you this year are: rest, physical completion, perfection, health and analysis.

  • Thank you so much......As for his daughter, I feel as if she is holding the children against us due to her insecurities., your thoughts were that she wouldn't reach out to her family until she was in her early forties, why then? Will there be something going on with her?

    Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

  • I don't feel it is her insecurity that is making her withhold the children, more her pride. Yes, I feel she will experience something that makes her want to be with family again, maybe an epiphany or just the maturity and understanding that no one can or should try to manage alone. Also her children may begin to wonder about their family connections.

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