Repeating Number is my Birthday

  • Hi All,

    I am a Gemini, born on 6/20. Without fail, almost everyday I glance at a clock in the early evening and the time is always 6:20. At first I thought this was a coincidence but I have been doing this for several years.

    Does this mean anything in particular?


  • i see repeating number, or numbers that nearly always add up to 3, and i was born 3rd march!

  • My grandson was born 3/3/03... My granddaughter 2/22.... I was born 9/9/59 Anyone have any explaination about this?????????

  • my b-day is 12/9/ sons is 1/16/ daughters is 12/11/1996......all these dates have a 1-2-6-9,which has always been significant to me..any explanations???

  • The has a place where you can get a free check on birthdays, names and addresses. Look it up there.

  • Specifics on numerology the hanged woman has it correct go look it up---however noticing the repeat of certain numbers that correspond with a birth has always been known as a/an indications of a past life experience and the noticing in your conscious world is the inner fight/struggle for you to accept and many times hypnosis is an excellent form to use to have a balance between this and then. Paranormal standards suggest that a door is trying to be opened/closed. Try to focus on the 'feeling of the occurence' that may help your understanding and it may be quite simple that the number being represented is a habit you have created to asure yourself of your own existence. Blessing Be

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