Dream Interpretation or a Sign?

  • Ah CoffeeGem, you are on a similar path to me, although your dreams are not about the one you have a connection with; mine are. Your uncle is letting you know that all is well and that he is watching over you. The birth of the baby is a sign of new things coming to you, but you may let fear hold you back. Don't. Go with what comes is the message I'm getting. Your grandmother is also supporting you as she can see that something very good is coming your way, but as said, she is also concerned you may let fear stop you. This damned word is the crux of all our problems it seems; FEAR. It is an ugly word and leads to guilt, doubt, and keeps us wrapped in the cocoon of security we have lived long enough within. Nothing great ever comes from not taking risks. So what I get for you, is you have great support from those on the other side, and once you are actually holding this "baby" in your arms, don't let it go regardless of how afraid you may be of the "what if's" and "how''s". Go for it. Your Uncle and Grandmother will be there to guide you and keep your feet on the ground when that is needed. Pay particular attention to these dreams and write them down if possible.

    This fellow you have the connection with would not think you're crazy. Rather, he is reaching out to you as he wants to know if you're experiencing the same. TELL HIM. He's waiting for you; that's the message I get. And again, fear is stopping you from opening up to him. Do you want to spend the rest of your life wondering what may have been because you were too afraid to expose your inner self? And remember, this fellow has risked exactly that, so do you not think he may have worried you might think HIM crazy?

    Hope this helps my friend, and all the best of luck to you. Good things are waiting for you, with a fair portion of them in the shape of this man 🙂

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