Any good online psychics?

  • Hi. I have spent a fortune on online psychics and would like to know which are genuine and good people to go to for a reading. I am going to see one next week but I really need an answer to a question right now as it isn't helping my mental health. Also is it bad to ask many psychics for readings or should I have just used one? They don't all.say the same thing which I would think they would if they were all good.

    I don't know that much about it. I feel that some have told me what I want to hear. They want money and I have given them it. I can't afford it so am asking on this forum. Thank you.

  • Normally going to more than one reader or asking the same question over and over is a sign that you don't like the answer you got or have become overly dependent on readings. Finding a good one online can be tricky as it does seem to be a breeding ground for hacks who are just out for people's money. If a psychic tries to scare you into further services by saying you have bad energy attached to you or a curse that needs to be lifted then cease and desist and do not consult this obvious scammer. If you have spent a "fortune" then maybe you should give it a rest for a while.

  • Akasha is a good online psychic. she has tons of great feedback on anybodythere and I have gotten accurate readings from her, as have many others.

  • Thanks.

  • badwolfbabe,

    It can become confusing if you are asking the same questions over to different psychics. Finding one that has a history of experience is what you need to do and here is one that I found on and she has proven that she serves with her heart and accuracy, therefore making an excellent reputation. Reading with Lynn Kinman.

    Happy New Year to You


  • Thank you.

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