Dream Interpretation, Please?

  • Dream about apples - Dec 31 2016

    Sister and I sitting outback of a swimming pool we used to go to a lot in our childhood, with all of our family still inside swimming having a good time. We are surrounded by apples in neighbour's yards. In the trees and in huge baskets on the ground next to them. Giant golden beautiful apples (the size of small pumpkins!), perfect for eating and baking with I thought. I thought about all of the things I could do with them. When a lady came out of her house and offered us a big bushel for free and other things from her store out front. So we graciously accepted and came around and she had many other things for merchandise (beautiful trinkets, and such). She had the apples up for us at the front and said she wanted to give us each a talisman/charm. They were both in front of her face down and she said she wanted to carve our names into them first before we could see. She was finishing mine when I woke up.

    Grr, right? I'm still wondering what was on the front. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • I am feeling that there is something about your present life - your health or appearance, I believe - that you are not happy with, some dissatisfaction (growing older?) that does not sit well with you, and you long to return to a younger state. In fact, you wish there was some magical way to reclaim your lost youth as you believe you will be happier.

  • hmm I don't think so, I am only 30 and loving it so far. I feel like I'm finally starting to figure myself out after everything being so turbulent for the past 15 years.

    I have been hard on myself for not getting to the gym lately and that could be the dissatisfaction as I sure did enjoy the holidays with my family, haha.

    It was honestly a good atmosphere in the dream, very positive. And it was nice to be able to show my son something from when I was younger and had a lot of good memories from. It's the first positive dream I've had in a long time, I think that's why it's sticking so much.

  • Perhaps it's wishing I knew then what I know now? It would have saved me a lot of trouble, that's for sure. I'm really trying to rack my brain here. 😞

  • When images don't make sense in a dream you should focus more on how it felt. I think this dream has a new year theme and also comes with a new perspective. You have passed a crossroads from victim perspective to a place of gratitude, abundance and count your blessings. Still to come is a challenge to TRUST in the future. To not dwell on unanswered questions. To live in the now and spend less time on the past or future. The new year tends to bring out the future in us.....what will our goals be and our purpose and we feel more inclined to make some new resolutions. Of course that wears off as in reality we don't really know what the new year will bring. It sounds like you have optimistic feelings about moving ahead. On another level your dream has a little advice....the apples can mean temptation. As did in the garden of Eden. Be realistic and patient with your search for meaning and knowledge. You will always have trust issues to manage. That's ok now because you are more aware than ever. And you choose better choices. You are in a place of self discovery. You are starting to weed through the crud of your past and realizing the blessings. A swimming pool is a very positive image that represents life force and pleasure. A good place to start your next journey towards purpose and a better spiritual connection to hearing guidance. That's the talisman you are excited to meet. The fact the lady with all the wisdom gifts......Apples!.....also has things for sale and trinkets. Which is like life....in that we all must learn what is valuable and what is just a facade. From a higher view that is your intuitive self predicting the next year will be about what is really you and what is not as you try new things and probably pass on some directions. No failures though....just lessons and keep that perspective...it's all good! BLESSINGS!

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