Dream Interpretation or a Sign?

  • Hi All,

    I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some light on these strange dreams I've been having. First of all I have been having interactive dreams for the last few months. I feel like I've been awake all night roaming around in these dreams. So far I've dreamed of an Uncle that had been dead for at least five years. I have dreamed about him off and on for years. I regret that I did not fully grasp everything about him before he passed. So one night I had a dream that he was singing to me and some of the lyrics were..."I wish you well." It was sweet and heart breaking. I've also dreamt about my deceased grand mother a few times also recently.

    My most memorable dream this month was that I was helping a woman give birth to a baby. I did not know her but she delivered and I cradled the baby as he came out of his mother and he let out a big healthy cry. I have searched high and low for a meaning but cannot find one. Can anyone help me figure why I am having these dreams?

    I have a really deep connection with someone and he has told me the most of the nights that he had long, exhausting dreams as well. I do not tell him that I have had the same experience because I don't want him to think I am crazy.

    Any insight is much appreciated.

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  • Glad to be of help 🙂

  • Hi!

    I'm a new member and wanted to post about a dream I had recently. I was sitting on a pew in a church handing a red award ribbon to someone...I couldn't see who it was. What could this mean? Any insights would be greatly welcomed!

  • Hi Wheels6

    I'm no physic, but I believe dreams are our true self which sends subtle and or alarming messages to guide us. When ever you remember a dream, no matter how small it seems, write it down, that simple act can give your unconscious self the permission to be revealed at a conscious level. Your own interpretation will come to you when you least expect it. A revelation.

    I find it best to understand the different symbols in a dream, by breaking it down into sections, bit by bit and ask yourself "What does this mean to me" each time. I will suggest what these symbols mean, but remember, it is only my interpretation, and it may not sit with you. Always ask yourself if the information you are given, feels right, if not go with your own insight.

    Buildings, rooms in dreams usually represent parts of our unconscious self, aspects of our complex nature. Being in a church sitting on a pew could relate to that part of you that is religious or spiritual, your sanctuary within where you can sit and be at peace.

    The colour red usually represents passion, excitment, activity or maybe a warning to stop, but because it is an award ribbon, I would take the positive aspect of it - an acknowlegement of achievement.

    Given the award to someone - maybe it's you, acknowledging your god within you or recognizing an act of kindness. It could be that you are grateful or appreciative of someone in your life.

    Your own dream interruption is what feels right for you. In short, I feel your dream is letting you know that the faith you hold, your spiritual self has done you well, and not just for you alone but for your community, listening to your intuitative self has paid off. The dream can be taken literally - maybe you will be given an award or recognition for some charitable act you have done. You hold and know the answers.

    Wishing you well and thanks for the opportunity to respond.

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