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  • I would like a reading regarding how and when I'm going to find my next 2nd part-time job. I'm working part-time job now caring for elderly woman. She pays well but it's not enough. It's been over a year and if been trying online applications but nothing! The home care agencies I work for as failed to provide a client that fits my availability. I'm at my wit's end and my fiance has lost his patience as well. He says if I don't get job by end of January he moving back to Tennessee! Why aren't I hearing back from these places? What's going on? I know working with elderly woman make be interfering with availability cause I work with her 8am til 10am and again in evening and weekends but her and I need each other. 40 hours at regular job would give me less money and I'd lose my Medicaid and I'm suffering from some expensive health issues right now. How much longer before I get another job? What's going to happen in my relationship?

  • I actually see you working a selling door-to-door job that will be very lucrative for you. And will also be good socially to meet other people and circulate.

  • And your relationship will recover once the stress of daily life/survival is taken care of.

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  • Thank you for you reply. That's a very interesting job choice. I couldn't imagine my fiance being okmwith since we don't live in the best of neighborhoods. Yes he does love me its just frustrating cause I have been able to get a second job in over a year. I just had interview at local pet store but I think they are blowing me off. I am more then qualified, I just don't understand why I can't get work. And wondering when something is going to change

  • You don't have to go door-to-door in your own neighbourhood necessarily. You could try perhaps a more affluent area. Like with Avon or something similar....

  • And things change when you make them change. Stop butting your head continually against the same brick wall and try something new or different in your approach to work.

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