What can you tell about this man?

  • I ask for prayers for Mark, as I understand that my negativity is not helping him emerge from the darkness that surrounds him. I send him love, forgiveness and light so that he may voluntarily choose to move away from selfishness, lies and manipulation.

  • Your negativity is not a spiritual crime any more than when St Michael uses his sword and not a hug when the devil threatens harm.. Do not dance with the devil by owning any fault in this fight. With all due respect Captain this man has chosen to follow evil and is not going to be healed by prayers....he's too far gone and is harming others. Putt all your energy into protecting your sister and helping her see past the mask. Perhaps you and your sister have been raised to be kind and thoughtful in all disagreements but in this case your sister is being taught that her male side is lacking in herself. The male energy is the protector of our female side. This situation is a manifestation of her need to pump her male energy and fight that big bad wolf. Remember the lesson of Little red riding hood. Do you think praying for the wolf would have helped? Please don't take offense. I truly do care! BLESSINGS!

  • I was going to say the same thing last night but could not find the right words! My reference was to Hitler...sending love his way would not have helped!

  • I have not reached the level of any of you ladies and yet, I did feel the same as Blmoon when I read Captain's message. Perhaps it is my recent experience... but one thing I learned is that prayers don't change manipulators. So Captain, I pray for your sister's eyes to be opened and for her to have the strength to break loose from this man.

  • I am trying to save myself as much as him. I don't want to live as an angry, hating, vengeful person.

  • Yes I agree with you the anger and hate will only hurt you, it doesn't affect him. The only thing you can do is give love to your sister and hope your open heart is listened too. If you can't stop it and you tried your best all you can do is be there with open arms and catch her if she falls. Our thoughts are with you and your family

  • Captain

    you are fighting your own anger. Deal with that separately. I agree that dwelling on hateful emotions leaks out your energy and does not attract positive things. It's as if you are trying to deal with your real emotions by sending him loving prayers. Doesn't work that way. We all have a right to our emotions....what we don't have without consequence is ACTING on vengeful emotions. THAT is a Spiritual discipline that we all deal with. By publicly apologizing to him for you being negative about him does not help YOU deal with ugly thoughts. We all have them....let them release then we make thought choices. Lighten up on yourself. I am getting that both you and your sister have issues with your male energy. You can choose not to live in anger without praying love to him and in that sense you are connecting to him. Use this event to practice your power over outside influences. This is the tough one. We all live with this challenge to detach from unwanted thoughts and emotions. I am very emotional and passionate AND I have big energy. It has it's good side and it's bad. My female intuitive healing side must have a strong brain thinking side to balance my heart. Psychics are particularly presented with this issue. Love yourself and your ugly thoughts this man stirred up in you.....it was real and expected. Not wallowing in it is your call to empower yourself to not live in that moment but to move away from that hold. Judging yourself too harshly is not required. BLESSINGS!

  • PS...Men who take advantage of woman look for the ones who are afraid of being a b it ch and are not comfortable with making waves.....and expressing anger....that's how the con is able to cross boundaries. He plays on her fears and that's why the victim is always apologizing when he presses that button. Read some books on this subject. It will give you insight on how your sister got into this man's web.

  • Update: my sister has refused to check out our evidence against this con-man and has chosen to remain with him, whilst saying she wants nothing to do with our family (whom she calls liars and meddlers in her business). Though why we would do such a thing is something she doesn't seem to be considering. Oh well, you can only warn someone - you cannot live their life for them. My sister is a grown woman and she must live with the consequences of her decisions. Our family can only be there to pick up the pieces when the inevitable happens.

    This is definitely a test for our whole family, and the different reactions of each of them has spoken volumes of the sort of people they really are.

  • It's best to back off now. She's defensive but the seed of doubt has been planted and is not wasted. You did the right thing but you can't make anyone do anything. Keep praying and wait for her to call. Just be there for her. Now that you have "meddled" he is going to press her to to detach from family. She will wise up eventually and learn something.

  • Yes, I have a feeling that my sister is meant to wise up a lot from this lesson. She has such bad self esteem that she sees her family as being critical of her and thinking she is too stupid to see who this guy really is, when we are really just worried about her.

  • Hi Captain,

    Praying for strength for you and your family. It is a hurtful situation to be in.

    Think she has got a lot to come to terms with, before she can understand that you're trying to help. Try not to take it too personally, if she dismisses your efforts.

    I sorta get where you're coming from, with trying not to make your anger 'a thing', and trying to approach it from a place of healing. Because it is not just anger at the person, but a sense of powerlessness. It opens a wormhole of negativity. But you know what, you are strong. The ball is just really in her court at this time. She needs time to make sense of things. Just be there for her when she is ready to help herself. I hope she will come around sooner rather than later.

  • Well Cap'n,

    I looked at the pics and immediately thought NO!! this guy is not a bad guy, meaning that he's harmless. But he is a weedling, sooky, y'know "oh c'mon babe" sort of guy. He's very insecure and I get that he has had a life of lack with a period of great prosperity that he squandered and caused to disappear. He doesn't like women much; tending to think they're the "inferior" species and should be barefoot and pregnant at the sink.

    Your sister has mettle that hasn't been tested yet. After all, she has you for a sibling!!! This girl will get her dander up when she sees all she's worked for about to go down the loo because of this guy's silly "investment" opportunities. He's a gambler and a waster. She's already ferreted a lot of money his way, but that house? She won't let it go for anyone. She will protect it as a lioness does her cubs.

    In fact this idiot has been sent into her life to show her what she's got. After this ends (and I see by about March or April) she will dust herself off, say "sh*t I'm good" and never, ever accept another "idiot" into her life again. Her confidence will rise as a result of this.

    I know it looks threatening at the moment, but this is a learning curve for her, and also a very testing period for you, while you stand back, allowing her to make her own mistakes, biting your knuckles, keeping quiet, while inwardly raging.

    Go you! Your temerity and diplomacy is important here. You are being the "best friend" and older (?) sister. YOu would be one heck of a wonderful mother by the way, because you have learned to let others "be" and "do", even if it appears they're going to stuff up.

    Phew ... he's not very attractive either. What on earth does she see in him? sigh ...

  • Oh Moonie, that sounds great! Guess I'll just have to sit on my hands for a while.

    Are you using your gift to give any readings where you are or online? I sense you will begin to do this on a larger scale as more time passes.

  • I read through some of the other posts on this thread, and would advise you to keep digging because you'll hit paydirt.

    Y'know, I had a similar issue with my sister years and years ago when she was living with a charlatan; one whose nickname was Mr Hollywood. He was VERY good looking, but a chauvinist pig and i did nothing but argue with him. He tried to kick me out of her place more than once. To cut a long story short, I worked in a legal department and a friend of mine found some warrants out for him for unpaid fines, etc. So I called the officer in charge and gave him this man's address, but impressed upon him that my sister knew nothing about any of it. He was eventually arrested and removed from her life, thank God!

    She never knew it was me and my friend who did this until many years later. So I can sympathise with what you're going through now.

    No, I don't read anywhere else online or anywhere at the moment. But it's something I would like to do more of, so we'll see ...

    Hang in there! She will end up having to cut her losses, but I don't see her losing her house to him. She will emerge victorious, even though she'll be gutted at first.

    Where I said that this man isn't a bad man, I don't see that he'll mete out violence on her. But he's good at mind games, and will do anything to protect himself and his interests. He has an extreme fear of poverty and not having an emotional well to draw from. He is a narcissist. She won't be the last he sucks dry either. There'll be one more until finally, the net closes in and snares him.

    There are about four women after him for similar behaviour. One is very determined, and I think I saw above that she is getting close, which I can also validate. It's possible that you two will cross paths and work together to bring this guy to justice.

    Is there any way you can find out details of his past victims? If so, go digging there too because success will come more quickly if you join forces.

    Again, what on earth does she see in him? He is such an unattractive man in all ways ...

  • Well, I have never liked him either, but he does have a smooth line in conversation. He pretends to be such a concerned and caring guy. But he went over the top and made us all suspicious when he painted two big love hearts with their intertwined names on my sister's walls - way too gooey and sentimental! And he started calling her 'the life of his life' right after they had just met. There are just so many fake things about him that they all add up to one big fraudster. But there are none so blind as those who will not see, namely my sister.

    I wish there was some way to find out about his past victims, but the police would not help me in that regard when I asked them if they could at least check to see if he was on any Wanted lists. But until he commits an actual crime, he is untouchable. And thanks to all the additional privacy laws that we continually create to "protect" ourselves, I cannot dig into his life any more than I have. The police said that this frustrates them, too. Grr!

  • Warrants are public record in most states. It's time consuming. Arrest records are public record as well as real estate and marriage records. Cons rarely reveal where they have really lived in the past and as well do not like to reveal job locations. In Florida there is a free sight that will look up national warrants if you have a valid name at least. You have to be good at weeding out all the sites that charge for info. Most states want warrants to get out to the public. Pray and use your intuition for counties to check. You can go through sheriffs websites or clerk of court. My intuition was he has been arrested in Louisiana. Pull up some counties and see if anything jumps out at you. Practice record searching in your sister's county. The government sites are the free ones. Eventually, a very determined woman is going to track him down.

  • Pray very hard that the universe places this determined woman in your path. The two of you will succeed in digging up what you need to.

    This would be very frustrating, as it has dragged on for a while hasn't it? And that worry for your sister ... there's nothing worse than standing by and watching someone be used and manipulated.

    I wish I had more to offer here, but all I can do is to offer you good luck, good thoughts and a positive outcome!

    Methinks I may dub you Captain Rottweiler, because you don't give up or let go once you latch on. A valuable trait that'll be needed in this situation!

    Go forth Dragon Slayer! Go get 'im 🙂



    My" dark side"....... is NOT something you want to tangle with!

  • spoken like a true bull! hahaha!

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