What can you tell about this man?

  • Does anyone get a sense of this man being trustworthy or not? One is a 'before' (bearded) photo of him a few years ago and the other one is recent. His name is Mark and he has moved in with my sister.

  • Old photo

  • Recent photo

  • To be Honest I wanted to projectile vomit.

    He has professional secrets and personal secrets.

    Is THIS man also still married? ?

  • We really know nothing about him, other than what he has told us. My sister met him on an internet dating site. I do know his occupation is not what he said it was (a male nurse at a certain hospital - they have never heard of him!). He says he is divorced and that my sister (in whose house he is living without paying half the bills or for much else) is the love of his life. Our family suspects he is a con-man, since he has never introduced my sister to any of his friends or work colleagues and will never take her out anywhere. He also wants her to sell her house and move to the coast with him. She is totally in love and will not hear anything against him nor will she give (financial) details of their life together. I so hope they don't have a joint bank account. At best, I fear he is a parasite, wanting to live off my sister; at worst, I fear he wants to take the money for her house and run. I am trying to gather evidence against him.

  • Hi Captain,

    Prob not my place, since I don't have skills.

    But I get an uneasy, nearly repulsive feeling from the photos.

    Like something's not quite right, even though he looks pleasant enough.

  • I don't think he looks evil

  • Captain, I remember doing a reading for you and there was a warning about a person' s hidden intentions and tempting offers having a high price. He's definitely up to no good.

  • Sigh, thanks everyone, my family is very worried about my sister being under this man's influence.


    I am so sorry! Your worst fears are true. He has several alieses and a search is going to get complicated. I hear very loudly that persistant prayers will help....you have served so many here that I'm sure you can gather prayers. This man has no heart. Cold as can be and a secret hate for women. He is close to being a sychopath in that he has no remorse no conciese. He is a snake. On the last picture....hold up your hand and block one side of his face and then the other... I know what you see. On one side is a deep angry violence he carries and enjoys holding it in as he feels in control and superior....the other side is smug and cunning. Because he has no true emotional attachment to ANYONE he is the keen observer and if his chart were available you would find a gift for charm and a strong personal power for attraction and communication. He is good at reading people. These gifts are for good but can be abused. His weakness is being humiliated or laughed at. He tells your sister exactly what she wants and unfortunetly he has that charming gift that feels soul mate like to a lonely, needy person. He projects a facade of being safe under his wing. He is very careful not to reveal his ruthless side. Your sister can't see that he is too perfect in a fairytale way. Also, he knows this site and has followed you. You suspected that and Spirit validates. His survival depends on alienating your sister from family. He will move on if he gets too outed but he can work really fast and there will be losses.....his ego can not tolerate leaving without some trophy. All your sisters financial info that requires recording is public record. Usually, every county has a clerk of court and there is a public free info......avoid the pay for ones. If she reciently added a re-morgage or took out a large loan on any property...it is recorded. He has been known to marry women scecretly. There is no bigamy patrol out there. I do know some things you can do but he is watching you and his back. Pray to the woman who are tracking him right now......I see at least three and one is getting close. He will take all he can before running.....he is grooming her right now. And yes, the prize is her house selling so he can run with the money. A joint account would make it legal. Unless you can prove he has other names. As you know this happens more than people realise and men like him rarely get caught. Your sister will only get from under his spell if you find proof. He keeps his paper trail somewhere. To have a drivers liscence he produced a birth sertificate. Often it is valid but the person is deceased. I keep hearing the name David very strongly. Also Davis. I get a Cinncinati reference, Las Vegas, Cleveland....seems like Ohio is a homing ground. He has a hiding out place in Oregon when he needs it but doesn't own anything. He likes to tell folks he's lived in New York but it's not true.Lying for him feels powerful. Does he have a car? That's a recordable public record. I don't know what they charge but a very good private detective could at least find proof of lies. Although your sister may believe his explanations. I get a place called Patterson County.....and keep hearing " Boss man" a favourite phrase of his.....I believe he was in jail in louisianna. I get a woman named Karen and hear him saying hunnybunch . He uses endearments a lot. He has ocd about how objects are placed. He likes to cook. He often has worked in kitchens and has gotten away with stealing out of the drawer. He gets out before suspicion. He loves his carrot cake. His father was a mean drunk yet meek when sober. His mother never protected him yet she spoiled him often and in her eyes he could do no wrong. He resented needing her and could never express himself to her for fear of upsetting her. After his father was gone his mother let several wrong men into her home. Again, when left alone with these men they taunted him and were smug about who the boss man was....maybe that's where that phrase comes from. Nothing he could say against his mom's latest man was believed by her. It was humiliating. This is the root of his feeling of power when humiliating others.I've absorbed enough of this sick man. Going to stop with a prayer.

    DEAR SAINT MICHAEL.....slayer of evil and protector of God's children please hear our prayer and bring justice to this situation. Help Captain find the information that will save her sister from this evil. Angels and guides pleas whisper the information that will stop this man. And please come to his victim at night while she sleeps and let her hear the truth. Let her be safe under your wing! AMEN!

  • Dear Captain,

    I hope all this is resolved in no time and very satisfactory for your family. I am thinking she may not listen no matter what you find out and tell her

    "She is totally in love and will not hear anything against him" so your family and you must think of how you can influence her and help her see the truth with her mind and not with her heart. I don't think it is difficult to find things about him.

    Hugs and sending prayers to you. XO

  • DEAR SAINT MICHAEL.....slayer of evil and protector of God's children please hear our prayer and bring justice to this situation. Help Captain find the information that will save her sister from this evil. Angels and guides pleas whisper the information that will stop this man. And please come to his victim at night while she sleeps and let her hear the truth. Let her be safe under your wing! AMEN!

  • AMEN! !!

  • Thank you all for your prayers - I think Blmoon is right and that is the only thing that will save my sister now.

  • The last thing a con wants is attention so don't let up. They can't stand not winning their prize but they will disapear and move on to another target if they feel too watched. They prefer targets estranged from family and friends. He needs to feel paranoid. He needs to feel watched. He purposely talks about places he's never been so when the time comes to run with the money he leaves a false trail. I still see he is being hunted by other women and one is making progress. Pray as well to her info about where he is as she is praying hard to find him. For her to show up will convince your sister. God bless and keep your sister safe. AMEN!

  • PS.....have you considered searching through dating sites for his picture......you may get lucky and find one of his other names.

  • Yes I will try the dating sites - I will try to get my sister to tell me which one she met Mark on without her becoming suspicious. Because I am quite sure that she is so madly in love with him that she would cut her family dead if we voiced our issues with him. I went to the police today but, though they were sympathetic and said that he definitely sounds like a con -man, there is nothing they can do until a crime is committed or my sister herself makes a complaint. I thought they would at least search to see if he was on any Wanted list, as I'm sure he has done this before, but they wouldn't. Even though he may be perpetrating a fraud by saying he works in this town as a nurse at a certain hospital. They suggested hiring a private investigator, which I will do. Even if they just follow Mark for a few hours,when he supposedly goes to work, we will have something concrete to tell my sister when we do an intervention. It just burns me that I cannot find out anything about Mark myself to check his background story - the laws of privacy are protecting con-men as much as they protect the innocent!!!

  • Update: my mother couldn't resist blurting out all that we feared to my sister. I was worried she might turn against us but, though she appeared very shaken, she did not storm out, which makes me wonder if she hasn't had some misgivings about Mark herself.

    She has had some time to think now, so we are awaiting her reaction.

  • That would be divine if your mother was guided to speak up just when your sister was feeling suspicious and scared. If you give her room she may try and forget the doubts but every time he slips up and doubt returns she WILL feel the weight of truth validated outside her own thoughts. As long as you avoid judgement on her....she will come to you when doubt and fear set in. She does not want to be wrong. It is a lot of shame to take on....that's why many women never let anyone know after they have been conned. Visualize a cord from your head to hers and tell her what your head has to say about her predicament. Then visualize a cord from your heart to hers and send her unconditional love and support. I think the man is going to disappear soon but she may have already suffered some losses. But she will be ok. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you, Blmoon, I will do that!

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