TarotNick.. can u please pick up some energies about this situation

  • Heyy Nick..

    This is about me and my ex? Do u see anything between us? Or anything related to the situation.. ?

    Please if u can make time and pick up something on this... ?


  • Rachh,

    Here is a pick up on your feelings,

    He is not happy, jealous, and waiting for a fight

    Not all of the truth is being told on the woman's side either, and only a narrow view is being shown

    You will be happy...something from within

    you have some skill in something that will make you happy

    You will get through the battles with some wins that give you courage

    though's wins will build courage and strength

    You will listen to good advise

    You want all this to happen now and you need to watch the fighting...it will only bring negativeness

    another guy pops up who is patient and will wait

    someone is still around bringing negativeness, keep an eye out

    even though things settle down, you still have something in the back of your head that is nagging you...find the peace.

    hope that helps,


  • Thanks alot TarotNick...

    Few q...

    Is he going to take any initiative ?

    So do u see things settling down between us? There is a possibility that us getting back togther?

  • Rachh,

    Not knowing your situation because the reading is for you, but the first three lines suggest something thing different then what you are saying...You will make your choices with your free will.


  • Well yes I m not telling him anything bcz I m tired of all the explanations n expectations..

    I did what I could.. but I thought if he realises n comes back so that we can fix it tgthr...

  • hello Tarot Nick

    can you help me with my situation:

    need to understand what my ex feels for me now and if a reconcilation possible?

    does he still have feelings for me? and what do you see for me in future

  • TarotNick..

    So there is no chance of us reuniting?

    I m not making a move bc If he has got someone else how can I interfere?

    And if not then should I make a move? Or there is no scope ?

  • Rachh,

    Find the peace within you first, until you find that you will question yourself. I think that will help with the patients. Then you can decide what is best for you.


  • Hii TarotNick..

    Yeahh there is another guy in my life.. but we r gud frnds.. i m stil not ready for another relationship..do u still see my ex not returning or has he moved on? Is my ex dating someone else?

    I m trying to move on.. but there is this thing that when I think of a situation of my love life I can't see anyone but him..

    I know y r right that I need to find peace within.. but i still m curious if situation on his end has chnged?

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