Holding on to recent breakup relationship reading advise

  • hi..could i get reading for me and my recently breakup also? it happen just sudden in a night like totally change to another person, after she met a new group of friends few months ago..i'm not the one who call off the relationship, i feel torn apart of holding on and wait, but this might be a test of patient to proof to her my ..can anyone pls read for me? thanks.



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  • i'm not good in English, English is not my mother tongue language. sorry if it did make you unhappy or frustrated.

  • i think i need to write it more clearly..could anyone do a reading with my current situation? really appreciate it. 2 months ago, 1 of the night my partner call off our relationship. before that she met a group of new friends, as my sense told me she met someone else. on the night of breakup it happen so suddenly. i'm still into her and keep on try to take care of her, she blocked me in most apps except email i believed she can't block. i heart telling me she make a rush decision about us, but within 2 months she told me she's happy without me..she's a person that say nasty words cause of her temper, but she have a good heart towards those she care and love..i felt torn apart and pain, is this a test for me? that i should hold on to her and don't give up just like that, and at the same time proof to her how much she means to me and willing to be patience, to change my attitude, my temper and be more sensitive..really hope to get a reading for my current situation..thanks..

  • StandingTall - please be careful with your words.

    Blingway - my apologies. We often have troubles on this site with spammers and trolls and StandingTall mistook you for one of them. I am unable to do readings right now so I hope that someone else will respond for you.

  • Hi Watergirl18, perhaps what i write is unclear and got ppl misunderstood the things want to express or the intention, thank you for the concern, explained and your intention try to help me do readings. i hope others that is free would be kind enough to help me do readings later on..again thank you watergirl18.

  • Blingway,

    I am not reader, but I just want to express some support for you.

    You're really hurt and it will take time to make sense of things. You deserve better.

    t's tough right now, but you will be ok in time.

    Oh, and I think we can understand you quite easily. Your English is fine 🙂

    Hang in there, and I hope someone is able to help you with a reading soon.

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  • Hi Danceur, really appreciated your support and concern..i really hope things will find guidance to the correct path soon, i don't want to miss or loose someone that is meant to be with, but cause of some test in life affected our destiny. unless she is not the one..but thanks again Danceur for the support..

  • Hi Blingway,

    I am sorry you are going through this. Here is a link to a thread in the "Psychics" forum where tarot Nick is doing some readings.


    Hopefully, one of the readers will do a reading for you right in this thread as well.

    Take care and be good to yourself, feel what you feel and in time it will get better. Hugs.

  • Hi Znl,

    Very much appreciated for your care and hugs..

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