My (Pisces) relationship saga with a Virguy

  • Hi, I'm very new here. Infact, I only joined to write about this and I'll definitely stay on seeing as I'm in a very confusing bind. So I'm Pisces and I've being dating a Virguy for 6 months now, it began with the mushy bit( sweet words and smiles), updates on how he feels about US every other day,messages, calls and every other good stuff. Questions like "do u see Urself spending the rest of your life with me?"

    Then it turned in to, less calls, messages (he'd be online and not say a word to me but chat all day) to not seeing him a day or two and mind you, I love my space as well.. Too much togetherness kinda ick me at some point and so I kinda liked that about him. We both have saying "I love u" when we should but he does things that makes me KNOW he truly does but other times COLD as fuck, sometimes I laugh it off cos I find most things funny anyway lol. But other times it makes me reciprocate. I've never being in a relationship and had to Google so much to understand one human, but Mehn he's a complicated one that I actually do get sometimes, even though he won't admit that I'm right. But my problem with him is this, everytime he comes to mine he's on the phone practically the whole time, chatting or on instagram and I'd have to talk to a wall mostly "blah blah, did u hear what what said?" "yes babe I'm listening, u said this and that" always on the phone, kinda makes me think I'm not interesting enough.... Granted he has being doing it right from the beginning and YES I was hoping he'll atleast reduce it and he didn't for a short time. Didn't chat after certain time or won't answer calls a na those times, we would just be the best couple... Cuddles, laughter and whatever comes after lol. Comments like "maybe I don't know how to be in a relationship" or "I want to be in this relationship" or "I don't know if or when we'd get married because I dunno what will happen in 10 minutes" gets thrown around occasionally, and I just sit and listen when he's in the mood to talk deep like that, once u interrupt... It's gone, till he magically feels it again. And I don't even ask him such questions before he decides to share. He's like a deer, don't approach... If u do be smart about it.

    Honestly, I've thought about ending it but I've never had a challenging relationship like this and it kinda makes it interesting as well (yes I'm weird) but I can't handle, normal boring relationship. And he wouldn't let me, I said to him "I think we should just do the friend thing" and he got so sad and we didn't talk for hours then I went to him and he said in the saddest voice "what is wrong with u?". And we laid there that night, quiet till we slept.

    I always seem to be "boyfriend" in the relationship in terms of calls, messages or plans. And that's probably because he is having a bit of financial situation and he is from a middle class home, so am I. So for now, I try to take care of little things but sometimes I feel he doesn't even give me a little back, even if it's just that respect of dropping the phone and having a live conversation, only time is if he's phone is dead or its not with him. I am beginning to understand this about Virgo generally, they are very good at online conversation, I have a virgo female Friend who I've being observing and they are similar when it comes to the phone thing, always chatting and can't have normal conversation with someone in front of them....for long. That's why they state longer in long distance relationship than any other. Real is too real for them, in my opinion.

    Anywho, back to it. I'm not sure how to get him to see that some things he does is just disrespectful, AND OMG, ALL THE WOMEN AFTER HIM and he says "yes there are but I don't feel anything for them". But why do they have to steal him away everytime?

    It's both frustrating and harmonious, being with a Virgo. He hasn't hair me or abused me or anything like that, nothing that negative. Some forums i read had a lot of negative remarks about them. I'm learning patience and endurance but I dunno for how long, I fear I'll lose it sooner than later

  • Hmm, he's talking to someone on the other end of that phone all the time and I have a feeling it's not just his male friends. I think this guy is a player and likes to have several girls on the go at one time. That means he is FAR from wanting to settle down. He only treats you nicely after you complain or say you want to end it. If I were you, I would end it - for real.

  • I have noticed it's not just male friends as well. Thanks I guess... I'm going to just end it cos it's way too much drama for me to handle at the moment. Thank u

  • Good luck to you!

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