• Hi guys, i've been reading about all Cancer Man. i just broke up with my cancer man, and today is already 1 month since we broke up. i read all threads about cancer man, some people said cancer man will going back to their ex some people said that cancer man will never going back to the ex.

    we dating about 4 months and i really love him. we broke up because he doesnt like that me always getting suspicious at him (we are LDR, he is Korean living in Netherland and i am Indonesian). 4 months dating we met 3 times (i was visiting him in Netherland) and met in Korea before he left Korea.

    last time, we fight really hard because he found my ex boyfriend's facebook who still set old picture for profile picture. and yes, i admit him that this ex boyfriend still hoping that i will going back to him. and my boyfriend feels like i am betrayed him, i am deceive him, and he said that its cheating. EVENTHO i never met my ex boyfriend and doesnt want to come back also. i already explain all but this cancer man still doesnt want to hear, still think that i am betrayed him.

    he said he wants to broke up, and tired of me because of this things. and 3 weeks after we broke up i saw him following 1 girl and this girl left cute comment on his instagram (but he just like her comment).

    i can not forget him untill now, i even still hope he will going back to me. what do you think guys? i need advice, its really hard to forgot this cancer man, he is really nice to me 😞 will he come back? what should i do?

  • Heyy girl.. sorry to hear that.. but yes LDRs are tough for cancer men.

    I too had a relationship with a cancer man for 2.5 yrs and he broke up for his reasons.. we wer in LDR for 1.5 yrs.. and I never kept a check on him.. we trusted each other alot.. and everything was going well but a little lack of communication was there..

    So things I have learnt about a cancer men are that they:

    1. Constantly need assurance and want to feel loved.

    2. Don't show them that u don't believe what they are saying (if sometimes u feel that way)

    3. Do communicate with them as much as they want and don't fight if they tell u that u r busy.

    4. If they ignore u, ignore them for sometime just send a joke or something to him but don't show them that u are ignoring them bcz that will make them to go back in their shells..

    5. And about this that cancer men come back or not.. I would say that it depends on person to person. Mine never took initiatives for that I always went to him to sort things. And some do go back.. so that depends.. but one thing is that they are missing u even if they are not telling u but they do miss. Sometimes they just miss u like u were a part of their life but not wanting u back and some miss u and want u back. So it all depends on what bond u shared and how intense it goes..

    My cancer man started acting different just 4 months after we got committed. And then I was trying to make it work but long distance really made us fall apart emotionally..

    So my suggestion to u if u want him. Just talk to him politely take the relationship he offers, like if he offers friendship take it.

    And try to stay friends until he gets back to u..

    LDR is different with cancer they eventually end it up no matter for how long u were together..

    Bcz they need physical presence..

    Stay friends with him and if u can move to the same city then it will make it easier..


  • Hi Rachh thanks for your reply. we were soooo good at LDR, we always make time for each other and at least we got video call once a day. and texting when we are free time. for LDR is no problem at all. but yess i admint it i am really jealousy and sometimes suspicous of him, and he told me like "its not worth it being with someone who doesnt trust me". when i visit him in Netherland, i can saw that he really loves me, he taking care of me really really well that i never felt got so much loved before. but because of he found my ex boyfriend's facebook, he feels like i betrayed him and wanna break up. i even asking for being friends but he refused said like "ex cannot be friends. at least for me". i am really really sad, i feels like lost him ☚ī¸



    GO TO HE#:!$@LLLLL

  • Hi IIostmycancerman,

    Seems like despit it being LDR that you did Meet in person and had a real connection and progress. I am thinking maybe give it a little time and then try to contact him and see if you guys can talk and catch up. XO

  • Heyy standingtall.. what do mean? We are just trying to help the lady who is depressed..

    And ilostmycancerman

    Well I m sorry to say this but this is really wrong if u showed him that u don't trust him. And any person (a man/ a woman) who loves u will not like the idea of nIt being trusted. This is the most imp elemnt of a relationship.

    I m still friends with my cancer man, I don't know whether he loves me or not, but I do. And I still feel that therr may b a chance of reconciliation.

    And as u mentioned that when u met u felt that there is a connection then just go with the flow. If he isn't ready to talk, don't.. wait for sometime and then contact him, and see how he responds (as suggested already by znl) and just make sure this time u don't ask him with whom who all are ur frnds.. I mean if u ever did.. stop that.. and if you want u can search for some videos on youtube.. by dating coaches.. they may help u..

  • Now this is the best from tarot.

    Why did tarot.com removed the sentence and the link to the thread where tarot Nick is doing readings from my post above. As you can see the posters are giving support or being harsh to the IIostmycancerman and nobody is yet giving her a reading!

    IIostmycancerman tarot Nick is one of the kind readers on this site and he is giving readings on the Psychics forum and the thread title is "Anyone like a reading" or start your own thread to him using his name in the title and ask him w your story.

  • Hi ZNL, thanks. i think so. but i am scared to contact him first because last time he was really angry 😞

  • HI Rachh, thank you! huhu. but yeah i regret that i didnt trust him before. he is really nice and kind so now i am soo saddd. for my ex cancer, he doesnt want being friends, i already ask to be friends, he refused it. i am waiting him to texting me first, its like already 1 month he didnt contact me at all after we broke up.

    anyway, does cancer man move on from their ex really fast? i saw him following a girl and the girl is left comment on his instagram. hmmm

  • Well that is my question as well.. bcz I really love him.. and he too broke up 1.5months ago.. he contacted me after a month of break up though.. but just a friendship..

    I dont know if this friendship will help him to rethink about it..

    I just comfort myself by saying if it's meant to happen it will. Although I don't believe it.. I believe in putting efforts..

    And things work out if u hav given ur best.. I have been in on and off relationship foe 2.5 yrs.. still I m scared what if he has already moved on..

    But u know we just can wait until they come back to us with a positive thought that they really wanna commit..

    Just live your life meanwhile.. if u really think that other things went really well.. then I can tell u that he will surely come back..

    And don't worry... they live in a past.. so even if he will be dating another he will be thinking of u... they don't clearly say anything.. this sun sign is really the toughest creature I have known... but they are sweet as well..

    All the best sweety... I will pray that we both get our ex back 😛

    🙂 🙂

  • Heyy znl..

    Do u think that psychic reading goes right always?

    Like I gave it a try few months ago and few psychics from other websites told me that we are soulmates and he really loves me and now recently wen he broke up I asked few said that no there is no future few said that there is possibility..

    And can this tell about the distant future also or just near future?


  • Hi Rachh, my logical answer is no. There is tarot card readings, psychic readings and many other form of trying to figure things out. These are pretty much all tools to help figure things out. I like the practical and good advice you have provided in this thread. I think it all depends on your personal beliefs and what you think. And, it seems to me when you are going through a painful and hurtful situation anything may be helpful especially when you are still trying to understand things, persons and relationships. It helps to discuss, talk and share. so, anything to help and comfort you.

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