• Hi guys, i've been reading about all Cancer Man. i just broke up with my cancer man, and today is already 1 month since we broke up. i read all threads about cancer man, some people said cancer man will going back to their ex some people said that cancer man will never going back to the ex.

    we dating about 4 months and i really love him. we broke up because he doesnt like that me always getting suspicious at him (we are LDR, he is Korean living in Netherland and i am Indonesian). 4 months dating we met 3 times (i was visiting him in Netherland) and met in Korea before he left Korea.

    last time, we fight really hard because he found my ex boyfriend's facebook who still set old picture for profile picture. and yes, i admit him that this ex boyfriend still hoping that i will going back to him. and my boyfriend feels like i am betrayed him, i am deceive him, and he said that its cheating. EVENTHO i never met my ex boyfriend and doesnt want to come back also. i already explain all but this cancer man still doesnt want to hear, still think that i am betrayed him.

    he said he wants to broke up, and tired of me because of this things. and 3 weeks after we broke up i saw him following 1 girl and this girl left cute comment on his instagram (but he just like her comment).

    i can not forget him untill now, i even still hope he will going back to me. what do you think guys? i need advice, its really hard to forgot this cancer man, he is really nice to me 😞

  • I think he deliberately picked a fight with you because he was interested in other girls and wanted an excuse to break up. That seems to indicate he would only return to you if he lost interest in other women. Not likely though!


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