Blast from the past..

  • Hi All-

    Received a message via socal media that had be apparently hanging out in my inbox for 3 YEARS from what was 20 years ago the love of my life.

    We had friendly convo via phone and he has mentioned us having lunch.

    Not sure what his exact story is, as the conversations have been fairly general. My dob 6 19 72 his dob 11 19 75 <may be="" a="" year="" off="">Would love to know what my physics see..

    Thank you!!</may>

  • This mysterious relationship (you can both be secretive) can be both fascinating and frustrating. The overall feeling is one of insecurity and instability like it is based on constantly shifting sands. I think that is both its attraction and its downfall. You are cooler and more in control of your feelings than he is and he can lose his temper more easily. You are likely to be more faithful than this guy would be and he would likely not tell you everything about his hidden activities. A blend of fear and excitement can add spice to your intimate interactions, but I don't feel it makes for a solid, permanent or committed relationship.

  • Thank you Captain as always for your insight. Your gift is aamazing!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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