2 Aquarius 1 is very ougoing popular, other is timid, and shy?

  • two friends of mine are both aquarius male one was born 1 of feb the other on 4th of feb. both from the same year.

    One of them is always busy, helping people, making new friends, initiating conversation, very smart, open minded, running back and fourth from one city to another, caring gives good advise, has a very strange and selective group of friends, unique style, and most of my friends want to be with him... but he's never committed into a relationship. I should know I still want him....

    The other friend is quiet, nice and friendly, shy you have to initiate talk, is more dedicating to work, school, as well as to past relationships, has nice little parties at his home, but no were else. he's hurt easily too.

    the common thing is that they both help people and friends, caring there easy to talk to, and both can say really hurtful things, as well as just saying the right things to lift you up.

    the thing is shy aquarius wants to be with me and I want to be with charming aquarius....

    there both good friends but why is it that there different in that sense?

  • bc either their moon signs or rising signs are different, creating two very emotionally and outwardly different people.

    have you thought of getting both their birth times and locations and reading reports on how you would do with each of them? who would be a better match for you on an astrological and personal level from ALL the aspects points of view and synastry.

    i have and use My Star World. it goes over everything.

  • I know the one I like has Capricorn as his moon sign and Aquarius rising

    my other friend his moon is on Virgo rising is on Libra rising

    there both born under the year of the Dragon

    and all Dragon people i met are very outgoing and egocentric

  • jesus, mix both those guys together and you get me it sounds like, and im a sag, go figure!, but

    what type of person are you i ask? shy? outgoing? loud? kinda keep to yourself? or are you way out there? lol the shy guy likes you , u say, but you want the more outgoing one, i bet the shy one just has low self confidence and could come out of his shell, and be more like the other guy, and could probably hold down a relationship i bet,

    are you attracted to the shy one at all? or is it no, and its just flattering that he likes you BUT you dont tell him anything and are kinda leading him on? i dunno im just geussing,

    and does the charming one know that you like him? sounds he has alot of girls that are after him? but cant hold down a relationship? or has he ever had one? since he has alot of attention you think he would be a cheater?

    my vote would probably be the shy one, i'd say, cause shy people are just like anyone else, it just takes a little bit to get them to come out of their shell, and one they do, they very good people, but thats just me cause im the shy at first, but outgoing, and loud person once i feel comfortable guy lol

  • lol im aquarius w/ moon in virgo, very much like that guy. please dont toy with him and be straightforward. the rest is up to you.

  • Shy guys are WAY MORE FUN. my boyfriend of three years was born on the 1st of feb. he is an aquarius...but my moon is in virgo...so Id say give that shy gy a try, bring him out of shell...fell what its like to be with someone that wants to be with you...and btw? whats your sign?

  • I'm a Leo with moon in Aquarius and rising in cancer born on the year of snake

  • well, Leo and aquarius have a 4 to 10 vibration, wich basically means LOTS of tension! wich isnt always a bad thing when it comes to attraction and chemistry... and while with your moon in aquarius you will ALWAYS feel drawn to aquarius...but you may not find true satisfaction in a relationship until you give up on trying to have one with an aqua. BUT! who knows diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. I am a Sagittarius with my moon in Virgo, I spent the majority of my early dating years chasing one virgo guy, and then another. (Virgo and Sagittarius are also 4 to 10) Finally I told myself im DONE with trying to date virgo guys, and be friends with virgo girls...then I met my man...and iv realized that I never really wanted to be witha virgo in the first place. Maybe you will have the same feelings eventually about aquarius. try an Aries, ...these guys practically cant resist a leo girl.

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