Advice on meanings of 3 cards pulled...

  • Hey all, new to tarot and loving it so far.

    Long story short, may have blown it with a new dude (got a lil wild the first two hang outs LOL, hooked up both times) and he's been fading since - asked the Golden Tarot cards "Will he ever contact me?" or something along those lines and I pulled 3 cards, from left to right:

    King of Cups upright

    Temperance in reverse

    Eight of Wands upright

    RX Temperance is probably excess/obsession, the imbalance of my interest vs. his (maybe) but I know tarot isn't the best for yes/no...

    Can you guys with more experience let me know what you think? LOL Rihanna came on and I guess I enjoyed it too much.

  • I don't read the Tarot but I get the impression from your cards that the guy both wanted sex but was put off by your wild behaviour (his double standards) and that he is now out of the situation.

  • ***** = sex*

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