Manifesting your Dreams

  • Want to get a better job, a better partner, better health, a fatter bank balance? You may be trying your hardest to manifest these things - and failing.

    Did you realise that you have to have the energy to manifest your dreams? So if you are tired, angry, run down, defeated, miserable or doubtful, simply visualising what you want as per the Law of Attraction won't help. The higher your energy, the faster you will manifest.

    One good way to raise your energy is through deep breathing. Make sure you breathe from your diaphragm, since most of us are pretty shallow breathers much of the time. Try breathing in from down deep in your belly - take a deep deep breath in, then breathe in just a little bit more even if you think your lungs are full, hold for about 8 seconds, then release the breath slowly with lips pursed until you feel empty. Even then, push out some more breath. Then repeat. Done daily or anytime you feel low or tired, this will increase your oxygen levels and also your energy. Then you will be ready to manifest those dreams!

  • have tried some:), thanks Captain

  • Other ways I have found to raise my energy is to be out in nature or to listen to some uplifting music. Anything from "Two Steps From Hell" or "The Sounds of Silence" by Disturbed (try the Youtube video) is particularly empowering for me.

    What are some ways you guys have found to raise your energy?

  • This is a very interesting topic. Me too I feel good watching you tube videos of inspiring spiritual people. Abraham Hicks is one them I watch when I am low. Most of Lilou Mace's interviews are really uplifting too. I enjoy riding my bike next to Hudson river, going to gym classes..

  • Ha, I just went to my emails and found one from a friend who advised me to listen to Jennifer Berezan if I wanted to raise my vibes. So I found her on Youtube. And wow, she is amazing! Deva Premal is very gently uplifting too.

  • Music always energizes me when I'm feeling a case of inertia. I prefer high energy rock and roll and Blues. I use my headphones and clean house or work in the yard. For a spiritual boost I listen to meditations or read inspirational books. I feel good as well when I move things around the house and is a creative outlet and it blesses the vibe of my home with loving care. Getting rid of stuff lightens my mood . De-cluttering is uplifting. Sometimes I just take time to dream "what if dreaming".....lay in my bed even though it's not bedtime and pretend I have no financial worries or drama. And I plan my future until I can feel how that feels. Pick out my perfect new buying gifts for loved ones. I feel so peaceful after that! Like when I was a child and my mind would wander freely until I snapped out of it and felt like I was somewhere else with no sense of time! I think children naturally meditate!

  • That was Two Steps From Hell, by the way!

  • Laughter and smiling are always uplifting and energizing! I read that kissing is too. So make sure you kiss more. (Now where are those handsome policemen I met the other day? I want more energy...) 🙂

  • yes laughter! Calling up a girlfriend who shares your humor! Just thinking how I miss that! So many of my Besties have passed away the last few years. A funny movie is good.....when my husband got his cancer diagnosis 15 years ago we rented funny movies....took the phone off the hook and hunkered down until surgery! I get kisses from my dog....hahah!

  • I feel amazing after cleaning the house and throwing stuff also.

    Kisses are great when are reciprocated and yes we do need a boyfriend for that. TheCaptain, I am amazed how you don't have a boyfriend actually. With that kind of cheerful spirit and attitude you have I can't believe you are alone. Maybe you need to spent more time out there talking to the handsome police, next time. hahaha

    I am a bit closed as a person. I open up once in 7 years I have noticed, because that is when I have found myself to fall for someone. I need 5 more years to get the next one. lol

  • Yes I am open to the idea of having someone special in my life now (I have been so busy with my work last few years) - and I can feel him drawing near.

    But I can still admire a fine bit of policeman in a tight uniform. Ha! 🙂

  • Remember when it was popular to send a male dancer to a party? Well, years ago I knew an older lady who had a place in the woods and she would invite musicians out there and we would jam and party all night. For her birthday one year a friend hired a fake policeman who came out in uniform and told her he was there to question her son. Then he pulled out a huge boombox and started dancing! And stripping. I have never forgot that one! 🙂

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