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  • Blmoon, it's coming we promise! It's a process but it's underway. We appreciate you patience with us!


    FOR WE ARE TIRED OF THIS SHIT!!!!!$!!!!!!-!!$!!!!

  • Help!!!!

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  • Bump again!!!

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  • Bumpy ng spam!!!!

  • Tarot on facebook seems to be working fine without all this constant abuse and disrespect we get here. I think Tarot is just a business. Making money off of people who think Tarot is spiritually motivated. Something changed in the the Tarot corporate end and this is not the Tarot we first knew. I really think they hope we all go away. Intention has it's own consequences. And I hope Tarot reaps what it sows. Now I see they are selling spells? Really? The Tarot we remember would never advertise spell casting. Tarot has sold their soul and now are just another business praying on the people searching for answers. I once believed they were the real deal. I do not see this forum lasting. To all the wonderful people who have nurtured the power of CONNECTION ......I am very grateful! The positive energy was and is real despite the intentions to destroy it. I will miss you and we may all just find each other again in a real spiritually nurtured place. BLESSINGS!

  • Tarot admin. It's not getting better in here. The spam seems to be increasing. If people leave the forum, they won't come back. You all aren't giving us any hints that you are working on the problem. I hope you work this out before everyone leaves....unless that's the plan.

  • it's so sad... i've been a participant since 2010 and when i first came here the forums were so full of people- giving, sharing, helping. i loved being part of it although at first was only a shy member- more an observer rather than a participant... i've met so many wonderful souls here. i still remember the first people who answered my requests:) when i so needed answers... thank you all these kind, sweet souls. i will really miss this place if what you say comes true Blmoon, if the forum doesn't last...

  • Me too, Moonalisa. I came in 2009 as an observer and jo nedin2010. I began to discover things about myself my being here and interacting with wonderful people. I hope this isn't the end either....

  • We're sorry for the delay everyone! I can assure you that progress is happening, and we'll be reaching our next step very soon. We didn't quite get the number of direct emails with input that we were hoping for, so we'll be sending out a survey to our top users.

    This will help guide us to gain the answers and insight that we've been looking for. Once again, I'll emphasize that our main priority with this process is to control the spam and trolling. We'll make it clean and easy for you all to interact!

    We love that you all have become such a tight knit community! We're hoping to expand this community and invite others who are looking for guidance and positive interaction into these Forums as well. So there will be some change -- but all exciting and positive!

    We're so thankful for our Forum members and appreciate your patience and help with these improvements. Please keep an eye out for our survey and know that your answers will help us significantly. Thank you everyone and have a beautiful day!

  • The biggest problem that needs immediate attention is the spam!!! The surveys will take time to read and act upon, but the potential for the spammers to spread malware and viruses to the forum and people in it is a threat that should be handled immediately!! Is there not some way you can deal with that situation immediately while you are rying to change other things? There needs to be some action fast. People are backing out of the forum. Please deal with the most pressing issues before ww lose everyone!!!!

  • Please do not blame us for not e-mailing you directly as a reason for things getting worse..This has not been a safe forum for a long time! Why would any of us trust clicking anywhere outside this forum? One on one chats? There is nothing else to be said. You heard our complaints . You once had a real person monitoring this forum successfully. Log on and see for your self what goes on here. I think you are just another spammer having fun.

  • @sunshine7959 Yes, we absolutely agree, which is why our new system will be designed around the need to block and filter spam and trolling. We appreciate this concern and promise that this is our top priority and will change with the new system release. I can definitely set more time aside this week to control spam for you all. If you're able to email me at support@tarot.com with the URL to the thread, it will be the easiest way for me to control this. Thank you for your help!

    @Blmoon I apologize if my phrasing was confusing. We absolutely don't blame or connect the spamming with the lack of direct emails. The direct emails and surveys will be used to enhance specific tools and attributes to this new system that is designed around blocking and filtering spam. I'm very sorry to have upset or offended in any way and am happy to prove my legitimacy!

    Thank you all again for your help and patience. We apologize for the sake of the forums and promise that there is movement with our new Forum Community build. We ask and thank you for your continued patience and hope that you agree that it will be very worth it!

  • Would anyone here consider creating a forum? Proboards and forumotion are a couple options, and there are others. Just do a search for free forum if this interests you.

  • The blanked out word was pro boards (one word).

  • Admin please remove this spammer and troll in the forum numerologym "klsdjfksd01".

  • @znl No problem! That's been cleared. Thank you for reaching out!

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