TAROT.COM FORUMS ARE CHANGING: Help us make it better!

  • Hello forums users! We are giving our Community Forums a much needed makeover and we want to get your input. We appreciate how well everyone interacts with each other, and we want to make our new system as easy, fun, and uplifting as we can for you all.

    What do you like most about the forums? What do you love and what could be improved? Getting rid of trolls and scammers will be a top priority, so we’re more interested to know how you feel about the layout, the ease of posting, the ease of replying and conversing with other members, your profile and the personal information you share with us, etc.

    Feel free to post in this thread! We’d also really like to get a one-on-one conversation going with some of our most avid users. If you feel comfortable, please email as at Support@Tarot.com so we can work closely to help create these forums to you.

    Thank you!

  • Awesome! I love the longtime connections I've made here. Mostly, we are a positive community. I love being of service without opening up shop full time and being able to give readings as Spirit chooses. This is a place where we can feel supported and hopeful. A place to share cosmic trends and rights of passage. A place were we can be both our unique selves and yet be reassured we are not so different in our lessons and spiritual journey. Since it is public, attracting some crazy is bound to happen but they go away when others refuse to engage. What really dims the energy here is this trend of hateful intention to just plain destroy this community. Someone puts great energy into blocking our posts to the point we can't find them unless we take turns bumping our post back in sight. It's a very malicious energy. We all have had problems with viruses here at times. Some people can't log on. We also have posts disappear so I copy and save or can lose a long post. New pages are the worst and eat post so much we all bump several times to start a new page. I am happy you are going to help! BLESSINGS!

  • I have a lot to contribute but for now the most important is to have the "Report Abuse" option to actually work! I have repeatedly used this for scammer and spammer posts and it goes to a black hole apparently. Can you have the reports of abuse go to a live person who can respond immediately or at least same day?

  • Blmoon -- Thank you so much for this feedback! We're thrilled to have this insight as we make plans for improvement.

    We understand and respect the anonymity that the forums provide, but we would love to have a one-on-one chat with you and perhaps get some examples of the negative energy that you're referring to. We're so appreciative of your interaction with us and we'd like to share some Karma Coins or products with you to thank you for your time and contribution to our progress!

    If you're comfortable with this, could you email us at support@tarot.com? Thank you Blmon and have a beautiful day!

  • watergirl18 -- Thank you for your reply and insight! We agree that scamming and spamming needs to be a high priority. We're considering new systems that offer tools to handle this abuse in a quick and easy way.

    Is there any other feedback that you would be willing to share about the layout, ease, or communal feel that the forums have to offer? We appreciate your value in the forums and we're eager to know what direction our most avid members would like us to go!

    If you're comfortable with this, could you email us at support@tarot.com? Thank you watergirl18 and have a beautiful day!

  • For me, the '30 second wait' to post something else can stretch into several minutes.

  • yes! the Mythical thirty seconds. We ARE a patient determined bunch!

  • Yes. I get that even if I go back and start over. It's a little annoying.

  • Dear admin, please take care of the issue/requested in the Ticket ID# 62129. The original request email was sent over a year ago. I resend the original email and the ticket generated today again.


  • TarotcomAdmin

    I have no problem with speaking directly and you do not need to pay services for my time. Unfortunately, because of all the spam that goes here, often with requests to click on outside sites, it's made us all paranoid about ending up hacked. In fact, there is a lot of deception and fake posts to watch out for. It's just not smart to click on requests posted that take you outside the safety of the thread. If you want to see the kind of malice directed here, usually on a weekend. Click on the choice to see posts that have not been answered. You will see strange characters and numbers that post non-stop for hours...minutes apart. They intentionally bury us! We take turns bumping our posts to try and keep our posts visible. On threads that have a good following we get spam. Mostly, it's not even real spam! It's someone just continually trying to irritate others. prefer to exercise humor but for many it stirs up a lot of anger which is not what a Spiritual blog is about. If your report abuse button truly worked someone there would know exactly what we are dealing with. I left this sight for a long time because it was just too difficult to use. So many people left here. Many, have come back for awhile.....but report that just when they feel comfortable again they get irritated with the difficulty to post or find posts. We get fake posts asking for advice and as a psychic it bothers me when nice people with good intentions answer them. I have been bated many times but luckily I see through them. I know you can't fix that but it seems we get more fake stuff than in the past. I know this forum does not generate any money. I have considered that at some point Tarot as a business had to cut corners. If this is not true, please explain to us what happened. BLESSINGS!

  • OH...PS.....Are you for real? TarotcomAdmin? Or just the lonely girl in her parents basement , dizzy from all the over flowing cat boxes. Welcome to the Tarot.com Community Forum! ; )

  • TheCaptain, Blmoon, sunshine7959 -- This is good to know! We'll make sure to add this onto the list. We would love to have a private chat to learn what other improvements we can make to make these forums and your involvement in them easy and enjoyable!

    You can reach as at support@tarot.com -- we're eager to hear from you and share some Karma Coins with you!

  • znl -- I just responded to your ticket! Thank you for bringing that to my attention and I apologize that it went unacknowledged originally.

    This type of issue is why we're updating and changing our forums! I'll be adding your message with its concerns to our list to discuss. If you're willing to share more about what you'd like to see happen with the forums, we're all ears!

  • Blmoon -- Yes, that's definitely our main priority with this new system. We appreciate how much our valued users have been able to communicate and work around these issues. Our current system does not make it easy to clean up, so we're eager to make progress.

    Hahaha! This would be a pretty boring way to stir up trouble for a basement cat-box girl, don't you think? Yes, I'm very much a part of the Tarot.com team, and will gladly respond to your email if you reach out to support@tarot.com!

  • Thank you everyone for participating in this thread! We know how much of a tight-knit community these forums have become to many of you, and we truly want you to be a part of this growing process.

    The best way to have your voice heard and be a part of the new Tarot.com forums is to email us at support@tarot.com! This will give you the opportunity to weigh in on any specific tools or layout changes that we're considering alongside any big-picture ideas we have for the new system.

    We appreciate you and your contribution to this project! Keep up the comments as you think of things you'd like to see. Have a beautiful day!

  • Admin is legit and is from tarot.com & so is the email support@tarot.com

    Admin, I really like the suggestion of Watergirl re the report button and hope someone checks complaints once in a while.

    Thanks tarot.com for providing this free forum for like minded invividuals to chit chat. There is trolls etc on this forum but those are in many other forums open to the general public.

  • Dear admin, I just noticed your post here and earlier your email to me. Thanks.

  • TarotcomAdmin.

    If you want to understand where some of our frustrations lie, there's a perfect example!! More spam!!! I'm asking you to not just ask us....Look for yourself!!


    30 SECONDS not!!! FOURTH TRY! FIFTH TRY! So glad Administration is making changes?

  • Spam is over taking us, admin!!!!!

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