Happy to some awesome people in this site again :) - Now about me ..

  • Last August I lost a great opportunity for a full time job at my work, that gave me a shock, as I had the highest chance of getting it. I just learned that the reason has been my boss’s jealous wife. She confronted me openly on her jealousy a week ago, and it shocked me even more. I am waiting to hear being fired quietly some day soon, I guess. Maybe not. I am very professional, and too good for this Sh… Plus this is totally a fiction in her head, that I didn't see it coming.

    At the same period of time, last year, lots of my relationships fell apart. I dropped my boyfriend, and then three other friends, one after the other, for different reasons. I felt let down from every one, so I pulled myself away from socializing, not that I had much at all. I withdraw from FB, which became a source of misunderstanding, mostly. I am not a Fb person and I think people expected more from me in Fb, than I could give. All sorts of miscommunications, which left me in an awe.

    I was sad of course, especially about my job, and my ex, but the good thing was that I didn’t withdraw because of depression. On the contrary, it felt like a strong protector inside me took over. I felt I had to remove myself from the outside life, and be with me for a while. I have two dear friends, that I communicate over the phone once in awhile, and my sister, and I find this enough. I felt like I had no patience for non sense any more. I am done with being overly nice and too understanding, to the point of being taken for granted from people. I noticed over these past months, they ALL kind of tried to reach out at me, as so to pick up on when we left, with no much explanations on their past nonsense behaviors. But I am not ready for them yet.

    I am feeling okay about this isolation, but something creeps in me to try to understand why everything happened at the same period of time. And now this other one, with my boss’s wife.

    I have noticed mostly, it has been a type of secret jealousy going on. But, also some type of misunderstandings. I am not really sure, but things happen and I am always like where did this come from ? Some times it felt like I don’t fit in.

    It has been some kind of bad luck over all. I was also expecting on a another job, this past month, which I had some pretty good chances, but is feeling shaky once again.

    If anyone picks up on anything going on around me or any advice, I would appreciate it very much. I am happy to see here some great people that I used to see some time in the past like TheCaptain, Blmoon, Watergirl … and All you awesome people.


  • Breze1, 2017 for you is all about evaluating the relationships in your life, starting with your relationship with yourself where you may have to let go of old tired attitudes, regrets or fears that aren't serving you. It’s a year where you’ll be required to heighten your sense of responsibility to your home and family environment. Don’t be surprised if you need to take on some added weight with home and domestic or family matters. Embrace it instead of resenting it. There’ll be added tension around how you relate with your close relationships, however. You are likely to find your relationship with those near and dear to you growing ever closer and stronger this year, while any relationship that is no longer of mutual benefit will come under the microscope and may actually end (if it didn’t already end last year). It can be a great year for marriage if you have met ‘the one’. It’s also time to investigate if you feel empowered or disempowered in your home and domestic life. Your energy levels will run high this year, but you should watch for hasty or impetuous behaviour. Remember that haste makes waste. As long as you direct your excess energy constructively, instead of wasting your time in conflict, you can accomplish much. It is a time when you may be concerned with taking care of your home, perhaps decorating, buying furniture, or even finding a new home. It is also worthwhile to consider taking courses that focus on your well-being and balance. If you have ever wanted to paint, sing, act, or play a musical instrument for pleasure, this is also favoured in 2017. In 2018 you may feel more solitary than ever, yet you will be learning how to deal with loneliness and finding out more about yourself and what you really want from life. 2018 will tend to be a quiet, reflective sort of period where you can gain much insight and understanding of who you are. Whereas 2017 will centre around and be all about looking after others - friends and family, and your home. Next year it will be time to look after yourself and your needs and wants. Then 2019 will be your BIG chance for success and material gains. It will be the best year in a while for your career and finances if you are prepared to take educated risks and promote yourself.

    For you, 2017 is associated with wholeness and, during this year, you may be aware of some aspect of your life that needs attending to so that you can feel complete. For example, you may have unresolved issues with a family member, and by speaking with them, it may help you to release a great deal. During 2017, it is advisable to be aware of which emotional attachments need healing too, so that you can bring all your energy back into the present. For example, you may not even realise you are still attached to an idyllic, romantic summer holiday you spent with a lover, and part of you may really wish you were still there. You may find that you are particularly sentimental this year, which prevents you from letting go of old love-letters, photographs and memorabilia. This process may mean revisiting painful emotions, but by facing them and realising they’re from the past, you can gently allow them to dissolve. In 2017, you may find that you get very deeply involved in a relationship, a work project or with family affairs. You may go over and over situations until you get them right or until they are perfect, and you will not let issues drop. You may open up your heart so deeply that it shifts your perspective on life for the better, so you become more loving towards others. Indeed, this is a great time to reach out to support and nourish those within your community, and to learn to love and nurture yourself too. You may be made very aware of your choices during this year, and you will need to choose between helping yourself and serving the greater good. Others may reassure you that you are making the right decisions, but your conscience will tell you the truth. The year’s energy will focus energy on relationships, on the element of friendship, and on children and family within this framework. There may be issues with commitments or collective responsibilities, which you may work through. These issues can be made easier if you keep your vision focused firmly on the bigger picture, and by remembering to put yourself into that picture as you may neglect your own needs too. There may be challenges to deal with if you just judge situations by their appearances which, as you know, aren’t always what they seem. You may find 2017 a fertile time for your creativity, and search for as many ways as possible to express it. Like buying a new cookery book that changes your relationship with food, making simple changes on how you approach your life can make an enormous impact.

  • Thank you so much TheCaptain !! ❤

  • TheCaptain,

    I noticed you answered to someone's thread on if they had black magic performed on them. I actually keep having this doubt for quite sometime for myself, because of my unlucky circumstances, for a long time, beside my positive attitude. There have been couple of different cases, I was doubting on this. So my question would be, can you tell if I had black magic performed on me ??

    Any one else can answer to this question, too. I appreciate everyones inputs.


  • I believe black magic only works if people really believe it does. Most often, it is our own bad choices and decisions that impact negatively on us.

  • TheCaptain, I used to not believe in it, at all. But once (in my 20s) I had a raw case where I witnessed a situation (of my friend) that left me speechless and scared. Its a long story, but made great impact on me. Since then I have this inside believe that black magic exist. Back than I learned that in my little town every body was using it. I felt as I was the alien of that town. So yeah, unfortunately, i think it does exist, but I also believe that it doesn't have the same power on different people, based on how strong their body energy is.

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  • ANDREW! You are still shy? You are safe here and your fetish will not be judged. A lot of people find odd things exciting. So you like making love to feet....it's ok. BLESSINGS!

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