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  • Good Afternoon!

    Daliolite could you see if my Exboyfriend' s wife is trying to help me financially from the other side.

    Watergirl mentioned that my coming inheritance has to do with a Mother or Grandmother figure.

    She is the ONLY individual who currently died.

    Also WHY is she helping me?

    I did NOT know her. ...and I had NO idea that my Exboyfriend was still married while we were dating!

    Thanks A Million!

  • Sweetoty, Did someone pass close to their birthday or is it someone's birthday or anniversary. I feel it's someone's who has passed. Also, a reference to shoes being on the side of the road. I have a strong inclination as to what spirit is referencing to me as far as the child. I have all along. I feel the dinosaur may be a landmark, perhaps. I usually get images shortly after I start that will continue thru the day. The strongest of which is the child. It's hard for me to talk about this subject as people have different opinions and views. I guess what I want to say is there needs to be healing for you and the child. The kiss you felt is significant. I don't feel comfortable addressing everything I see and feel. I guess the most important is that souls carry=on.

  • Im terrible with birthdays but cant think of whos bday or anniversary it might be... ill keep thinking about it.

    As far as the baby, i understand everyone has their own belief is this matter, but everytime i reach out to a medium i always hear that my brother is carrying a baby. Took me a while to accept that it can be the one i had to abort at 16 week's. To be honest with you, my life, my environment, my everything was so toxic i was desperate to not bring another child to suffer along with me and the child i already had, i never though about what really went on with the spirit or if it even had one.

  • Sweetoty, Keep getting the heart in the hands/in my hands which is what I initially saw w/your channeling. I always want to know if there's a literal meaning instead of symbolic. Also, it was shown to me that two walked-away from this accident.

    I'll end here w/yours.

  • The heart must be symbolic bcuz i cant relate it to anything around me. My brother was alone in this car accident.

  • Moon50, Are you still here.

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  • PC210, I can start yours if you're still here...

  • Yup.. I m here..

  • PC210, Ok I'll start.

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  • PC210, Did your grandma have a sibling that passed early-on. There's a child's energy here.

  • her brother and sister are still alive..

    And I don't know if she had any cousin.. because I never met anyone except for her brother and sister...

  • PC210, Ok, a lot of what I'm experiencing are feelings. How she felt. I'll go into more detail when I'm finished. Some of what I'm experiencing is probably you at a younger age.

  • I was 16...when she passed away..

  • PC210, This probably isn't exclusive for your grandma. The first thing I felt was that your grandma felt a lot of slowing-down. She took me thru the passing and made me feel as though she just couldn't keep the pace anymore. There was total peace afterward. XO is brought forward. Perhaps you all communicated w/ XO. When I channel I often see hearts and saw a lot of these. I actually saw a figure in a casket. I don't know specifically why. I feel that she was under the care of a dr for awhile. There's references to water esp water drops. I feel there was a pregnancy early-on with someone that didn't make it. Also, a figure of a child who was sick. I don't know who this belongs to. I feel one child passed from cancer. This child was under the care of a dr/hosp. A younger person remembering an animal prob dog that passed. She may be referencing children in her life--grandkids, kids she worked w/ etc. I have to make sense out of what I see. Because I don't know you I just have to put it out there. Palm trees, water, beach are being referenced in regard to someone.

  • yes she was under the care of doctor in her later stage.. Water drops, I don't know what this can be referred to. I will keep thinking about it to recall.

    And yes my cousin's wife was pregnant but as you said couldn't make it..

    a child died due to cancer 😮 I don't remember anyone in my family who died due to cancer.

    May be a child she was close to and we hadn't met him/her.

    Thanks Daliolite.. 🙂 I will try to think over it again and if i will be able to relate anything I will get back to u..

  • PC210, Is there someone named Paige or Page. Hope you can relate to some of what I mentioned. I will close soon. I'm extremely busy and haven't felt I was at my best. Thanks.

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