One channeling session offer...

  • Offering a channel session. Generally to connect w/a loved one.

  • Hello Daliolite ! Is this channeling with the people that have past away, only or for any one ?

    I would have want to know, what is going on with my ex at this time ? Is he over me already, or will he come back again ?

    Thank you either way ! xoxo

  • Hi Breze1, For someone interested in connecting to a loved one who has passed.

  • Daliolite, Hi i just saw this.. are you still willing to do a channeling session? There are a few people who i would love to make contact with. I say a few because i have lost alot of people that i was close to and am not sure if during a session the intended person comes through or is it who ever is willing to come through. Thanks!

  • Hi Daliolite I just saw this and was wondering if there was a price for you to do this and if so the amt..I would like to see if any of my family like my dad, son grandson ..had a message for me. Thank u

  • Hi, thank you for the offer and time. My brother Marcial aka marshall


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  • Livingadream, Hey! I'll start yours and see what I come up with. I'll be back in a day or so from today.

  • Stargazerinaz, I will do yours after Livingadream.

  • Sweetoty, I'll start yours after Stargazer...

  • Thanks Daliolite! really excited about this!

  • Livingadream, I have a lot of DRAMA right now (of course.) There were several coming thru and I'm not done at this point but thought I'd go thru what I'm getting. Shoes--ladies shoes white with a buckle high heels. Perhaps someone is into shoes. I'm seeing a woman and a girl as well. The girl is dressed rather conservatively like it's easter or church, etc. Both women have straight long hair. The girl has her hair flipped on the ends. I feel like someone is showing me you at an earlier age or time. The word bluff is brought forward. I feel as though someone fell. I also feel as though someone sang or played an instrument like a flute, trumpet. I also feel as though someone's death involved water. Not done, thought I'd relay what I'm getting....

  • Livingadream, It feels like there's a reference to the fact that a person was aware and saw you at a funeral. There's a reference to a cross which is my symbol for addiction. Because I don't audibly communicate it's hard for me to draw the right reference here. Perhaps a cross was laid on a casket by you. I feel like theres a reference to the top of... if you can relate. Did you or someone actually open a casket because there's a reference to this. Perhaps you laid something on the inside. What I see is someone lifting open.

  • Daliolite, Is the person coming through the female ? I don't have many females on the other side that i was close to. Only two that i can think of. Both older, one was very into fashion (don't recall shoes) but definetly expensive clothes. I do have the cross from the other female's funeral. Both lived by the water. I did attend both funerals. Neither person had an issue with addiction, but it is the field that i work in. I do have a male friend that passed and we believe that there might have been an addiction to alcohol but it was not the cause of death. Thank you, I will read it again and see what i pick up.

  • Daliolite, okay, im here, ill be waiting for it. I thank you ahead of time.

  • Livingadream, There was an indication of twins. Usually it means just that. Joy was a word associated with the twins. Could possibly be the two females if they were close or passed together. Was the cross taken off the top of something.

  • Well, there are four sets of twins in my family. The two females did not pass at the same time or together but their husbands passed within 30 days of each other. We do know that a string of pearls was removed from the casket, we believe they were stolen and we were wondering if they were removed by the funeral worker or a relative?

  • Livingadream. The pearls were taken by a female. Whoever it is opened the top of the casket to remove the pearls. It looks as though a family member or someone who attended the funeral, Looks to be younger person.

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