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  • Hello,

    Late last month I had surgery to remove a benign mass on my ovary which was removed along with my ovary. Although I am thankful that it was benign, I am left with alot of anxiety and fear that I will not be able to conceive a child in the future. Also, currently I am not in a relationship so my concern of ever having a child within my childbearing years has been the root of recent panic attacks. (I am 36) I am planning to freeze my eggs January of next year to protect my fertility while I can.

    I was inspired to do a self reading to gain more clarity and see if I am headed in the right direction toward having a family. And the spread is as follows:

    Thanking you in advance for any additional insight.

    Question: Will I eventually marry and have a child?

    Celtic Cross spread using the Mythic Tarot Deck

    Card 1: The present. 4 of cups- Finding it hard to find the positive aspects of my life

    Card 2: The challenge. crossing card- The Star- My hopes and fears regarding my fertility and quest for a family.

    Card 3: The past. 7 of Pentacles- Perhaps being confronted with the fact that I created many of the circumstances from which I now fear?

    Card 4: The future. 10 of cups- Emotional contentment is coming. Positive card- perhaps a new relationship?

    Card 5: Above. 7 of wands- Persevering, not settling, retaining hope in my vision?

    Card 6: Below - subconscious, root of the matter . Ace of Wands reversed- Being weighed down by this worry, concern, fear, anxiety.

    Card 7: Advice. Ace of Cups Reversed - Past trauma may create emotional blocks. Drained energy- burnout.

    Card 8: External influences. 8 of Wands- Swift action- Perhaps this will be happening sooner rather than later. This card doesn't seem one of delays.

    Card 9: Hopes and/or fears. 3 of Cups Reversed - The need to heal from past emotional trauma regarding relationships. Also, card indicates fear of infertility? Addressing the anxiety?

    Card 10: Outcome. 3 of Pentacles- Big changes coming ahead. Since it is a card of Pentacles, perhaps the materialization of my vision? growth and laying the foundation for a relationship?

    Overall, I would say this reading was very accurate in reflecting my current emotional state.

    Please share any insights. Thank you so much.

  • Hello I'm new to this page so trying to become familiar with this how it works and I found your post truly feel for you and I someone understand your situation the only difference is that I do have children, I had a miscarriage

    4 years ago It was very hard on me because Pryor to the miscarriage I was trying for 2 years trying to get pregnant it took a lot of work a lot of effort a lot of frustration a lot of negative pregnancy test and a lot of sadness and finally I got pregnant My happiness lasted 12weeks. I'm 42y my Doctor told me I'm to old now she told the same thing 4y ago when I was 38y.. I whis you the best I do hope you get I respond two ear reading from one of the experts on this page.

  • Mrs. Chulis. Loyal Lioness

    Don't lose hope. I was told in my twenties by several doctors that I would never have children. No explanation after seven years of infer ility treatment. So i gave up. My husband and i adopted our daughter from my baby sister. Eventually we divorced and I got into another relationship.

    At 42, I gave birth to my daughter Lauren and at 46, I gave birth to my son Logan. Consudering my age...this was a miracle. God granted my my deepest desire in His time...not mine. Neither of you should give up hope. I am living proof that one should never say never, and it ain't over til it's over. I went into menopause three years after I had my son....

    Blessings to you both. Try not to stress out, never lose hope and by all means, Don't Give Up!!!

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  • Hi Ms.Chulis and Sunshine, thank you for your encouragement and support. Very much appreciated.

    Do you have any additional insight into my tarot spread?

  • I thought it was very well interpreted! This kind of awareness can very well have a good outcome despite past habits of coping with old wounds. You are being encouraged to put knowledge to action. This could be the leaping off place of positive change for you. Stay out of failure mode and consider anything that tests your need for drama, or energy draining distraction...as practice.....you can't change who you are but you can manage it! To truly know yourself lets go of impulse and fortifies CHOICE. Your bottom line issue is feeling safe within your power. So you sabotage your power with self induced stress. Like your chasing your own tail until you drop. Where your focus goes grows...so hearing the clock ticking away lost baby moments does not help! But really the baby thing is just the top layer....if you solve that you would still find the inner child...YOU stressing about something. Loss. I see two major wounds. One where your big energy was commanded to dim itself. As a child you did not understand you just felt that disprovel and fear from others. You associated feeling powerful as wrong. Your other wound is a deep mourning....a loss of self, or innocence stolen.

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  • Hi Blmoon,

    Thank you for your insight. Yes, I find myself healing deep wounds. They sometimes are symbolic in my dreams.

    In reference to card 4: 10 of cups, what is the relationship between this card and final outcome 3 of Pentacles?

  • It is validating that possibility of great change and healthier relationships . It includes a healthy relationship with yourself which will by law of attraction bring healthier relationships to you. You may meet someone new or a current mate will change to keep you. Either way once you commit to healing.... your life will improve on all levels. Where your focus goes grows. Avoid dwelling on changing others or feeling drained by outside obstacles. Invest energy on you.....treat yourself how you expect others to treat you. And try not to imagine slights that are your wounds interpatations.choose love.

  • Thank you for clarifying Blmoon!

  • I am seeing this:

    Card 1: The present. 4 of cups- So many different opportunities to feel love

    Card 2: The challenge. crossing card- The Star- Are you listening to your inner guidance? Or are you leting others take control?

    Card 3: The past. 7 of Pentacles- Maybe very concerned about making money?

    Card 4: The future. 10 of cups- Love is all around you. Love is what is. And it's truly up to you. Wlthough it speaks of the future, it talks to me about a healing process coming to an end.

    Card 5: Above. 7 of wands- What are the next steps you feel you have to take?

    Card 6: Below - subconscious, root of the matter . Ace of Wands. Possibly something completely new about to express itself first in you subconscious mind... You must go inside.

    Card 7: Advice. Ace of Cups Reversed - What needs to happen for the cup to turn?

    Card 8: External influences. 8 of Wands- You may feel others' actions in the way of your progress. No matter what THEY do... you will need to decide what you truly want to do.

    Card 9: Hopes and/or fears. 3 of Cups Reversed - Decisions have already been made at a spiritual level

    Card 10: Outcome. 3 of Pentacles- It is already a reality... and requires your patience. Are you willing to do what is needed?

    You can see I ask a lot of questions... it's the way I do my readings. And I use the Tarot according to the Kabalistic Tree of Life, so there may be differences in the meanings of the different cards. However, the important thing is if these questios and comments resonate with you.

    With love

  • I see an agreement in interpretation between all three of us.....we just expressed it differently. I am a psychic medium and read cards with a limited study of Tarot but no matter the language used the message comes through!

  • Hi Astro 10,

    Thank you so much for your interpretation. I can clearly see the work that is necessary for me to do, especially heal my heart from past trauma. I am hopeful that I can find the partner and form the family I long for. Synchronicity bought me this passage in a book I am currently reading.

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  • Thanks for the Bump blumoon, I will post a follow up reading. I am a Leo and I am beginning to feel the infernal shift since the North Node just shifted into Leo a couple of weeks ago.

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  • Hello,

    Posting a follow up 3 card spread borrowing energy from the New Moon in Cancer. Past, present and future- Question: Am I on my way to meeting my life partner and forming a family of my own.

    Card 1 Past: 5 of Cups- loss and disappointment

    Card 2 Present: 9 of Wands reversed- Ambivalence, hesitation of forming a new relationship based on hurt? Distrustful of others

    Card 3 Future: The Magician- A manifestation of my desired partner?!!

    Anything I missed?

    Thanking you all in advance. And much light and love to you!

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