The Captain or BLMoon pls help me

  • I dreamed off my son last night it was pretty much clear but it goes anywhere and i dont know whats the meaning. At first I am trying to find a money and I suddenly found it underneath my bed and I saw not much but enough.Then I see myself at the bus with my son and where in a mall cos Id like to buy his formula and nappy and we passed by to a food court and there is one chinese guy asking me why I didnt asked how much is the food he selling and I said because I wanted it and I dont mind if its much more expensive. But the child I am holding was not clear if its my son cos I tried to feed him but my son passed away who passed away was only one month and one week. I was recently thinking off my son and missing him so much. This is the second time I am dreaming of him. The first time was I fell asleep in the sofa around 2pm and I him smiling and so happy it seems like telling me mummy I am happy here dont worry about me. If i was upset I always asking to guide me or touch the heart of his father and not being so unkind I know his my guardian angel and I love him dearly forever.

  • The money part is about how worthy you feel or how much you value yourself - "not much but enough". You also fear not being able to support a child because you doubt yourself. Your son undoubtedly visited you to reassure you that he is fine and to tell you that you must focus on being happy yourself.

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