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  • Universal Harmony,

    You have only received one reading??? I am continually amazed by the human race. They will take take take. Clearly people are in need but come on!! Give me an idea of what you would like a reading on.


  • Greetings to Universalharmony & Bluewatermamma, I too am desiring to offer readings, as well as being open to receiving them:^) I'm unsure as to how advance or what-a-novice-I may be via the internet. However, I usually tune into a person's energy field & with the assistance of angels messages come thru & plays out like a movie. I have offered readings only in person-to-person space and over the telee; therefore this is fairly a new way in which to offer a reading. I use other divining tools if lead to do so before, during, or on a continuum when guided. If this offer feels right for either of you, please let me & we can take it from there.

    Blessed Be,


  • Dear Universal Harmony, YOU are too sweet to take the time and energy to offer readings as

    you are>Many Blessing Unto YOU*

    I to would love a reading. I've asked this question myself

    many times over the years and have gotten a very vauge-"in good time will the world see/accecpt your light".

    My name is ishi (isshehii) my DOB is Jan 27,1975. My question is about my ART!! --i do it because i have to, even if its just scribbles--will it ever provide anything other than my own enjoyment. Say like an income?

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  • Dear Universal Harmony, I too want to thank you for your selfless readings. It is very warm hearted of you, and if there aren't too many questions asked of you I also would like to inquire of a reading.

    My husband of 20 yrs. & I have been separated for 6 mos. and have recently been dating. He seems to have a girlfriend he is unwilling at this time to give up, but seems to want to see me. Is there hope for a reconciliation, will he give up the gf or is he just toying with me? His bd. 2/8/45....My bd. 8/30/49. Thank you very much...

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    first thank you for what his kind offering.

    I send you this message last night just to realize that I havent give you my birthday. i am sorry.

    so I am attaching my massage again as reminder and my birthday is March 29--thanks a lot

    I am trying to get over an infatuation for someone, that I think liked me too,-- but just recently gave up his efforts. It seemed all futile in the end. I am in an unhappy married relationship and the other guy has a girlfriend.

    can you give me an insight what is going on and if I should hope any more on him coming back. something for the future???

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  • Bluewatermamma, yes it is true, only one. But it was in person, not from anyone on here. It is alright. It would be nice to meet more people who are involved in tarot in my area, but that's not happening right now. I already know there is no way possible to get everyone anytime soon but I am trying to turn over a new leaf so it's cool. My question would be should I use my creative means to gain work/money, continue to search for an office settings, or go back to my old job? I hope that is specific enough. If you want anymore background information that would help, just let me know. You want your reading on your child care situation, right? If you want a reading on the same thing you posted earlier, that's cool. If you have something different or want to add anything, I'll be keeping an eye out.

    Everyone else, I am going to be doing a few more readings tonight so keep an eye out for your name. I also may do a few people out of order if I see someone who really seems in need. Otherwise, how is everyone doing? We can all chat in between, can't we lol? What types of tarot cards are other people using?

  • Could you do a reading for me? Please? My birthdate is 12/11/1946. I'm very concerned about losing my house. That is my main concern for now. Thank You! I'll wait for a response.


  • UniversalHarmony,

    Please feel free to work around my question, I'm kinda afraid of what the answer may be anyway! 🙂 This is very generous of you and I'm sure other people need you more than me right now. Oh, did I give you enough to work with or should I rephrase?

    Thanks so much,


  • Alenabrz, this is for you. You wanted to know if you will find your dream job next year. I decided to do a one card pull. It may be a clearer answer like this. The card I received is Death (13). I think is relation to your question this card is saying that soon a time will be ending and a new one beginning. You will have to be able to make changes, possibly large ones, to obtain what you are looking for but I feel it is there, waiting for you. You also may have to shed old habits or patterns and usher in a new attitude to accompany your new job. If you can make these few changes and be ready and prepared, I think your job can be yours within the next year.

    Your personality card is the Wheel of Fortune and your soul card is the Magician. You may be well equipped to deal with changing situations and can go with the flow easily. The magician indicates that you have a strong will power and are well grounded within yourself. Good luck Alenabrz, I think you will succeed in getting what you want soon and I hope this helped.

  • Thank you Universal, I thought your reading was pretty accurate. I want to give you specifics as to how you were accurate to be affirming. You said my card is judgement. Yes,I close doors, I'm not one for indecision--I have been working on this. This relationship made me realize it. I saw my actions for the first time.My struggle with him is that I dont think he is self reliant and I dont have a sense of him being a go getter and i don't want to make him something he is not. Yes, you're right I could go with the flow and wait and see, while also appreciating that he is choosing to be in my life and give love. We also have distance between us since he is in his last year of college though he is 3 years older, 3 hrs away--that has me ask question things too. But I do know that I am learning from him and one of my horoscopes told me the day that we met, that i would meet someone who help with with my growth. but mostly it is about control, i guess if im focused on not sabotaging us from making quick judgements and focused on understanding and encouraging, something could come of it but its like thats a lot of energy to do that. Right now, i dont even want to talk to him right now because i know i would be giving bad vibes because im stuck on the past right you got it right!

    Yes, I am clarosensitive, only begun to realize until recently when I noticed people's emotions drain me and that I think about what causes people to act in a certain manner and solutions for people when hearing the problems. I think I get it from my mother who is also into astrology and tarot, she taught me. I have started to do Tarot for myself using my friends Connolly cards, and I know that's not good , it could mix the energies but it has been amazingly accurate. I talk to my guides too, so I'm not sure if they pop in there for the message or it is solely my higher spiritual self.I met a spirtual guide who I have been going to for the past few months who has been helping me work on my inner strength and awareness. I started using a pendulum but have swayed on that recently. I don't know if I am ready yet to try to do a reading for someone else, as my guide said it would take almost a year for me to use my pendulum on someone else. I don't know if they are connected. But I have been meaning to buy my own cards and I would be willing to try it on you, since you were so kind towards me. my email is me your birthday, and I'll do a personality profile too like you did for me.

  • thank you so much again!

  • Okay I will phrace my question, Universalharmony. Thanks again for your offer.

    My question is: Wich way do my efforts to achieve inner peace seem to be heading?

    Hanged Woman

  • Universalharmony

    I would appreciate a reading when you have time. I had a seven year relationship with a leo man 8/22/72 I am Gemini 6/12/57. It ended in November when I found out he was cheating. We worked together and in April he left the job because we couldn't work together anymore. I asked him to leave. He wanted to remain friends, but I couldn't at the time. Too much anger and pain. We kept in contact on the computer for a little time and then that ended. He had a password I needed at work and asked a coworker who he sees if he could get it for me. On Sept. 1, he e'd me with the password and nothing more. Then we for some reason he contacted me again to tell me he got a new job and how much he's changed as a person and how horrible he feels for what happened. Do you think he is trying to slowly get back into my life? Is there another chance for us, or is he just being nice out of guilt.

  • Hey Kanthony86, I am so glad to help =D. I could tell you are a girl with her head on her shoulders. I know from personal experience that it can be hard to have a man who seems to not know where he wants to go or what he wants to do in life. But I also know that sometimes that with patience and guidance, you can help him discover it for himself. The age thing can be tough, my man is seven years older than me, but it can work. I think we may be similar because I feel I am clairsentient as well. Ever since I was very young. And it can be draining and tough. Too feel so many things, not even your own things. It must be nice having a mom interested in these types of things too. My mom is excepting, I just know this isn't for her. My birthday is 6/23/1987. And I will email you soon and we can chat more. I am glad to have helped and thank you for letting me gain some confidence in my accuracy.

  • Hi Universalharmony. If you have a chance to do another reading, maybe you can do one for me. I'd like to know if I'll ever find the man I'm truly supposed to be with. On the romantic front, things never seem to go well for me. I've been in an off-and-on relationship with a Pisces man for almost three years. Our signs are supposed to be made for each other (I'm a Cancer), but the relationship never worked out probably because we were too much alike. We've tried to remain friends but always seem to find a way back in each other arms. I feel a strong emotional connection towards him, but I feel like he doesn't truly understand me. So I've moved on and met a really good guy who I've been dating for a couple months. I thought this would help me get over the other guy, but it hasn't because I still think of him. I want to begin a relationship with the new guy, but I still feel like I can't let go of the other guy. BD: 07/17/86

  • Hello Universalharmony.

    May i ask for a reading also? My dob is march 10 1972. The topic is love, relocation and job.

    thank you sweetie

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  • Universalharmony,

    I guess i will ask again for a free reading that you are offering. Again my DOB is 5/1/65 and truthfully i am lost since my Dad passed away last week. I just want to know more of who i am and what lies ahead for me in life. If you do not wish to do a free reading for me then please let me know and i will never bother you again.



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