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  • Hi Universal,

    Thanks for your offer for a free reading.

    My dob is July 25, 1957.

    Please guide me as to the timing of my next job and if that involves any relocation.


  • Yes, I would like a reading, thank you. 7/23/46. Will I find a true loving relationship.

  • Good Mornining Universalharmony.

    My question is do you see marriage for me this year. My dob is July 12 1961 and his dob is Oct 4 1974. We have been together for two years going on three on the 26th of Oct. What do you see for us.

    Thank You so much


  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    If you are not overwhelmed by the responses and have time I would deeply appreciate a reading dealing with my personal romantic situation and decisions that need to be made. Back ground information before my question. I am a Gemini married to a Cancer and having an affair with a Libra. It’s messy and complicated. I’ve been married for almost 2 years and in a relationship my husband for a total of 5 years. I have known my lover for 6 years and we started an emotional affair approximately 5 months ago after the death of his spouse.

    Birthdates are:

    Mine: 5/26/1985

    Husband: 7/8/1983

    Lover: 9/26/1962

    My question is for guidance on how to move forward in my relationships.

    Any help you could give would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Universal:

    I had a relationship with an Aquarian birthdate 02/07/60....we are now friends, but still see each other and I feel a strong emotional connection to him and know he feels it to. Problem is commitment on his part....always 1 foot forward... 6 feet back...

    My birthday is 07/26/59.......

    What do you see for the future......any quidance would be appreciated...


  • May I have a reading?

    My life has had so many changes and dramas so far this year - my question is:

    Will I find calm happiness this year?

    03/06/1954 7:34am IN, USA

  • Hello to all and thank you for all the interest. I want everyone to know I just got online and will be on for most of the evening so I will start doing readings one by one. I am going in order, so keep an eye out and look at the names before and after you so you can know who you go after. I will be writing soon.


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  • This message is for Gamby, you asked if you will find your life partner in the near future? To start off your soul and personality cards are The Lovers (6). This means you are receptive of loving and caring and can be very loving and caring. You commit to something you believe in, love and otherwise. Your card for the year is Death (13). This is a good sign for the future for this card symbolizes transformation, rebirth, and renewal. This is a year to shed old unnecessary beliefs of love and life and grow and move onto a newer, more refined you. You may have already started doing this and that is why you are on a quest for your life partner.

    Here is your reading:

    Past- Strength (8)

    Present- Seeker of Swords

    Future- Eight of Pentacles

    This is a nice reading to show your progression towards finding your life parter. In the past you have shown a strong fire for what you urge (a partner), but you may have held back or stayed somewhat reserved. It also shows that you may have been hurt before but you have managed to stay true to yourself and realize it is always a learning experience. It also shows you have the inner powers to stay strong in your quest for a partner. Your present as the seeker of swords shows that you have been searching stronger than before. But don't let that search get frenzied because you will find what you are looking for. Seeing the seeker shows an opportunity or change in new and exciting areas, but do not rush into them. Use your instincts and do what is best for yourself. Do not jump just because it looks good, feel it out for yourself. The future as the Eight of pentalces is a nice card to sum things up. This is a card of mastery or skill. In love this means you will soon have mastered your ability to love and be loved. That ability draws people to you like moth to a flame. Just remember your life partner is out there, probably not too far, and you have to love yourself, stay diligent, hopeful, and ready and you will meet them soon.

  • This message is for Leo4ever. I can first tell you that your card for the year is 10-the wheel of fortune. This symbolizes a year of change, normally from circumstanes beyond our control. This year may have been taking you for a ride or just started to but keep faith that even if things change, you can always get a good situation out of it in the end. This is also a year to remember your inner self and the calm (like the center of the wheel) you have within because it will get you through a lot. Your boyfriends card for the year is The Chariot. This is a year he may be struggling to gain control of his life. It may be a small struggle or a large struggle, but this is a year where he is trying to gain growth, strength, and direction. It may feel like a crazy ride but if he stays on track of his goals, he will be on the right track to success.

    Your reading (Will you and the man you love move in together?):

    I did a three card past, present, and future spread.

    Past- Strength (8)

    Present- The Moon (18)

    Future- Judgement (20)

    This is a strong reading because it is all Major Arcana cards. The past shows that you have had a strong desire to live with this man for a while. You may not have been extremely vocal of this out of fear of ruining things or it may just have been bad timing. It also shows that you have been called on to use your inner strength to get you through these experiences in the past. The present is the moon. You may be feeling really confused about this situation and how to proceed or approach it. Now is a time to really look deep into your mind for your most inner wants and use your intuition in all aspects of your day to day life. If you are going to talk about this with this man make sure you put everything on the table about what you want. If it stays hidden in the dark it can get twisted and by the time you discuss it, it may look deceptive or unclear. Look at your fears, find what is behind them, and then manage them. If you can't do that, do not move forward because now is especially the time you should do this. Listen to his feelings and wants, are they what you want? In the future is judgement, which means you are about to be making decisions. I think soon you and the man you love will make the decision to live together. If you both discuss it, lay all your feelings out on the table, and use your inner strength you can come to a clear, concise decision. Things will be favorable if you both make the effort to make it happen and set a plan in motion.

  • I would be very interested in a reading. We've been in and out of each others lives for ten years. Wekeep getting thrown together. Love each other, but can never seem to get the timing right.

    My DOB 3/17/1975

    His DOB 3/27/1974

    Question - Is there a future for us??

  • Hi. my birthday is 09/13/09 . My question is about life direction. I have been in a spiritual ttyphoon for about a year. I am about to file for divorce from an extremely controlling, emotionally abusive man, (after 18 yrs) also have been trying self healing iof whatever has been keeping my body dibilitated by mysterious pains. What do you see taking shape for me in my immediate future love life?

  • Hello theHangedWoman. This vision you have, before even doing a reading, feels like it will happen soon. I can feel your determination in what you want through the computer. Your path towards spirituality and God will be a great one because you are so dedicated. And I am a strong believer of people attracting their desires to them. You want this spiritual family to be a part of your life very badly and I think you can help to make it happen. I pulled some cards, not really as spread, I just pulled three cards. I put them in order but I think it speaks more to feelings involved in your quest, things you can do, and emotions you should avoid rather than past, present, and future. I received a Five of Swords, which symbolizes defeat. I feel like that feeling was in the far past, before you found your spirituality in 03'/04'. I feel like it helped spawn your quest to enlightenment. It also is a reminder to not let that feeling return, for you are worthy to make your dreams manifest. I received the nine of wands, which is a sign of defensiveness. Now that could point to you maybe blocking people out a little when they start to get close or maybe to your mention of isolation. How isolated do you mean if you don't mind my asking? I think this card points to letting feelings of keeping your guard up go. The last card I pulled is the nine of cups. This is a great card because I think your vision will soon be realized. This is a card of wishing and good fortune and a sign that these wishes and dreams will probably come true. My advice is to continue to visualize your spiritual family and walking your path with as much passion you have and you will be rewarded.

  • I would like a reading dob 071660 Regarding career and future

  • This message is for Annamg, who asked Will I get a job soon? I did the calculations and your Personality card is the Sun (19). You make people feel good, you have a pleasant disposition, and you tend to have a positive outlook. Your soul card is the Wheel of Fortune (10). Your soul has that deep calm within it, just like the center of the wheel. You are also good at adapting to changes and going with the flow. Your card for the year is the Devil. Maybe this year you have been struggling with feelings of being inadequate, unworthy, or ashamed. Maybe you have been feeling repressed sexually. Even if none of this is the case, this is a year to embrace your darker sides and balance them with lighter ones. It is a year to explore your inner self and to embrace parts of yourself you may have been afraid to before.

    Your reading:

    I am doing a seven card spiral.

    1. Inner- Seeker of Wands. You have the desire for the job but may feel like you don't know which direction to take, so you spread yourself thin, taking in too many options. This card may also mean an inner calling for a change of scenery or to go outside of your comfort zone in your search if possible. Remember the Seeker of wands energy. You may need help to get yourself grounded from others but once you do, you can bring with you a fresh and creative outlook on your search.

    2. Outer- Sage of Cups. This may symbolize a need for you to adapt to the changing, ocean like world of the Sage of cups. The world around us is changing constantly and now with jobs the competition is tight and fierce. Some people you approach may leave with you mixed messages. This could be a perfect time to look into educational classes to boost your resume. Anything that may give you an edge in your field can help you deal with the environment around you.

    3. Past- Nine of Swords. I see this as you being very stressed and worried about your being unemployed. You may have been having nightmares about what may or may not happen when you unemployment runs out, what will happen if you won't find a job in time, etc. At your most stressed times, these job worries could have made you feel like you were going crazy. But a good sign is that this card is in the past. You need to seriously evaluate your fears and figure out which ones are realistic and which ones are not. This may help you feel more hopeful and renewed in your hard work towards a job.

    4. Present- Two of cups. This speaks to unity. Unity of self, perhaps you are finding different inner traits working together. It also speaks to unity with other people. Now is a time to call upon friends, family, and loved ones. Spend time with them, listen to their advice, share you feelings with them, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

    5. Future- The Heirophant. I think this is a future calling again to learning or gaining more education. This will most definitely work in securing you another job. The hierophant reminds us that we are all constant students, learning new things all the time. You may be very experienced in one area but not so much in another. Every day is about trying to make ourself a more whole complete person. I also think the hierophant may be showing you that you may need to look into your spirituality for answers and strength. Or you may find help or work within a spiritual organization. Keep your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open to learning new things that can really change your life.

    6. Lesson- Justice. This card is a great lesson card for you. You may be feeling like this job search has been unfair and that you have not been given a fair trail by different job positions to state your case to become an employee. But you have to remember that karma or justice, always prevails in the universe. If you have been trying your hardest and keeping a positive attitude in your job pursuit all of your efforts will be rewarded. As they say, what goes around comes around. This card is also a lesson to stay honest and true to yourself, to ask yourself if you really did all you could or if that is what you really want. Treat yourself fairly. And treat others how you want to be treated.

    7. The Wild Card- This is a card to try and tie things together or add extra insight. Nine of Cups. Sometimes called "the wishing card" now is the time to wish with all of your heart, dream, and visualize this job coming to you and it will most likely happen. Even things outside of looking for a job should be thought of when you receive this card because good fortune should be coming your way.

  • hi my name is Sharon im a pisces 2/23/79 3:28am capricorn moon & capricorn rising. I would love to try one of your reading if you have the time. My biggest concern is my health and being on the right path in my life.Any help would be greatly appreciated..thankyou!

  • Dudeandscoobie. I am sorry you have been feeling lost and confused lately. I hope that eventually these feelings will pass and hopefully I can give you a little insight. Your soul and personality card is The Hierophant (5). This probably means that deep within your soul is a hunger for knowledge and spirituality. Personality wise you probably seek a lot of information in your day to day life, be it on school interests, religion, sports, etc. On a deeper level, you probably have a natural comfort level with being spiritual and learning more about those processes. Perhaps right now you have had a change of beliefs that has shook your normal ground and it is hard to trust your instincts again. Your card of the year is Death (13). This may also feed into this confused feeling you have been having because with death comes change, new life, and the end of situations, relationships, feelings, etc. But please take faith in death as a good card for the year, that is my card for the year too, because with great endings can come even greater beginnings. It may take some time grieiving losses or skewed views, but I know you can take those issues and turn them into something positive. Everything is a learning experience, including hurtful and hard things. I know you can use them to help you move forward, not make the same mistakes, and find new things that make you a happier, more complete person.

    Your reading:

    I did a mind, body, and spirit reading for you. You didn't ask a question, just for guidance, so that is what I asked the cards. To give some advice to help you on your path. For the mind, I received the four of swords. This card symbolizes a time to retreat within a safe place. Take time by yourself to evaluate your situation. This can be a time of calm and you can use it to get your mind where you want it to be. Rest, take it easy, and don't be so hard on yourself. Be honest and true, but be fair to yourself. This is also a time to give your mind rest from big decisions, so if you are about to make one, take some time to think it through and let yourself smooth things out. Your body card is strength. I do not know your situation. Strength of the body could be taken literally and maybe you should think about your eating habits, how you take care of yourself, and exercise. These are all also things that if you change your habits, they can improve your mood. Strength of the body could also mean that if you are sick or struggling with an addiction, you need to have faith that your body can handle and manage the pain. Get and seek the help you need to take care of yourself, but believe in your outer bodies strengths and miracles and your inner minds powers too. Your last card in the spirit position is the two of pentacles. I feel this card is saying two things but may always interpret them as you like. The first thing is learning how to prioritize, manage your time, and balance work and play. I think there is a need to treat yourself a bit here and there, life can't be all worries and work. The two of pentacles asks us to balance our lives so that we can be well rounded, happy people. This is not easy, trust me, I know. But I think that the second thing the two of pentacles is saying is that you need to balance your mind, body, and spirit. You need to try and incorporate the soul of the four of swords, strength, and the two of pentacles into your life. Even if you start one step at a time, working on one little piece at a time, slowly but surely, things should start look up.

  • Good evening, UniversalHarmony. If you're not overwhelmed by the response to your offer, I'd like a reading too. I'm interested to know if a romantic relationship is in my near future. Also, money, career, anything else that might pop out at you! My dob is July 25, 1970, I can give you the time if that would help. My latest fixation is a co-worker and his info is May 30, 1968. I'd really like to see something happen with him but it's a little sticky. Do you need anything else from me?

  • Hi.

    I am trying to get over an infatuation for someone that I think liked me a lot too but lastly gave up his efforts. It seemed all futile in the end. I am in an unhappy married relationship and the other guy has a girlfriend.

    can someone give me an insight what is going on and if I should hope any more on him coming back. something for the future

  • thank you!

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