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  • DOB: July 5, 1956


    Hope to hear back from you soon, as my life needs an 'overhaul'!

  • I don't want to sound rude but if everyone took the time to look past the page that they are posting on they would see I am no longer doing readings. I would love to help but right now if I am going to do a reading it will be whenever I am able to find the time in other threads. Sorry guys, but I'll be back again to do this some other time. Also, BlackWyvern and a few other people, there are readings on here I posted but I don't know if you got them. Check back a few pages, they should be there. Thanks guys.

    Universal Harmony

  • I apologize I didnt read past the first page. Thank you anyways. 🙂

  • Hello,

    I would like a reading. My dob is 6/7/1951. Can you give me any insights as to the stability of my current position or a possible new one?

  • Hello i would like a reading please dob 8/11/61 his dob 11/30/ 79 can u tell me whats going on in our relationship does he love me can i trust him.

  • I would appreciate a reading my date of birth is 7/9/71. I would like to know what the outcome will be with the State of MN and the IRS in regards to the money I owe them.

  • Universal Harmony,

    So sorry for posting the request for the reading. You're right, should have looked back on older posts. I think the problem, though, is that this thread was sent out in the daily newsletter, so I didn't even look at the date. I guess I just assumed it was a new post. Again, my apologies. It was very generous of you to do any.

  • i would to have a reading my bday is 08/10/1965 and i would like to know whats going to happen to my love life?

  • i would love to know whats ahead in my future for my love relationship my bday is 08/10/1965

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    I would love to take you up on your offer to do a reading.

    My dob is february 26 1972. Question is: how do things between D and I seem?

    I can't offer a reding in return but can do an absentee reiki for you, if interested 🙂

  • hi again, I went back a few pages after having sent my post and realised you arent doing anymore readings. Thanks for putting yourself out there to start with 🙂

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    I see you might be willing to do a reading. I just did one for my Broker today at work, ha ha...she loved it. My birthdate is: Jan 8, 1971. Please let me know if you would like an area of life to focus on or not, whatever you prefer. I have things going on in several areas so you should have some interesting things pop up.


  • what kind of info can an absentee reiki reading provide? just curious.

  • my birthdate is 4 nov 1977 please tell mewhat u see?

  • Hi, I'm interested in a reading. My boyfriend & I just broke up & was wondering if u saw us getting back together in the future? I love him so much. He's just going through a really hard time in his life right now. I really feel like he's the one for me. I don't want anybody else. Do we have a future together or do I just need 2 move on with my life?

  • Can you please do a reading for me? Going thru job change hope to ve offered better job in 4 days with favorable work conditions also want to do intuitive readings can you share insights



  • I am wondering if I will ever see or speak to Chess again. My name is Marianna, and my DOB is Oct 18, 1972. I do not know his.

  • ....If you've read any of this post, guys....she hasn't been doing readings for well over a month. I don't know about you, but I read quite a bit about the person/readings that they have previously done....and only ask for help if it feels right.

  • 1Blondie178, thanks, very good point to be very selective!!!!!

    Right on.

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