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  • Hi Universal harmony:

    Thank you very much for the is how I feel...and will take this towards my decision...again thanks.....

  • Hi Universal Harmony, I posted awhile back. I am in a relationship at the moment. We have been dating for 3 1/2 yrs. What I would like to know is will this be a long term relationship. I live at home. Been divorced for 15 yrs. I am in the process of looking for a full time job. I have a part time one at the moment. My boyfriend has a full time job. I would love for us to move in together. But I want to wait till I have a full time stable job first. Can you, when you have time, do a reading for me and let me know what you see? My birthday is 10/21/63 his is 3/11/60. I really do care about this man a lot. He says he cares about me a lot too. I just want to make sure I don't make any big mistakes is all. If that makes any sense. Thank you in advance for your time. I have really enjoyed reading this thread.


  • Hi Universalharmony,

    Thanks for taking the time to do a reading. I really appreciate your help and I will take your advice.

    Thanks again!


  • Hi UniversalHarmony!Thank you for doing this.Im going througha lot of inner turmoil and depression at the moment.Can feel the transition but still stuck in a limbo.Help!

    Thanks.My DOB 28.11.1969

  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    I would love a reading in regards with love affairs. Do you see my ex cancer come back, or me meeting someone else in the near future. My date is birth 4 May 1962.

    Thank you for offering this.

  • Good Afternoon Universal Harmony,

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for doing a reading for me involving the craziness going on in my romantic life. I felt that your reading was extremely accurate and spot on with the readings I have been doing for myself over the past several months. Your reading was very helpful. Thank you again for offering your time and readings.


  • hi universal harmony. my birth date is aug. 5, 1953. my life is so bad right now that i feel that death is the only way out. i have nothing to go on. the only thing keeping me alive is the love i have for my dog. and i don't understand why people always think the worst of me. please don't tell me that all things work out for the best, or god doesn't give us more than we can handle. that is not stated in the bible. i do thank you for any insight you might give me. because right now, i have absolutely none.

  • Alwayshope, universal harmony has said she has stopped these readings. So please instead make a new thread regarding this.

    And please dont give up. Please pray for help. Please ask for help. And please believe that God can help. There is hope. Just as your name implies.

    And see a doctor. Please go to the doctor if you are that depressed. And as I said, make a new thread where you shout out your need for help, so that people can discuss this with you and share their wisdom and support. Hopefully you will get what you need.

    Remember to not complain. Read my thread about "Why are you complaining?" I started that thread to incourage people to not give up. I am sorry for your turmoil. Please dont give up.

    I am sorry my post can not help you more. I feel you need so much more. You need to start a new thread where we can discuss your issues.

  • I am recently learning how to read Tarot cards myself . Could you please do a reading for me. My date of birth is June 18th. I just want to see what the remaining year holds for me and also next year.Thanks

  • Aries22 and Tonjas2000, I am glad to have helped. And thank you both for helping me with your honest feedback. I appreciate it.

    To everyone else, like theHangedWoman has stated, I am no longer doing readings at this time. If I missed you, I will do this again sometime, so keep an eye out for the thread. I am sorry if I didn't get to you though. Thanks for all those interested and who helped me out asking all types of questions. And thank you for all the feedback.

    I also wanted to add that there are a lot of people on here who don't need a reading. When I say this I mean, you already know the answer to your problem. Listen to your heart, your gut, and your head and make the choice that is best for you. Sometimes we all need that extra nudge but we all must support each other and help people realize they are on the right track. There are a ton of people who are on the right track, so I hope you all find your path. Your intuition is better than you give it credit for. I hope to see you all around on the boards 😃

    Universal Harmony

  • just call me charlie brown. i just got the ball pulled out from in front of me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • UniversalHarmony - Was my reading request one of those you chose not to do? (Page 6 first item) Which is absolutely fine....with the overwhelming response I'm surprised you actually did so many!! I just wanted to inquire so I would not continue checking numerous times daily. Thanks so much!!!

  • Alwayshope, I am sorry you feel this way. And please don't feel as though I shut this post down because or around your question because I have been trying since page 15. Though I am not going to do a full reading but I can offer you this. I will not tell you tell you anything about God or the Bible because I don't even believe in "God" in the biblical sense and I practice any religion. But I have been in your boat. I have felt like ending it all. But that is all the pressure from the things around you and feeling like there is no solution. There is a solution to every problem you encounter. It may be a hard solution, choice, or action you have to take in order to make things start feeling better, but it is something that has to be done. You can't just have your dog to live for, you have yourself. The fact that you are asking for help speaks volumes to your will to live. You don't want to die. With death there is no ease of the pain. Suicide just creates more pain and sorrow. You should visit, they have phone numbers are resources to get help for free. You need an outlet to express your feelings. My advice for now is to try and find someone you feel safe talking with, anyone you feel comfortable with. And forget about what other people say. You can't please others until you please yourself. You can't make people happy unless you are happy. So focus on you for now and you alone. It sounds selfish but suicide is even more so. Suicide is the ultimate selfish act. So take the time to focus on you and only you. What do you feel lke now? Write it down. Write down how you would like to feel. Write down what you need to help you feel better and then write down what you are actually capable of doing or accessing. Take it one step at a time. Depression is a hard feeling to just make go away. It's damn near impossible to "snap out of it" like how some people may ask you to do. Instead realize that you are alive, you have yourself, you have your roof over your head, you have your dog, and you have an able body. Regardless of what is going on in your life, everyday you have something to live for. Pick one thing each day and focus on that. If you need to go to a therapist and speak with a psychiatrist do that, don't be ashamed. Everyone is capable of feeling these things. Just try to stay strong, you do have the inner strength, it is there. When you feel life slipping away something in us starts to claw to gain that life back. Take it easy and live for each day. Forget about what others say and care only for how you want to feel. Then find the small ways each day you can bring yourself some kind of pleasure. And get support, of any kind. It will really help. I hope this helps, I send my best wishes.

    To dfwtexan, I am sorry I could not get to your reading. When I do this again sometime, I will remember you for the future. Thank you 😃

    Universal Harmony

  • problem whatsoever!!! You were very generous to offer readings.... and what a great response and feedback you received!! I too read cards, mostly for friends...and although they all give positive feed back, often times when we read for ourselves it's a bit "hazy".....albiet, other times quite clear! Take a break and enjoy the rest:) !!

  • i would like a reading.. my name is vanessa torres born on june 7 1992 and i wanted to know if my boyfriend who im in love with is cheating on me or has cheated on in the past while being together?

    his DOB is august 28 1990

  • Hi Universalharmoney,

    I would be very greatful if you could give me a reading,

    What if anything is going to happen in my future ? 03/02/1947

  • I am thinking of an former love and if he will contact me? My birthday is 8/20/1954.

  • Wow Universal, you really started something on here, lol 🙂

  • my dob is 12/03/1980 at 8:56am

    I am in the tides of change right now and have found myself in the last 5 months undergoing several extreme challenges. I am now a single mother, working on my Masters in PA with little to no support system. The question has come up to allow my children to live with their father for the next two years while I finish my degree. The plus sides of this are obvious, including my children having a parent to spend more time with them then I have been able to lately. The negative sides include the bond that I have with both of the girls. We debrief nightly and we have a very strong connection on a different level then their father does. He is a great father and I know that they will be taken care of but not on the spiritual/emotional level that I try to.

    i have meditated on this and have been unable to come up with the answer.

    Let them go and finish my degree or try to to it all and hope they are not to neglected by my 60 hours weekly that I do not see them.

    Thanks, for your help.

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