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  • Hi UniversalHarmony, thank you so much for doing this. I am seeking guidance on where my life is heading. I am having a difficult time finding my way into my ideal career path, and making progress in a relationship I hold dear. Could you give me an insight on whats lying ahead for me, or what I should do to get things on track?

    My birthday is 13 May 1981. Thank you again for your help.

  • Good evening UniversalHarmony, I like a reading. I want to know the man in my life do we have a future together. My dob is 01/19/1974 and his is 9/15/1972. Thank you

  • Universalharmony.

    Thank you.

    I hope you can do a full reading for me, as you have given the others.

    I, too, feel it will come soon. I have visualised this so strongly since, yeah, the defeat in 2003 and then the realisation that God wants me to continue my life for real in 2004. It was like being dead and then ressurected.

    No, I am not isolated in the physical sence, but I have kept myself to myself as much as at all possible since my "ressurrection". I have worked myself through my whole life, to cleanse it all away once and for all. As it i said in the Bible: I order to get a life, one must let go of life. This has to do with giving control to God and letting God give gifts and staying open to change that God creates and gives for us. One of the things that I have been needed to be cleansed from, is the fear of not being good enough, the fear of making mistakes, the fear of not being believed when I talk about what God has done for me. It must come from a healed soul. I must talk about it when I am healed. Now I am healed a lot - a lot. And I am almost nearly ; ) ready to take in people in to my social life. And I only mean spiritual people that I feel God has given to me. I am not isolated in the traditional sence. I am married, have a 3 year old daughter and an office job at university. But I am inwardly focused, as I have been all the time, and at least all the time since 2004 (my ressurrection).

    There have been women that God sent to me, but I got afraid and pushed one of them away by saying a few strange things. Since then she kept away from me, thank God for that I think, but I really wanted her to be one of them. Just not at that time. I need to be cleansed a lot before that can happen, and NOW I feel healed. 2009 has been the final year for healing before a group can come to me. I need to be ready. Practice what I preach, so to speak.

    That was a lot of text for you. Hope for a complete reading. Thank you for your kindness.

  • Star49, how are you? Your reading may be kind of vague because you didn't ask any specifics but I did the best I could. Your personality card is The Universe (21) traditionally known as the World. The Universe is well known for being well rounded in mind, body, and spirit. You may be a pretty even tempered person and someone people consider down to earth. Your soul card is the Empress (3). This corresponds nicely with the Universe card. The empress represents many earthly beauties and pleasures. You may be considered generous, enjoy nature, or be called maternal. Your card for the year is the Chariot (7). This is a year of personal development and harnessing your inner desires and quirks. Gaining control of your life and learning which things help you gain speed and progress and which ones take progress away. Don't let your emotions run in many different directions and if they do, remember you alone are the master to them.

    Your reading:

    I did a Mind, Body, and Spirit reading because if you can control these things you can steer your future towards the things you want to happen.

    Mind: Ace of Pentacles. This is a great card to help guide you on your quest to health, money, and a career. The ace of pentacles represents planting seeds of growth. If a work or business opportunity presents itself, this card predicts success. Health and financial security can be yours if you take your dreams and make them a reality. Things should be looking good for you in these areas. This card also wants you to remember to find happiness in the small things, the everyday things that don't cost much to take pleasure in.

    Body: The Lovers (6). This can call to your relationship with your body. It may call for you to start to love your physichal body in a whole new way. This card represents union, togetherness, and learning to love ourselves and others. It also can represent a new love or a need to work on an existing one. Since you are questioning your health, this doesn't mean you are sick by any means, it just means that there are always improvements we can make in our diet, exercise, or lifestyle. Now is the time to love your body and care for it.

    Spirit: The Chariot. You must be ready to begin taking a journey somewhere or maybe you have. This matches up with your year card. Your spirit is asking for you to control your inner and outer qualities to lead you to success. The goals you have in money, career, and health can be reached. It will take learning balance, confidence, and sometimes quick wit but you have those abilities within you. You may also want to think about where you want to direct your spirit, if you want to learn more about your connection with spirituality or if you are happy where you are.

  • The Hangedwoman, I am so glad to hear that you feel you are almost healed. I think the three cards I pulled showed that you are almost there. And the background information about pushing that woman away helps because that is the defensiveness the nine of wands was speaking too. Not the isolation. My advice would be next time you feel you have an opportunity take it slow, don't get too excited, feel it out, and don't let fear get the best of you. You are good enough and everyone makes mistakes. As for skeptics, they are everywhere, but without knowing where someone stands, how will you know what they believe? Or if they believe in what you do too? As for a full reading, do you have a particular question or do you just want me to do a general reading on your spirituality? Or something else? Let me know and we can work together. Do you do readings?

  • Hello Universalharmony --Thanks for taking the time on my reading. All the things I have been trying to accomplish are slowly coming along. Thanks for your advise and guidance towards my mind body and spirit. Star49

  • Universalharmony.

    Yepp, a general reading on my spirituality would be great. I wish you could say someting like: Oh, I see the group coming to you in about a years time, and it is a man and a woman. For example. Cause this is what I want myself. One for my husband and one for me. My husband will probably feel more at ease with the consept once he has got a second opinion. He needs a mans view on what it is, and a man to do it together with. This is something that men and women do separately. I wont bother you anymore with this question after haven gotten a reading from you, then I will wait till the next person comes with the same offer (hahaha). Thanks for your time. And no, I dont really do readings for people.Instead I can feel another persons feelings and even the 3rd persons feelings (the person he/she is contemplating about). But not always.

  • By the way, my husband has not joined this spiritual direction that I have. He is not interested. But I think he will be when he understands that it is this that I have got that has healed me, and also when he gets a 3rd opinion from a man. And one of the women I feel God has sent to me has the same religion as my husband. If she joins, I am sure this will alter my husbands view on this altogether. Thanks again for your time.

  • Hi Universalharmony, my birthday is the 22nd september and i was born 1961, I do not know the time though. I seem to of been feeling quite lost and living my life without any direction or a partner for some years now, and would appreciate it if you could do a reading with aview to see if any changes are likely in the future. Because of circumstances i find myself fighting depression which is also like being on a roller coaster, i would like to feel some zest and vibrancey of life, a spring in my step instead of a heavy clouds and weight. I beleive all is for a reason so I beleive i have been on some learning curve but would like to know the road ahead is being lite!! Well hopefully......

  • Hi Universalharmony : )

    (what a lovely name)

    You may do a reading for me too..........

    Just in general: will I have sucess with my newest endevour?

    not a question on finance, relationship or carreer / luck meant with this.

    more the spritual side of it - learning and reaching intermediate goals

    Thank you.

  • Universalharmony - 2/25/54 - If the offer for a reading is still available I could certainly use some guidance and helpful information! My son and I relocated back to Texas July 2008, it has been a difficult transition but we are getting there. Things career wise seemed to be going fairly well until the last two months and I'm not sure if I'm pursuing the correct path. This is the first time I have been unable to make ends meet. Personally, I am very happy to be home and reconnect with friends and self. I also, for the first time in 10 years had a feeling that there may be a relationship possibility, although I have no idea with whom that might be. So any helpful insight into anything you receive answers for would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Hi Universalharmony

    I've been experiencing a crush lately. His images are all over my head, but I don't have any courage to tell him. I would like to know how the relationship between us head on. Will there be any 2-side romance at all?

    Thank you, and my dob is Oct 22 1989.

  • I would like a reading please. My son died tragically -- I just can't get over it.

    August 28, 1958

  • Hi, my b.d. is 12/25/1967.could you tell me if I`m gonna meet love of my life soon and about my job

  • Hello, My birthday is 6-25-1965

    i just found out in june my husband had an affair , and we have been married 20 years , and we have two beautiful teenagers and im lost and confused, need a reading if u are willing? never done this brfore but always belived, please help me wiyh some real insite, i could use some about now. hes been gone 3 months now, and has been talking divorce till sunday the 20th and he said he was confused, and now he said he needs time to think. i GET THE FEELING THE AFFAIR MY NOT BE OVER !

    looking for another oppinion, or other insite would love so help.

    waiting patiently 3 months now, do i stay and wait or do i move on .

    sitting pretty in miami.

  • Hi, I would love a reading. In a relationship with a sag ( 11/22/54 ). I am a libra ( 9/27/56 ). This relationship has been off and on for about 2 yrs. Need to know the possibilities. and if I'm wasting my time. Thanks

  • thank you would love a reading, need a new career move do not know what to do i am a nurse right now never really was my choice just fell into it have not been happy but the money is good would rather be happy have no real talents or gifts. birthday 10/14/55

  • Hi Universalharmony! I really do need a reading. The love of my life decided yesterday for us to just "be friends". I was wondering if we have a future together.

    His = 6/27/53

    Mine = 11/1/53

  • Hi,

    I would be honored to be part of your education. My specifics are below.

    Birth name: Elizabeth Kate Hoover

    D.O.B. 11/151955

    Time of birth: 10:47 am

    Place of birth: Miami, FL.

  • well hello there i am very interested in recieving one your readings

    my name is tonya sherell dorsey dob is 2474 shreveport,la 445 am i am really on need of information to where is my husband constantly disappearing to and why he doesnt have any money

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