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  • Danielle, (I hope you don't mind my calling you by name).

    The 4th house is the house of home, your home life past present and future. Your childhood, parents, siblings and ancestors. Gemini is the sign of thought and communication on a personal level. So with Gemini in your 4th house you put a lot of thought into what kind of home you have and provide. Gemini is also a sign of intellect. So you make sure the decisions regarding your home and homelife are made with your head in tow and not just your heart. The moon in Gemini is where your imagination and creativity come into play - poetry, tarot interpretations, Home decor, etc. It is also condusive to an active mind. You react on a mental plane and are apt to get perceptive impressions from the world and because your sun is a water sign, you tend to have a higher emotional nature about you. So you use your head and your heart. Not bad huh!

    The hermit - Crone is what that card represents to me, because I am a woman and the Crone represents a wise old woman who knows how to tap into the knowledge of the Universe, and is self sufficient. Of course I am not that woman yet, but I am always trying to get there. I hope I never stop learning. I view the Hierophant as the teacher card. He represents a mentor or intuitive guidance.

    The 5th house is the house of creativity and sex (pleasure), Children, art, leisure anything that gives pleasure. So you like to entertain or be entertained. This is the area where you "shine." So I guess you will make an awsome mother if you ever choose to do so. However in relationships your pride may get in the way.

    Ascendant in Aquarius means this is how the world sees you and your outward projection of yourself. So you are friendly, honest, witty, lively, and use words to create. Read about Aquarians and that is what you present yourself to be to the outside world.

    Does this help?


  • Hello Ida41, how have you been? Thank you for being patient.I finished your reading on your question regarding your career and love life. I have drawn three cards in a non specific spread to help give you some unbiased insight and hopefully guidance towards your future. Your personality and soul card is the Lovers (6). This explains your questions about whether you will find the love of your life, I feel you have always been searching. Perhaps in the past acting more out of love for the word love rather than the meaning and the feeling. You probably have a great imagination and you tend to work well with others. Your card for the year is The Hanged Man (12). You currently feeling suspended between two worlds or realities. Like you said you just lost your job and you are unsure of what stage of your life you want to start now. I would say this feeling will come to pass by the end of the year and things will begin to look up and new avenues of life will open up to you.

    I received the Four of Swords, the Emperor (4), and the Seven of Wands in your reading. The Emperor stands to needing to put a plan into action. Putting some order and authority into your every day routine to try and help you get back on track. Even if you don't find a job right a way, having a daily routine or schedule can help you feel better because you feel almost like you would while working. It will get you ready to get back into the workforce and I think the Emperor stands to a possibility that you soon will find employment. The Four of Swords stands to you being resting and easy on yourself. Don't take this time to beat yourself up or blame yourself for everything that has transpired. Now is the time to forgive yourself for whatever you are mad at yourself for and take this time to heal. Now is the perfect time to treat your mind and spirit to some loving care based solely on yourself. This will get you ready to get back in the workforce and to face a lover or lovers with confidence and self assurance. You are worthy of both these things and now is the time to help yourself realize it. The Seven of Wands speaks to courage, courage to put yourself on the market. To not be afraid to possibly be the one who makes the approach instead of waiting for someone to stroll into your life. It may also be time to have the courage to look into new avenues for work, to bring your skills to whole new levels and not doubt yourself in thinking you can not do it. If you have something you have wanting to try but have held back, now is the time to start making a plan to act. I think that love will come into your life by next year, the beginning of a relationship or a deep friendship of that nature but until then you need to take all these other things into consideration.

    Universal Harmony

  • Nanette, that makes so much sense on way too many levels lol. Thank you so much. How long has it taken you to become this knowledgeable? It is great. And it fine to call me Danielle, I don't mind at all.

  • Hello Sun50, I have at last, done your reading :). I thank you for bearing with me. And I hope this advice is still timely enough for you to use, though I feel that it is. For starter's your card for the year is Strength (8). This is a year of challenges, especially with this man. It feels like you are being tested to the core, learning new things about how you cope and deal with situations of the heart. This is a year to find your inner strength to guide you through any and all hardships and it is also a reminder that your inner strength is sometimes larger than we imagine. I have done a three card non specific draw. These last two draws, the theme with love is courage. The courage to act. I received the Seven of Wands, Sage of Swords, and Six of Swords. The Six of Swords speaks to passage. In this sense I feel it is more of a mental passage. The worst of the worst is over, you have traveled through the storm. But now is the time to move on from this mess. The mistreatment, the promising to do one thing and not living up to it, all these things are his problem and not yours. You need to forgive yourself, heal your anger towards him, and move towards the future. It is time to shed this time of turmoil. Once you do this things will look up. The Seven of Wands speaks to the courage it takes to act on this. I feel like this card and this reading in general is speaking to whether you really need to put yourself through this with this man. Though you may feel a strong emotional connection, you may need to realize that you can find that with many others and that if you are constantly moving forward only to be farther back than when you started, it may be time to move forward. This card speaks to the courage to act solely for yourself. To seriously contemplate what is ahead and make the decision that is best for you, regardless how you feel for someone else. The last card is the Sage of Swords. Though the Sage is smart, witty, charming, and attractive, he can also get to a point of manipulation, greed, and a lack of emotional connect. I think this speaks about the man in your life. He may embody some of these characteristics, he lures you in and is very intriguing to you, but he is a master of swords and can say words that hurt and cut you. You may need to reevaluate what you get from this relationship and if this is a man you want to spend extra or any more effort on. Though all this may not seem positive depending on how you look at it now, there is always room for growth, improvement, and the chance of something better to come. These things will all help guide you towards that decision and your future.

  • Danielle,here's your reading,i'm excited so i'm emailing it and posting it.

    I got the rider-waite cards, like I said before I wanted the connelly cards

    because they are so popular. But they jumped out at me as if to say, you can

    understand us, we will speak to you in a direct manner that you will get. It was

    a complete intuition, that's why I hesitated to just grab anything.

    I also purchased the "Tarot for Your Self" by Mary Green, a different reader

    told me is a popular manual.

    I meditated like you said and to visualize you and what I know, I asked out loud

    about your emotions/perceptions/your mind blocks in you how you can get a better

    handle to help your job situation...essentially, what is undermining you while

    shuffling your cards by spreading them widely out in a circular motion with both

    hands. It was basically me asking what is wrong with you thats making the

    problem worse. I take complete confidence that this it wasn't my energy. I did

    it in thirty minutes doing the celtic ten spread, which I seem to be most

    comfortable with. I cut the cards and spread them when I felt like my mind was

    clear. I did another reading for the same friend incorporating what I learned

    about tarot reading and guidelines, how to ask questions in a meaningful way,

    and how you can change the cards to get the message to come in louder. Or how

    you can see past, present, and future in your cards. It just intuitively worked

    better for both her and I, it had the meaning, it was real. I didn't see

    pictures like you said in your reading but i got the story, i figured out the


    I immediately saw lots of cups meaning emotions and swords meaning battles, you

    had a lot major arcana cards. My main thing for you is to seek love and more

    support from others to help rebuild your self esteem, confidence, sense of worth

    and belonging to get over the pain of your past. don't get too caught up in

    judgements or preconceived ideas that people may have of you, don't become

    completely discouraged. you really need to do your homework, be more structured,

    and prepared. part of the problem is some of energy is not been focus on what

    you really want and your fulfillment, you need to work out what you want and

    what you need.i also think you ought to work on your communication, i really

    suggest reading books about interpersonal communication, interviewing, anything

    that will resonate with you and help you speaker in a clearer,more concise, but

    in a good hearted way. Also books to help you work on your self esteem and

    letting go of the past, and ones that help you battle negative thoughts. DOUBT

    won't help you at all.

    Card one Problem/ How you could evolve/what you must work on

    Knight of Pentacles Reversed


    Wasted efforts or resources

    lacking initiative or persisitance

    Advice: You would benefit from relying on others for stability and reliability,

    you need support. You need to not feel discouraged.

    Card two,conflict/impediments

    Page of Swords

    dealing with fears and depression

    needing to get out what you need to say

    needing to take risks

    needing to find the truth of the matter to get answers

    Advice: you need to be more open about communication

    Card three, what is truly the problem underneath the surface

    The Devil (Capricorn tendency)

    You don't need to have a structured view. Don't look at things at the surface,

    dig deeper. Get over fear and ignorance.doubt and pessissism can't help. be

    creative, be more flexible.

    Card four, how you can handle/or structure situation

    Death Reversed (Scorpio tendency)

    you're dealing with a lot new experiences of emotions, almost like a "little

    death". needing to get over prolonged pain and distress. don't feel plagued.

    needing to recover from grief, sadness, or depression. NEEDING TO LET IT GO.

    Card five, higher awareness/ how you incorporate what you now know and accept

    The emperor

    confidence, do more ordering and planning. you're seeking your life, passion,

    and vision. requires ordering thoughts and energies, you should borrow from the

    boldness of ARIES with respect to power and discpline.

    Card six, the future and how you should execute thinsg

    Ace of Swords reversed

    Are you needing help such as counseling? This card is really heavy to suggest

    that you might have experienced extreme substance abuse, eating disorders,

    something to do with your body and perhaps self esteem. You need to learn how to

    love yourself. need to be accepting of HELP in receiving love to help you get

    over patterns and habits to form a new direction. the habit can just be bad


    Card seven, how you see yourself/work/status/energy

    Strentgh Reversed

    Being overwelmed by forces outside of your control, don't be too concerned about

    perception, don't get caught up on attitudes of others.Don't be timid.just

    listen to your instincts. you can find strenth to begin or continue a difficult's just not going to be easy, don't let demoralize you.

    Card eight, how i see the environment/influence of others.

    nine of cups

    don't watch things happen and believe it.

    don't always accept what you see and always believe it.


    your intuition.

    Advice: you need to work on your lust for life. try to keep your emotions in

    hand, you have to learn how to handle your intense emotions. you have to accept

    judgement, but make into a positive.


    VISION"--it will help you with your growth and letting it go.

    card nine, getting harmony/achieving the goal

    seven of swords

    GOT to get over being overwelmed by the odds, you just have to be more

    intentional about really researching the job. you have to collect the knowledge

    and ideas of others, and really be focused on preparation.

    What is your strategy to your ends? drop all defenses and be more open.

    Card 10,the outcome,if i do what i should/ how i should express myself

    ten of cups

    enjoy what is good in your life.

    eing at home with yourself and love,you need more support from others, seek

    help, seek love. you need to work on your inner emotional fulfillment. YOU HAVE




    Be more optimisitc.

  • You ought to write down everything i wrote for cards 3 through 6 and switch the

    meanings to get the message of the cards louder. so card number 3 switches down

    to card 4, card 4 becomes card 5, and card 6 becomes card 3. you switch their

    meanings like 3 times going in order back to what they were originally were.

    for example, card 3 the devil becomes card 4's meaning of how you should handle

    the situation--it then it tells you really shouldn't accept things at the

    surface, you shouldnt allow things to deter you from applying to jobs.doubt and

    pessissim wont help you, you need to be more creative and flexible in your

    efforts,not everything is black and white.

    card 4 death reversed becomes card 5 meaning of higher awareness/ what you

    should incorporate

    it basically says you have to get a handle on your emotions, you need to figure

    out how you can get over the past, seek more love and be more open about your


    card 5 the emperor becomes card 6 meaning the future and execution you have to

    be confident, you need to do more planning, you need to seek your passion, life,

    and vision. be more like an aries

    card 6 ace of swords becomes card 3 meanings about the problem, whats under the


    its really about you coming to grips with your past, having self

    acceptance,loving oneself, needing to get over bad negative thought

    habits--needing help.

  • Danielle,

    I am not that knowledgeable, and still refer to books! I know the basics there is so much I don't know and couldn't hold a decent in depth conversation. I just got the tip of the iceberg, and like I said a lot of books! By the way someone **** one of my words in my last post to you! I didn't think in that context it would be inappropriate. So sorry to the Admin of this board.


  • Nanette, lol, that has happened to me too before. I guess they aren't taking any chances lol. And you may not be an expert but you definitely have knowledge. And if I wanted to look at knowledge as something I was lacking in an area, it is also something that you have in an area. You have been very helpful to me on this board.

    Kelly, I replied to your reading in the email. Oh, I wanted to add one thing, the thing about the substance abuse and eating disorder thing is not true. It was more the second thing, the habit of bad thoughts. Having a mind stuck on repeat. Aside from that, thank you for your insight. And to be honest, I will have to post that up in my room as all the things I do not want to be because seeing it all written out like that is embarrassing. It is natural for everyone to experience these emotions, especially in job matters, but it is embarrassing that it is so transparent. But I know that is also because we have already established somewhat of a connection. I love the concentration and thought you put into your reading before and after you did it. Thank you for helping me get one step closer to improving upon myself. Since I started my website, I have felt confident, happy that I took a leap of faith and had confidence with myself and just did it. But this also reminds me I have a long way to go.

  • all the best in your new job.well to you.


  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    THANK YOU so much for e reading. Everything you wrote about me & my personality is very true and accurate. I am really having difficulty in expressing myself emotionally. Not sure whether this is because of my family brought up or its an in-built character within myself. Someone did told me that my vulnerability is actually my strength, i should actually show it to help myself and others.

    I REALLY appreciate the time and effort you have given to each and everyone of us here in this forum.

    Regarding the situation, you have projected good insight and advises to me. MILLION THANKS. At least i am clear about the situation and i know, or can confidently proceed my next step which i have planned.

    Once again, Thank you and wish you well and love always


  • Thank you so much Carolyn

  • I am so glad to hear that Fishy76. And I agree with what that person said, you don't want to be vulnerable to the point of being easily taken advantage of but showing that you have that side is a strength. I hope this situation works out well. I feel it will =). Thank you for all your thanks. You have helped me to feel good as well. Take care.

    With love,

    Universal Harmony

  • I would like to receive a reading. My DOB is October 29, 1959. I just graduated from college. Yes, at my age. Do you see me obtaining a good position in my field? Also, I have not dated for many years. Do you see love in my future? Thank you, in advance.

  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    Back on pg 4 I requested a reading regarding a man I work with and then on pg 9 I got scared and said I could wait as I was afraid of the answer. My own intuitions have been really skewed lately and would like your input, or anyone else who is practicing readings. I read that you are not taking any more readings but then that you were continuing on. If you are doing all readings up to a certain point, I am still interested (and scared!). If you are willing but need more to go on, let me know, I'd rather not put all the details out here. It's a little stickier than just a lack of communication as you mentioned in a previous post. Thanks for your consideration!



  • Aries22, thanks for waiting for me. Your personality and soul card is The High Priestess (2). You are probably a real thinker, going over things in your head. You also probably have a quiet, private side, keeping many inner feelings to yourself until you feel comfortable to let some of them known. Your card for the year is The Hermit (9). This a a year of soul searching, growing ties to spirituality, and journey. This is a great year to deepen your connections with yourself and with your beliefs. This is also a great time to track your dreams and write them down. Your personality/soul card and this card indicate you could learn a lot from them.

    The cards that I received are the Seer of Swords, Eight of Pentacles, and the Four of Swords. These are not laid in any specific way rather just to get a feel for the situation. To start off quite frank, I don't see signs of a serious relationship with this guy soon. This woman may appear to be in the picture for a bit. I say this because the Seer of Swords indicates a need to communicate, you probably need to ask him what his intentions are, where you guys want this relationship to head, and what his relationship with this other woman is. Now is not the time to argue but to have a real serious conversation. The seer of swords can also represent this man or woman. One of them probably says things without always thinking, using words that can cut like knives. I feel that the Eight of Pentacles and the Four of Swords all tie into this situation. You may want to take a step back, or retreat as the four of swords suggests. Take some time for yourself to look at the big picture. I think this indicates that now is not the time to go all in and throw your entire self into this relationship. I think mastery or the Eight of Pentacles comes into play here because while taking a step back and giving things a bit of time, it may be asking you to master a certain skill. Maybe communication. Maybe your outlook on this relationship. Or on yourself. Either way, now is the time to step back and improve on things before moving into commitment.

  • I would like a reading please,It would mean a lot to me so thank you for offering free reading

    I would like to know if my ex boyfriend and I ill get back together

    my birthday august 9th 1989, his is October 4th 1985

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi my birthday is May 4, 1984 and my potential mate his is July 3, 1987. I love him very much and I wonder if we are going to get back together (if we are meant to be) and if he is in love with anyone else. Please let me know.

  • Hi,

    I haven't scrolled through, but yeah, I'd love a reading.

    Usually I am the one offering advise, so it would be nice to get some.

    My name is Bridget, born April 18, 1975 in Canada

    I gues what I'd like to know is if I'll ever feel in control of my life, not living for the happiness of others?

    I know we all must sacrifice for others, but why do I feel my whole life is for helping fulfill the dreams of the man I love, and he can't focus on anything but himself?

    Am I not important, just here for others?

    Cause if I am, I can cope with that...but I need to know.


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