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  • It was my pleasure theHangedWoman. To be very honest, I didn't do a full reading because I felt the first one answered most of your questions. You have everything you need to be successful in your spiritual quest, you just have to believe in yourself more. And I think you know that. But you have been doing a beautiful job of offering others guidance and that is a huge sign that you have already incorporated some of that light you are reaching for into your life. And I know your spiritual family will come, they will be drawn to your dedication, sincerity, and concentration on your goals. Patience and perserverance is all you need. Thank you for your feedback 😃

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    Thank you so much for the reading. Its very interesting that this year is the Justice card. Thats a card that has frequently came up in the past readings over the years, and I was never quite certain how I can apply it to my life better. I am a lawyer by training (ever since my first Justice card at 22 and thought it reflected that I made a right choice for grad school) but in recent times (this year in particular), I have been finding it difficult to make an inroad into the career that I want. Honestly, when I wrote asking for guidance, I was at the point of giving up on my dreams having been pretty lost, paralyzed with indecision really, this whole year on how to make things happen. Seeing that card, I think, has given me the strength to give stick with my chosen career, and keep trying. (Though, haha I admit, it also means, you haven't tried hard enough all year thats why you are stuck like a pig in the mud=D ).

    In relation to the relationship question, I think is quite accurate. The person I care a lot of about, think, at most can only be characterised as close friends. But I always felt we have this strange chemisty between us that goes more then that. I know it sounds absolutely nuts, but sometimes I can feel him. Haha, quite useful really because at least I know when he would (or would not) call. But since we now live in two different countries, I never told him how I felt about him, and frankly, even when we were in the same country, I was quite scared that taking that step would only damage the relationship. Because I have never placed him in a pure friends category, I have always conceals aspects of myself that I would not with other friends, simply because I could not be sure he would stick around if he found out how I feel, and my feelings are not reciprocated. Its been nearly a year, and through effort, we have remain in relatively close contact. Haha, definitely not as much as I liked, but well, I always want more. I'll try to not hide so much, though I admit its hard. My first instincts is always to protect myself.

    I'm very glad that you pulled the Sun card. In definite need of some hope for change. Thank you for the reading Universal Harmony, it has given me the strength to start trying again and not be so scared that things wont work out.

    Thank you!

  • hi universalharmony!

    i'd really like a reading to see if my time for a major change (job and country of residence) is getting closer. my d.o.b is 2 november 1965


  • SeekingClarity, you are very welcome =). It is funny that you have been getting this card a lot in readings. Sometimes when we read the cards, we get so wrapped up in the symbolism and the meaning behind the meaning that we forget we can take them literally at times too. I am so glad this has helped you to make a decision on your career. Law school can be tough I have heard so I can understand feelings of uncertainty especially when that is such a competitive field. When you have doubts just remember you were smart enough and talented enough to make it this far. And with this education, even if this career is not for you, you now have the ability to open so many doors for yourself. As for this person in your life, it must be tough when you are in two different countries. But you may just want to open up, the cards are showing you might be surprised what happens. Do what is comfortable to you though, but don't be afraid to go out on a limb sometimes. You are going to do great and based on what you have been going through, it is only natural for the sun to shine through after the clouds.

    BenteStoker, how are you? I started off with figuring out your personality, soul, and year card. Your personality and soul card is the Hierophant (5). You are an intense individual. You work hard, you desire hard, and you set your goals high. You are a constant student and a great teacher. You also have a very spiritual core just as the Hierophant does. You can also be slightly private. Your card for the year is The Lovers (6). This may mean someone new coming into your life by the end of the year. It can also symbolize strengthing existing relationships with the ones you care about and also with yourself. This is a year of exploration of self and others. I decided to do a past, present, future reading. You didn't really have an exact question so these cards are just general answers towards your questions on love, job, and relocation.

    Past, Death (13). Some phase of your life has ended in the recent past. You or perhaps even someone else has closed one door of your life, probably a large part. You may have had a hard time coming to terms with this event but you have emerged stronger from the pain of it. Since this card is in the past, it shows that transformation has come from this event. A new addition to your perspective on life has been added from this experience and now you have started to move on. Has a relationship ended? Just curious.

    Present, The Wheel of Fortune (10). You are now presently is a transitional period. In between locations or jobs or both. It also means that something big, probably a move, will happen soon. This card normally means good outcomes in the changing times, but it also means get ready to be taken for a spin. Not necessarily a bad one, but a change that may take some getting used to. I am sorry I can't pick up on specifics from this. This card is a reminder to find your eye of the storm, that inner calm, to help you move easily from one place to the next.

    Future, Three of Cups. The period to come next will be a time where you should concentrate on spending time or talking with your friends. The bonds you have can be strengthened and they can treat you with love and respect. You may need to utilize your friends in helping you find a job (or changing jobs), through some of their own contacts or a place or opening they may have heard/read about. It will be a time for you to all come together and support one another. This will be a good period of time though because this support and time with one another will help you benefit on a personal and even a professional level.

    I hope this is of some help. The presense of two major arcana cards show that some definite serious life molding experiences are taking place. You will see them through and be triumphant in the end. I would love any feedback you have.

    Universal Harmony

  • Thank you so much universalharmony.

    The loss was a huge dream of mine to be an educator fore children aged 5 through 10. it was shut thoughroughly as i wouldnt allow me being victimized just because they could.that was an ending of a path and past.

    thank you. illl gonna reread and repost my thanx.

  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    You must have spend alot of energy helping us on our qns. Great work!

    errrr, i do hope i am one of the previledge one in your reading list.

    plsssss and Thank You so much

    Rest well..


  • Thank you for your quick response. I use Mary Greer's formula also. I was more curious at your interpretation of the cards as personality, soul cards. Also are you using the World Spirit Tarot and the Spiral Tarot decks? You have such a genuine; authenticness about you. Have you considered getting certified as a reader?


  • Hi UniversalHarmony,

    My birthday is Sept. 19, 1962

    Born 2:39 p.m

    What's my financial future outlook.

    Thank you

  • Hi Universalharmony, I decided to write you one more time.Hope you will do the readings for me, I really ned sime insight about my future.Recently I lose my job and my love life doesnt exsist. I`m divorced for long time and had just one relationship after that.Could you tell me any insight about my future, my love life and my carrier, my BD is 12/24/1967. Thanks, Ida41

  • Hi Univeral harmony:

    I had sent you a message earlier for a reading,,,,I need your help.....I need to make a decision ASAP......and I know that your guidance is what is required....please reply to me if you cannot do a reading...looking forward to you response...


    His birthday 02/07....mine 07/26.

  • Hi Universalharmony

    Thank you so much for my reading. I really appreciate that you took the time out of your busy schedule to do a reading for me. What tips can you give about tarot beginner. I have Rider deck. Thanks again..

  • Hi there , I would love to have a reading, my birthday is sept 14/64, and would like to know about my relationship, my guy has such a hard time showing his emotions and sometimes it leaves me feeling very insecure about our future , his bday is Aug 28/67

    is he crazy about me or just biding time with me till someone else comes along?

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    Thank you so much for my reading. I really appreciate that you took the time to do my reading. Can u give me tips on tarot beginner. I have Rider deck. What type of spread is best. Thanks again.

  • BenteStoker, I am sorry to hear about this loss. But with one thing ending, I see you walking through bigger and brighter doors. Take time to mourn your loss and then move on. I was just recently mourning the loss of a job over things beyond my control and it is a heart wrenching experience. It messes with your feelings of self-worth. But you are worthy and eventually you will navigate yourself where you want to be. Thank you for the feedback :).

    Nanettesplace, you are right, I am using the World Spirit Tarot. I do not use Spiral tarot, but if it seems similar to the WST deck than I would love to check it out. Do you use similar decks? I love my World Spirit Tarot deck. You must know the cards if you can identify them like that. Do you read? Mary Greer is great with a formula like that, isn't she? As for my interpretation, I guess I just really think how each card that represents the querant would pertain to the querant. I just kind of let my fingers do the typing and whatever comes to my intuition comes out. I feel I can feel out a lot about a person and who they are fairly easily and it is a great tool to use when I do identify the personality/soul cards. I am thinking about becoming certified but I am researching which organization would be the best to get the certification from. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for the compliment, you have really flattered me =).

    Cc2510, it was my pleasure. If you are beginning with the Rider-Waite tarot I would say never be afraid to refer to your book when you have questions. I would say every reading that you give yourself, write down in a journal or notebook. Read them and review them. As time goes by add into your notebook how these cards appeared in your life, what affects they may have made, and observations that you left out the first time you read. Sometimes, it takes time for the full meaning of a reading to make sense until something happens and it is like whoa. I have been on doing tarot writing excercises. There is on where you pull a card and use one word to describe the card. Then you pull another card and use the last letter of the first word to describe this new card. Example: The Magician, dedicated. The Emperor, Dominion. Try to come up with one word descriptions for each card. And stare at the cards. Don't rush yourself. Let the imagery wash over you and see what images call to you. You can always add on to "official" interpretations if you see something that may fit. There is always the traditional meaning, but this is about finding meaning within these that fit for you. Don't be afraid to play around with it. I also like to light candles and incense when I do readings, but that is just me. These are just some beginners tips but let me know if have any other concerns. I am still a student so I love learning new things too.

    To BlackWyvern you are next. Fishy76, ida41, and Sun50, I will get to you guys soon. I don't want to offend any one but all these love questions, I can tell some people now, the problem is they put others before themself. I have been offering a reading on anything and people want to know what is going on between this one and how that one feels. Communication is all it takes to know where you stand with one another. You could be concentrating on how to better yourself or what you need to do to be happy with life, but people are putting others before themselves. I am not asking for selfishness but with women especially most of the times the problem is that they just don't respect themselves as much as this other person. But alas, this is just advice. I will be posting a little later, so keep an eye out.

  • When you have time could you do me a reading 19/08/61

    many thanks

  • Hi Universal Harmony,

    Just wanted to thank you again for helping all of us. I know you are super busy so I wanted to let you know that I am in no rush. You can get to me when you get to me.



  • Hello!

    I am Cheryl, 5/13/1984. Could you tell me about my destiny? What am I supposed to do with my life?


  • Thanks Universalharmony for the tips..

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