What The Tarot cards mean to Me (Wands)

  • Wands are the element of fire, ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS.

    Wands can be also be called Batons, Maces or Sceptres.

    The season linked to the Suit of Wands is Spring and it mends power and business.

    On the Ace of Wands I can see the sky is all gold as if the sun was around but you can’t see the sun. I can also see there is gold colour water and I can see one wand and a hand round it. At the top of the wand is a flower and there is some light of power going to the hand that is holding the wand.

    What the card means

    Well the power going into the hand it’s telling me there are new beginnings so that you can have a better way of doing things. You can also express yourself more or to allow some type of talent you have to unfold and come up with a solution in your life. You may feel that you can tackle the world again if you have been ill. You may also start to be inspire by others or others may be inspire by you. You can also give 100% confidence to others as you will start to believe in yourself if that confidence was not there. This cards shows in the gold water that things will work out for you so have faith in yourself. You need to face your fears and take the new challenge and go beyond your limits.

    If you are in to making things to sell or to keep then now is the time to do it. There may also be a new baby on it’s way into the world and you may get some news of this soon.

    So to sum up this card shows that there is some type of new beginnings as in the birth of a child, new job, making something new happen or building something for someone. But it’s also saying you can make new beginnings with friends, family or new people.

  • Two of Wands

    First I see a man with a small stone wall that you could climb over and there is sand on the other side of this small wall. You can see some hills on the right of the card and what looks to be a small area of land to the right of him. He is holding a ball that looks like the world and there are two wands. The man is holding one and the other one is in the ground near to the wall. The man is wearing Black boots and an gold to yellow top with a red long type of coat.

    He may be a man that has a job to command others like in the army or a boss in work. He may be calling the shots from the boss to the workers. He’s a person that will try to achive his goals. He may go and dare to do what he wants to do and he will sometimes take risks. If you like to gamble then why not put a small bit of money on. You may have to take a situation head on to get on better in life.

    So this card’s tells me that you may travel to other places in your area or in some other area of the world. You must think of any command or boss as someone that is good to you and to help them to get what they want.

  • The three of wands

    If you were looking at the card then you would see a man standing on a cliff with three wands. Two of the wands are to each side of him and the third is behind him and to one side of the left of the one to the man’s right side. Over the cliff we can see the sea and some ships all heading to the right on the card. The man is looking down at theses ship as well as holding one to the wand on his right side. We have a orange sky so there’s are looking to too bad and he is standing on grass.

    What the card is saying to us is that sometimes we need to things in a different way and that is why he is on a cliff. He is planning something ahead of time and looking for greater possibilities in life. The ships themselves tell me that we should try to see what will happen in the unknown areas. This way we can see what may be at the horizon and find some new adventure to go on. Maybe he can see something and the ships are going out there to find out what it is as then don’t know what’s out there. The unknown area is good sometimes to find out more about and this is what the man may be doing. He may know what is out there and the ships are going to buy, sell or just help some other people. He may of showed them the way to go to get to some other place.

    So we can take this card and see that the man may be planning something or looking at his life and trying to get the right things for himself. He may have asked his men to find out what is going on somewhere or to help other people by selling or buying things. But they may of gone out to save people too. The men in the ships may be going to the unknown areas to find things out. So there may be travel for you to come.

  • Four of Wands

    First there is a castle in the picture and in front of this castle we have two women. The two women are wearing white dresses and one lady has part of a red dress without any sides on it. The lady on the right that has the red over her white dress is holding four red roses in her right hand. The lady dressed in white has four roses in each hand. There are some men and women entering the castle. There are four wands with roses on the top and going across the four wands.

    I can see that the two ladies’ are enjoying themselves outside the castle on the nice green grass. The men and women may be going into the castle for a party as there is a happy event taking place. This event may be the success of a new job or a new business or just a job well done. Then it may be someone that has the freedom to do more things as in there 18 birthday party. But yet again it may just mean that someone is cutting loose from there old life to move on to new things. So they can get away from things they no longer need and then can look forward to the new things like singing to people, helping people or what ever. We must not forget it could be a birthday party or a wedding or something like a dance with someone. Or maybe its going to be a surprise that you are going to have and something you really would like.

    The Four of Wands often means freedom and this freedom can take many forms, but it always brings with it is an good feeling. When we break the bonds that are physical, mental or emotional, we feel able to move on to a new period in own life for growth and happiness. If you feel trapped right now, use the energy of the Four of Wands to launch you into freedom. Do not be afraid to claim the open vistas that are rightfully yours.

  • Five of Wands

    Well on the Five of Wands we see some grass and some men fighting, but one man is standing with his wand looking at the others. The sky is blue so what’s going on.

    Well this means that you may feel that someone is at cross-purposes with you or you find yourself in a debate over something. If there is a contest then you may get a thrill as you may get involved in a game or sport but don’t try to outdo yourself. It may be that you are looking for minor setbacks or looking for a fight. If you are looking for a fight then please think again as it is not what you should be thinking. You may have been challenged to do something in the office so think of how to go about using it and change it.

  • Six of wands

    The card has a white horse with a green cloth over its body with its head showing. The head and neck are showing as white and the reins are also green. There is a man sitting on the horse with one wand in his right hand. On top of the wand in his right hand is a circle of green leaves. There are two women at the back of the horse and to its left side holding wands as well as three other people at the front left that are holding wands. I can’t see if the three at the front are male or female. There are some trees in the background as I can see green leaves as if there are trees there.

    Well this card is trying to tell us that there may be good news to come. You may soon get a prize that you entered into or just being pride of yourself. It may be saying that the boss or someone close to you may give you a pat on the back for doing something or you receive a award for something. You may have done something that people really like and enjoy and now is the time to earn some applause. Sometime we need to put others first and not think of ourselves. If we want to get praise in our life then sometimes we must think of other people and we come out better. The stars we all love there songs, or what they play in soaps and drama and we hold out head high for them to do there sort of acts. We praise the people by buying there tickets and CD, DVDs, but they are just like us human and with the skill to help us enjoy ourselves.

    So we should be happy to sometimes give and take to any stars in buying there CDs after the hours of work then put in. We must be happy that we have a good time and we do receive things from our school, college or work. If we got a good letter then at last say thank you and if you are getting something from someone then say thanks. We all forgot sometimes that we can say thanks in so many ways and this is a message that something good is coming your way.

  • Seven of wands

    Well on this card I can see a nice blue sky with some gray near to the green grass. We see a man on the grass on a hill and he is holding a wand in both hands and the left side of his wand is pointing down. There are six wands that are pointing up towards him as if there is about to be a battle. Or he may be getting ready for a battle.

    Well sometimes we make the first shot in battle as we may come out into a road and make someone slow down. We may change lanes without signaling first so please use the system all the time when driving. The system is Inside Mirror follow by the mirror for the turn you are going to make, then signal, then recheck the mirror that you are going to move towards, move over to the new area of the road or if turning move into the new road. Doing this stops all drivers from saying he should put his signal on. Another first shot could be that someone is kissing your wife or girlfriend, but if you are female then just take it to be your man. We fire the first shot by not thinking and asking the other half first. Then we hit them and of course why did we do it as they are friends. So we have a fight and for what? Does a kiss to a friend mean anything? Sometimes if you are the boss of a business and you are finding it hard to understand what’s going on within that business then you are missing something out. As like the man on the card sometimes you should stand for what is right but try to think of what the fight may cost you. Most frustration can be stopped if we only use the roads right by not overtaking at the wrong time. Also by using signals at the right times at roundabouts and that means when we need to turn left using the left signal as we come up to the roundabout. If we plan to go ahead at the roundabout then signal left as we pass the first exit. If we are turning right then the right signal goes on. Anyone with a driving licence does not have the right to break the rules so this is saying to me that we should use the rules. We may not like them but they are there to make us safe. If we are under pressure then take 5 minutes to think and do something about it without fighting. There are better ways to short things out without fighting and that is by talking. So if we use the rules and we talk like grown ups we should be able to see what others are trying to get over to us. So maybe take time you see someone kissing your boyfriend, girlfriend think it may be a friend they are kissing.

    So the seven of wands is saying to think before you act as fighting is not always the best thing to do. If we no something is wrong then try talking it over with someone first as it may help. Maybe the law can help you to get to the bottom of it. When driving always look right up the road and not 200 to 300 yards up. When joining others roads use the correct signals so

    At roundabouts

    Left turn use the left signal as you are driving up to the roundabout.

    Ahead, Drive up to the roundabout and pass into the roundabout and as you pass the exit at the line signal left. Do not come up to a roundabout signaling right as it tells other people you are turning right or moving out to the right.

    Right turn Use the right signal up to the roundabout then at the exit you need to take at the white line use the left signal.

    Frustration is case by other drivers not using the right system to turn into other road. Frustration can be done by not understand others and then fights happen.

  • Eight of Wands

    Well on the card we are on a hall and I can see eight green arrows and eight red arrows. There is a blue sky and some white clouds.

    The four green arrows means that there is some type of news on its way, but the red arrows are moving across the sky. Theses red arrows mean move as the iron is hot as then you will get what you would like. You may get caught up with change and this will happen very quicky and you may feel you need to rush into new ground. Then you may need to learn new things in order to do better at work so be open about things. As well you may like to put plans into action like unfinished business, news or you may get a massage from someone. You could have a talk to someone and also find the missing piece of the puzzle you are looking into.

  • Monday 8 September 2008

    The High Priestess which is a very good card at she can share her secrets with us. But in the case of life there is something we must look for or maybe someone is looking for us. There is some information out there that I must find or I will get to know. This makes me think of my maths as I not doing too good on Raides, Dimter and subcure. If you can't understand that then think of a circle with a line down the middle and a line half way down. Now I should be able to work out the area of the circle and I can't so this may be the information I should find out about. Others things it may also be trying to tell me are some information may come to me about work. Well its hard to tell as it only one card. But come back soon and see what I put down. Thanks David.

  • Nine of Wands

    Well on the nine of wands we can see a hill with grass on it as well as some trees. We have a blue sky and we can see a man standing on a brick path. I can see that the man has eight wands in line behide him and he is holding one in his hands. This man may have had a fight as he is wearing white on his head. He may also be getting ready for a fight and that’s what the wands are for. The man is wearing light Brown boots, yellow on his legs with red over his main part of his body. Under the red he is wearing write. Also he his take a step forward from the eight wands.

    What does the card mean

    Well this man has been though a lot as he has had to defend himself and he not allowed any setbacks to get to him. So sometimes we can expect the worst things to happen like the house gets flooded and we got though it. But sometimes we can take precautions to help us out like in seeing the doctor before going away. Sometimes we need to protect other people in order to help them or to stop them getting hurt. But we must try to remember what happen in order for it not to happen again. Any times when things are not looking good then we must not take no for a answer. But this does not mean if someone does not want you to do something with them you should do it. It means that if you are trying to get money out of someone for breaking you window then no is not a answer. But if you are trying to touch someone and then say no then that is the end and you should stop what you are doing. So to see something like a court case though to the end to make someone go to jail for killing someone would be right. Sometimes we still get knocked down in some way, lets say that you are trying hard to find work and there keep knocking you down. Then stand up and go and find some more work you like to do. As one day the battle will be over. But you may be trying to fight someone for a child or to get a friend back and sometimes you may not win.

    So this card is saying try to fight for what you know is right, but use the law and courts to help you. But be careful in your fight and that is why the police, courts and other people can help you to win the battle. It could be that a loved one, friend or family member may hurt you in some way and you must then fight them in the right way. If you have been hurt then take it as a lesson and don’t do it again or let it happen again.

  • Ten of Wands

    On the ten of wands we see a man carrying tens wands and he’s trying to reach the house or town at the top of the card. The footway is made of type of brown to gold colour and there is grass to each side of him. About half way up on his left side we can see some trees and at the very top we can see a house that is brown to gold in colour with a sort of orange roof. We have a nice blue sky to go with it so not too bad a card. The man on the card is from the old days as he wears Brownest boots with brownest leggings and a red top. He has white on his right arm.

    But this card means that we are trying to do too much at the same time and sometimes we just need to say NO. We may also be taking the blame for things that are going wrong or doing the lion’s share when we should be putting are foot down and saying no sometimes. But if we are working then we do overtime and we do too much of it and don’t rest. Sometimes we just let others take the load or we give people too much or we take on too much. It may be that we don’t rest and therefore we over load ourselves. If we work a lot we will get very tied as we are not resting or we pay a lot of money out. At other times we do things we don’t like and take on too much again or we are holding the bag and not asking for help. Then some people do things the hard way so they push themselves into the current and can’t free themselves. Then of course some people work for every penny then can get and finding out that nothing comes easy.

    So the card is saying don’t do too much and if you need any help then ask if someone can help you. We can and should help each other to find or do things what ever the cost may be. But we must say NO to people if things are becoming too much all at once. But sometimes there is no way out and you have to get though somehow and make things work out. But don’t do it too many times or you just will not like it. But we must all get the rest we need and we much help each other.

  • Page of Wands

    The Page of Wand’s card has a young man with gold boots and red trousers. He is also wearing yellow on his top half and like you see on knights a gold cloth that starts round his neck and goes down his back. There is also some red cloth running down his back. He or she has a gray hat on and is holding a wand.

    First if we go back in time or look at children playing then they are not really good at drawing, writing or adding up numbers. But children are very creative as they try to draw a house or there mum or dad at the house. Sometime they make new games up and can get on with other children. But we still have are child inside us all and we can use it to do things. If we like drawing or painting we can show the world are art. Some people love the art of singing or playing parts in films or soaps. We can also be just as creative in our world if you think of it. Maybe you like to repaint a room in your house so be creative and think of a look you like to paint it. But some people like to write story’s for others to read or you may like to invent some new game. How about going into a new direction, like a new job, new thing you like to try out or a new direction with someone else. So how about jumping into a whole new job or maybe learning something to help you to play, build or make something. Or you could volunteer to do something for someone at work, school or college. Let you brain come up with something new or use it for learning to dance, read the tarot cards or just make cards for someone. Also be confident that you can do what you would like with a little help from your friends or people that teach. Also believe in yourself that you can do something new and take on the challenge and say Yes I can do this to believe in yourself. We sometimes need someone to make us think we can get success if we keep going as there is a way of doing it. So when there is a will there is way to do anything we would like to get in life. We sometimes need to Courageous by taking a risk and being daring and going on a adventure and being a leader.

    So it’s saying take a risk and make something or do something new and show the world you can do it. But it also makes me think of the Wizard of Oz as the girl had to go though a land of things going wrong but gets to the wizard with some help from others.

  • Queen of wands

    Well we are onto the Queen of wands with a blue sky behide her. To the right of her we can see some big hills made of rock. On her left we can see a brown hill. The queen of wands is sitting in a stone chair and she has a white stone floor. Under the arms of her chair are sheep’s heads on each side. She looks to be happy and she is wearing a yellow dress with a little bit of gold on it as a line under her breast area. She has a wand in her right hand and a sunflower in her left hand. On the headboard of her chair there are two lions holding on to red flower. There are also red flowers on the headboard just above her arms and there is a black cat sat in front of the lady.

    Now what I feel this card means is that she is a happy person in life and enjoys looking after her black cat. She is a warm person as she is wearing a yellow dress and may have many friends. The Queen is a out going person that likes to help people and will not hold herself back. She likes leading a busy life and looks after her heath.

    So I feel that the Queen of wands is trying to say that we must try to be happy in our life’s and then others round us can be happy to. We must try to do things that we know we are going to be happy with and that will make others happy sometimes. So if you help someone like a old man or woman then they say “thank you, you are good to me” then we are showing a caring side. You can also show this in work sometimes by just getting something ready for someone or helping them out. If you are at a college learning new things then sometimes the teacher or helped can like it more with each saying “Thank you”. It helps then to know there work has helped them to get somewhere. So think of the queen of wands as saying do you like yourself and are you thinking that you look attractive? As she believes in herself then do you believe in yourself? What ever she sets her mind to she will make happen and she has the energy to do things, learn things or help with things.

  • King of Wands

    Well we have the King of wands on a gold colour floor with a few hills behide him on the right side of the card. You can see him sitting on his stone chair. His wearing older clothes as in the 15 or 1600 years. It looks as if you has a red dress on with lighter red down the arms and round his head. You can see his face with his crown made of gold. He has a yellow cloth coving his chair and a yellow thing like batman has over his back.

    The King of wands opens up new experiences for us and he using any arts he has to offer. He a person that is good at talking to others and he is a good leader. He is a good person to lead other people and he has friends of all types. He is a person that will take a chance on things and see if they work.

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