Compatibility Reading, Please

  • Hi I've recently met someone and we've really hit it off, and I was wondering if I could get a more in depth reading on the 2 of us? Thanks in advance!

    Our birth dates are:

    Mine (Hers): April 15, 1986

    His: November 21, 1988

  • Well, I don't understand much about astrology, but I'm an Aries (April 3rd) and I always had problems with Scorpios, even with friends. I also had something with a Scorpio guy (November 21st as well) and it wasn't healthy at all, it was intense but in a bad way. But someone will answer you better. 🙂

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  • Anyone? 😞

  • In matters of love, you HS may have difficulty expressing your deeper feelings to this guy. You in turn can find his complex inner world hard to penetrate. Even as just friends, you will likely have the same problem. The relationship’s shared ideological interests may be more of a focus than physical matters, so that regular sexual interaction may not be required as the years go by. Strongly platonic feelings can well emerge over time, so that the relationship will evolve to a high, calm spiritual level, though it may have begun like a house on fire. Your friend will find your impetuosity and boundless energy hard to deal with, and may experience some frustration in trying to get you to sit down and think things out. Yet this combination can create a well-balanced marriage or a friendship through your shared ideas and feelings about the structure of society.

  • Thanks Captain! 🙂

    It sounds like the basic groundwork is there for something great if we both put in the work. I definitely pick up on the intense sexual energy between us, though have yet to give in as I am really trying to build a foundation first (who knows if that's right or wrong). And I am trying hard not to push him on opening up, as I still have some walls there too - but I think we both want to make the effort, and I can tell he has a good heart. He makes me feel so beautiful every day, and what girl doesn't want to feel that? I do my best to return the favour as well. Because what you described sounds perfect.

    One more question, though. Do you still do those friendship, lover, marriage birth date compatibility charts? Because I'd really love one. Thanks again.

  • Comparing your different love styles -

    People are often drawn to you HS because you are powerful and dependable, yet when you fall in love, there is a tendency for you to give too much of your power away, and to become needy and possessive. It is important for you to make sure you keep your relationships on an equal footing and to learn to love others for who they are, and not for what you want them to be.

    The Love Interest likes to be his own boss, and his self-reliant search for perfection can make him a loner. Intimacy can be a problem for him, and he may use his ironic sense of humour to keep everyone smiling, but at arm’s length. For the sake of his own happiness, it is important for him to reconnect with his childlike vulnerability, not allowing his intense focus on achieving his goals to alienate him from the love of the very people he seeks to inspire and impress.

    I doubt the two of you could ever be just friends. It's all or nothing here. While dating, this man's mysterious nature will fire up your curiosity, and your passion can bring out the best in both of you. But fireworks will abound, and not always just in the bedroom. The key to a successful love match here is commitment. Both of you are fiercely loyal, so once you pledge your love and fidelity, it is set in stone. But reaching that point can be difficult. You do share a common admiration for strength, which will be part of the love and attraction at the beginning. The attraction is so raw that it is difficult to resist each other. You are more impulsive and he is more methodical but emotional, so you will have to slow down if you want him to go along with you. But your life together will never be boring and you will challenge each other every step of the way.

    Timing might be a bit off though - for you, 2017 is a new start, a new beginning and you might feel like taking chances. Next year you will devote more to relationships. But he will be in a 'nesting' mood now and concerned about home and family. Next year, he will likely be feeling introspective and private, wanting to be alone with his thoughts.

    Good luck!

  • Aw, thanks so much, Captain! 🙂

    I've learned that I have to be more patient, but it's tough for me because I wish I knew where his head is at and I just want to know that he feels the same way I do, because I hate playing guessing games. But I know if I push, it will only push him away and that's the last thing I want. It's hard not to fall into old habits and let my insecurity play games with my head, and give him all the power. It's taken me a long time to regain it back (almost 7 years to be exact) and I promised myself I would never let a man take it again, and to always trust my gut instinct. And not settle for any loser who pays attention to me because I now know my self-worth, which was an unbelievably painful process to find.

    So you're saying he's ready to commit, though? Do you see him committing to me? And you are spot on with the family stuff for him, he seems to be devoting a lot of his energy to that area right now. I am taking a chance this year because I've just started a new catering business with my best friend, but I am willing to compromise for him if he is the right man to do that for.

  • I'm afraid at the moment I feel he is more committed to his family and work than to his love life which is coming a poor second or third in his concerns

  • That's too bad, but I am patient. I've waited a long time to have a connection like this, what's a bit more time. 🙂

  • He's told me he wants this to go somewhere as well, and I believe we both eventually want the same thing.

  • But you cannot do all the giving and he should not do all the taking.

  • You are so right and that is a bad habit of mine. I won't settle for that, or put up with it and I am glad I can stop that before it starts. I have come too far to just fall apart for a man, again.

    Thanks so much Captain, you've given me a lot to think about.

  • Sometimes it's very hard to have an equal relationship. There is always one side that has to do more for the relationship than the other. If you feel bad about it, you have to talk to your partner about the issue.

    Be strong and love strong 🙂


  • I was also wondering if you could please do one of those compatibility charts for me, Captain? The one that shows the best birth dates for friendship, love, and marriage for me?

  • No, I don't do that sort of reading.

  • Dear HS, As an Aries and havig many Scorpio friends, I can tell you, they are a challenge. However, let's remember that Mars is regent to both Aries and Scorpio, so at some level there is a great connection. I am betting sex can be great, and the relationship can be great as well as long as you don't get caught up in the Scorpio drama. Don't take the drama personally, and enjoy whatever the relationship brings into your life.

    There is always so much to learn from other signs... and quick tempered Aries can grow a lot from Scorpio's intensity and deepness.


  • You can check some of the Scorpio drama traits here.

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