Tower, wheel of fortune , 2 of cups

  • Hi everyone!

    This is my first post here! I was wondering what everyone's opinion is on the following 3 cards:

    ( this was a relationship reading)

    the tower, then the wheel of fortune which was crossed by the 2 of cups.


  • Hi Cmpo1 - I saw your post the other day and thought I would share what I see.

    For a relationship...

    Tower = falling

    Wheel + 2 of Cups = turn play play

    So, the relationship is ‘falling‘ and is also “turning play-play’. So it sounds like the relationship is transforming into something more playful and innocent and childlike.

  • Cmpo1, Accept the change/fallout as something that was going to happen, anyway. Maybe something totally out of your control. Moving forward w/ the relationship is challenged.

  • Thanks for the responses ! I definitely agree about the circumstances being out of my control the separation is due to layoffs in my company, so it was out of my control. I feel like the Tower was the layoff and separation( as I was truly blindsided by it) and that the wheel of fortune is telling me to go with the flow, but that I might have a stroke of luck in reconnection... I have long felt this person was a soulmate of mine, although the mutually feelings remained unspoken. I believe if I'm not mistaken the two of cups is indicative of that type of connection, so I am hoping to stay positive that lady luck will smile on me at some point in the future! Anyone have any thoughts on this?


  • The tower often represents a relationship that hits us with an impact whilst the wheel indicates a social relationship and travel, 2C is the harmonious relationship itself.

    From another angle the tower indicates disruption within a group (wheel) which is interfering with the relationship in the 2 which is crossed.

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