Let Nothing Trouble You

  • I have so been thinking of you! Wondering about Jean. Last we talked I felt she was peaceful and had relaxed into a kind of surrender....optimistic yet felt what happens happens and it was alright. Sometimes when you are in the care of Angels you rest in their care.For awhile she had to just adjust to the reality it was happening and not knowing how to surrender but with faith. BLESSINGS JEAN!!

  • Jean wrote to me last week I think. Her surgery is tomorrow. She has been trying to get stronger but has to take a lot of painkillers which affects her memory and that seems to bother her a lot. I wrote to her today and hope she will see my email before the surgery, so that she know she is loved.

    I had a very difficult winter with many health problems which, thank God, are nothing serious. The day I went to see that exhibition with a friend, her husband invited us both to lunch in a nice restaurant nearby and he told me he owns a house in a wonderful village on the Med coast where they hardly ever go and I could go there when I wanted and my son too, with me or with a friend or a girlfriend. My son has Easter holidays at the moment and we came to this wonderful place for two weeks. When I asked my friend if it was ok, he told me to pick up the key at his mother's house just outside the village and to call her on her mobile because she might be at her atelier. Then I remembered that his mother is an artist and so was his father. I thought about what you once told me, how I attract artists into my life. I had never thought about that, but after you said that, I thought of how many artists there are around me. And here is another! We drove here and it was evening when we picked up the key. We were graciously welcome. Today she called me and invited my son and I to tea in her atelier tomorrow. Looking forward to it. Here in the house there are a few of her paintings.

    Here are two pictures, one of the village between sea and forest and the other of a view of the sea from the village. My friend's house is in the heart of the village. You know how much I love and need nature and quiet. Here I have both. Wonderful!

    Paying for Jean.


  • I have been thinking of you! How wonderful to hear of your beautiful get away......what a gift! And to have vacation time with your son. I'm happy for you. You deserve it! And yes you definitely attract artists.....maybe because you are such a lovely work of art. I love your appreciation and understanding of art. You have a brilliant mind and wonderful sense of humor. You love nature in the way artists do....you have a muses touch. A gentle energy that artists feel safe in.....and yet you can be outspoken as well in a way artists love........to hear the truth. Glad to hear from you.....I started to miss your updates. God bless and keep your dear friend Jean. She is in my prayers. HERE THAT JEAN? You are loved and the Angels are lining up....just for you! BLESSINGS!

  • I am very fortunate to have such wonderful friends. Spent a really pleasant afternoon with my friend's mother at her studio. She showed us her works - several of which I really liked - the books about art she wrote, and told us much of her life story. She is nearly 90 and she came to live here in the 50s, when it was only a fishing village and there were only a handfull of painters and writers. It was around that time that a film made this place known around the world. Now many celebrities and billionaires have villas here and ever bigger yaughts. She has a beautiful house in the woods on a hill and her studio is on the same road similarly located. Both have a beautiful view on the sea over the parasol pines. A haven of peace. It is marvelous to breathe the clean air and fill my eyes with so much beauty. Yes, I do love nature, and I am so deprived of it... I am grateful for every minute. The weather is beautiful, sunny and warm during the day but it gets chilly in the evening. I am grateful for the heating in the house. It must be lovely in summer when it gets really hot outside to come into this cool house. Reminds me of my family home, although it us very different. There is a sunny terrace where we can have breakfast and lunch but it is a bit too cool for dinner.

    Will post some pictures soon.


  • That sounds so lovely! I could feel it it, smell it. I only recently have dissed logic about actually ever having a new house. It doesn't figure out realistically considering the poverty and uncertainty of retirement. I own my home and right now it's a sellers market but that means it costs more to buy. I've lived here 31 years. I'm very attached yet I started daydreaming about something perfect for me. I have found myself pretending money is no problem and what if I could have a new house? I would dream like that when young but kind of stopped daydreaming. OH, I recently started a rose garden and after months of waiting....finely found the perfect roses. They have huge blooms and so much fragrance.....I was amazed at the size of the blooms then looked at the tag and they are called DOLLY PARTON Roses! That was funny.! Enjoy your peace! BLESSINGS!

  • Woke up to an email from Jean's husband. The surgery lasted seven hours and the doctor is very pleased she got out all the cancer she could find. She removed 100 tumors from the outside of her colom! I won't go into more details. She lost a lot of blood and had to have a transfusion. She will be in hospital for a week and hoprfully she will be able to start chemo again n a month. He thanks us all for our good thoughts and prayers and asks to keep sending them to support her through her fight.

    Perhaps some miracle will still make your perfect home and mine materialise...;). So pleased about your rose garden!


  • What great news!!! MIRACLES do happen! And yes! Why not get ourselves a dream home! BLESSINGS!

  • Puzzled... We were invited this evening by my friend's mother to her home. We were sitting there chatting and she got up and went to get a small painting I had seen in her studio last week and she said she thought I had liked it and she wanted me to have it. She added that she thought it went well with me. Actually, it is one of the pictures I liked the least. It is different from her usual style which is abstract and this is more impressionist, but what I don't like is the colour effect, sort of mauve and I don't like mauve. There was one I really liked mostly red which she said had been inspired by a church. About the size of the one she gave me. Why didn't she give me that one, and why did she think this one is like me? I find it depressing. The picture is not sad but the colors make it so. I think it is really nice of her to give me a picture at all, I didn'texpect it, l but why this one? And she had brought it from the studio to the house, so she had given it some thought. Maybe I am seeing too much in this, but I find it somehow disturbing. The feeling this picture gives is "insignificant"! And that is how it makes me feel... instead of feeling happy, this gift made me feel sad. I keep looking for the silver lining in this... Your thoughts?


  • BUMMER! That would upset me too. If it was just a gift and you didn't like it you would have shrugged it off...but the fact ....as an artist she thought it was YOU. That is confusing. You were probably too stunned to know what to say. I wished that when she said she thought it was you... you said with a smile...really?...why do you think that? Maybe she is a detached person and it's her perspective that is not good. Maybe she is not really generous but wanted to seem generous and she was not fond of the picture herself! You know you can't keep that picture now.? Never keep unhappy stuff. If you are safely close to your friend you may want to ask her why her mother thought that painting was so you. Her mother may just be clueless. I think it was not her usual style and in that sense she really didn't like it. As for thinking it was you...perhaps she doesn't have a gift for reading people and she decided from her HEAD not her intuition. She doesn't know you.And maybe she was cleaning the studio and she was ready to make room and get rid of stuff. Your intuition says it doesn't feel it was a special gift but just an easy give away. My mother used to do stuff like that...but she is passive aggressive....I got a lot of confusing gifts that made me eel bad!!!! You need to brush it off and get rid of that gift pronto! Don't let anyone dim your light....you know who you are. You control your happiness. The silver lining is her opinion of you means nothing! And if she ever brings you into the studio again Express yourself! That one you loved...you should express that oh my you love that one and why. Be good to yourself! Artists love you for a reason. Perhaps she is introverted and her abstracts are mostly inward energy. Not all artists have a gift for interpreting outside themselves. Think of Jackson Pollack. A brilliant painter but was lost when it came to reading people. Buy yourself something nice!

  • I did ask her why she thought it was me and she said "because it is sensitive and reserved." You are right, I was too stunned to say much, and the conversation was in German, which made more difficult, I am not terribly comfortable in that language, but she wanted to, so the conversation was mostly between her and my son. Funny enough, I thought the same, she wanted to get rid of it. Her studio is big enough, she doesn't need to make room, but this is something different she tried and I think she was not happy with it. My friends are her son and daughter in-law. Her son is truly generous, and he is the one who lent me the house. He genuinely wants to help le and he is very interested in my son and proud he is in this very prestigious school, which is what his father should be. I cannot get rid of the picture because of the son, she will tell him she gave me one and if he comes and asks to see it, I need to have it...but I can put it out of the way. I'll probably talk to the daughter in-law about it next time she comes to see me. This 90 year old lady who has a studio full of pictures and was wondering last week what her heirs woud with them, didn't find a better one for me... I will not have another opportunity to go to har studio this time, but if I come back another time, I will do just what you said. I asked my son what te thought if the picture and he says it is "pretty..." but the colour... You know, the feeling I get is that at least most if her other pictures are spontaneous, with strong powerful strokes, and this one she seeks to gave worked at, she tried to make it delicate...which is not her nature... We are off to visit some wonderful places and tomorrow it will be a day getting ready to go home and rest a bit. We are leaving Saturday morning and that is the next time I'll see her, we'll drive by to drop off the key. And you are right, I was so speechless that my son thought I had not understood she was giving it to me lol. Thank you.


  • Back home, cold and grey. Trying to keep the sun in my heart 🙂

    Happy Easter!


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    Hope you are well. 🙂



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