Let Nothing Trouble You

  • Thank you Blmoon. Yes, it is the same girl. There never actually was a suicide attempt, she just told him she was going to do it in a particular night, but didn't. This time he told me he didn't believe she would. What hurst is that he thought that at one point they had something real, and now she says it's only that she was lonely in a foreign country... his self-confidence was shaken, and he thinks that if something that seems real isn't, then this can happen again and again. He wants one woman, one marriage, one family. He doesn't want the new family style with several divorces or no marriages and children with different fathers or mothers... He had told me he had needed it with her and they no longer in touch, but I syspected the contrary. I wish he was not so secretive and that we could talk about theses things when there isn't a crisis. After the crisis, he doesn't talk about it any more and I am in the dark. Before this one turned up, he was going out with a nice girl who was a law student, they did fun things with other kids and I thought that was very good fir him. Since he got involved with this girl, he doesn't go out or make new friends any more, he spends his time on the Internet mostly talking to her, I suspect. Although he claims she and her family are very 'occidentalised', I know that that is only on the surface and the culture difference would eventually be a problem. What worries me is his self-confidence, he already lost so much with his father... About his father, he has if course never given back the money he stole from him but he decided not to go to court because, "he is his father". He spent a few days with him in June and towards the end he was starting to be difficult, and he asked him what was the matter, if he had been there too long. He then told me, "he can't live with anyone." Now his father has been coming once every two months for the day and he spends the day with him. They visit museums and have lunch but he doesn't tell me how he feels about it and I don't ask.

    I need to close my eyes for a moment, feeling exhausted. Hope there aren't too many typos.


  • Wishing you and your family a Wonderful Christmas dear Blmoon and as Tiny Timmy said:

    God Bless Us, Everyone!

    Much love.

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  • Hope you are enjoying the Christmas Season Blmoon and that you are well. Woul love to hear from you.

    Much love.

  • Hello Radiantsun.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! The kids and I had s nice peaceful holiday. Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

    Love and Light!!

  • Thank you Sunshine. All the best to you.


  • Dear Blmoon, I hope you had a really good Christmas. Thank you so much for your prayer for Jean yesterday. I sent it to her and hope it has done her good to read it, hoping she read it.

    My son and I had a nice quiet Christmas and are having a bit of a holiday at home. He has school holidays and I am taking it easy to recover from that nasty flu. It is very mild and sunny this year. Hope you are well.

    Much love.

  • Blmoon,

    When you have the time, will you get back to me about my son? Perhaps you รงa tell me about ME also. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you so much.


  • I'm ready for bed so will get back to you. I thought of you the last couple days but didn't see a new post. Wondered if you where sick.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am no really sick, just tired. It is taking me time to recover from tha nasty flu I had before Chrisymas. I don't seem to accomplish anything, everything takes so long... It's so frustrating and time consuming to call administrations and get nowhere or try to deal with websites which don't work... Starting tomorrow I'll be busy with Jean's husband and son. I don't know how much help they will need, but I promised to be available. I am really having a problem with time. I seem to take so long to do anything , and have the impression I don't achieve anthing, and never have any time. I haven't even been to see that exhibition yet - the fixer artist. I must go soon or I'll miss it, it will be over soon. Maybe this is what getting old means... I'll try to go to sleep early tonight. That is another problem, I always end up going to sleep very late and then find it hard to get going in the morning.

    Happy Full Moon!

  • I lost my long post about Jean. I talked to her on Face Time yesterday. She had had a blood transfusion and was feeling better. It is awfully late and am very tired. Tell you more later.

    Much love

  • Latest news from Jean is not good. Her doctor did not find the results satisfactory and changed one of the drugs in the chimo. She will be getting a more aggressive one which can have some very nasty side effects and she is worried about it. She is having her first session on Monday. Her husband is terrified about side effects and that the surgery may not be possible. He and his son have been here the last few days and flying back tomorrow.

    Much love

  • SORRY so long to respond but like you I am swamped tired and the energy is conflicting astrologicaly. I can't seem to get enough done either.....we both hate down time. Sometimes despite all the energy pulls around us the bottom line is we just need to retreat for a bit and recharge or we get emotional and tired. How many chemos has Jean had? I remember seeing a crossroads around the 7th round.

  • I am not sure, I think today may be the 6th but it could be the 5th. I pray that all goes well and that can have surgery as planned.

    I am at the doctor's right now, I just need a prescription and I hope I don't catch anything from the coughing man in the wating room. I don't need that.

  • I hate going anywhere....too much sickness and hacking coughs! My imune systom is constantly fighting something and it's slowing me down. The planets are still messing with us in crazy ways so expect this emotional tug to last a bit longer. Lot of contradiction between desires and lack of encouragement. As for Jean I still get that tough place around her 7th treatment. She will get very tired and want to give up.....let go. This is normal as when chemo gets tougher it comes close to killing the body it's trying to save from cancer. It's not impossable to survive that. Prayer is still a powerful help. The doctors choose the less agressive aproach first. This is the best aproach. I think surgery will be considered either way as if it comes to that point of nothing left to lose it is worth the try depending on the rate of cancer growth.. Do not share this post. The doctors give the best scenerio and to suggest surgery at this point would not help her or her loved ones cope with all this waiting. If they can at least stop the growth it raises her odds. A fast growing cancer can be spread faster by surgery. Her prognoses will be more clear the next 3 weeks. Spirit will respond accordanly when that happens. I will post a prayer seperate from this.....give me time to gather the apropriate energy. BLESSINGS! PS....You can help her by freeing your mind of fear and visualize the chemo like a mighty army killing cancer cells and visualize her sourounded by bright healing light.

  • Oddly enough, I don't feel fear. I know this is a terrible trial for her, but I see her triumph in the end. All our prayers support her, and Saint Michael is fighting with her. He never loses.

  • Blmoon, I have not been able to post lately, I get a message saying I have to submit some content although I have. I hope it works today, I noticed the Captain had posted yesterday so it must be working, unless it is only me. I have no news from Jean and I have not been well at all. Last Friday I finally made it to the exhibition, I loved it. There were not have as many flower paintings as I would have liked, but I enjoyed it very much. For a change o the flowers, I am posting two nudes, the first is called The Night and the second The Awakening.


  • I know the AWAKENING very well! Love that painting and it very much speaks to me....it is my intention right now. Feeling gloriously blissful within myself. Vulnerable but safe and feeling that moment when your hearing dips below the surface and you embrace the silence of yourself. And the NIGHT? We have all been there! Very good example right down to the little innocent cherub cowering away! I think your friend is in surrender right now. You will hear something very soon. BLESSINGS!

  • I have not been able to post again, I wonder if I am the only one with that problem.

    I wrote to Jean's husband asking for news. She is much better and stronger. Surgery is scheduled for April 6th.

    I'll write more soon, very late now.

    Hope you are well.


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